Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wed-Locked 24

omg it has been a month O_O
SO SORRY , el'9roof masem7at :(
u knw i love u ;)

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Previously on W E D - L O C K E D

He looked down at his hands, and held on to mine tighter. Then he looked up at me

a7mad "I miss thiss...."
me "ha....? this what?"
a7mad " this... u know.."
...When we were close enough he closed his eyes, and I did the same. our lips pressed lightly onto each other...

Gmt the next morning........I ran towards it bser3a and took it in my hand and unfolded it

' ro'9a,
Sorry I woke u up last night.....w mmmm sorry about the kiss..... I was tired and'll never happen again....
so sorry....

a7mad. '
a7mad's mom " walla maagltella shaay '3aair el 9dg....."
me " ay 9edg?"
a7mad's mom " enna entiii bss yalsa tl3beeen fee masha3raa 3shan ma9la7tch, fa geltella y7aaseb w yntebeh 3ala 3umraa...."
me " na3aaam? ma9laa7aat shoo enshalla?"
a7mad's mom " latsaween 3mrch '3abeyya jdamii,, 5e66etich waaa'97a! tbain a7mad y7ebbich 3shan b3dain ta5theen kel floosa w tg9een 3alaaih...! "

I stood there jdamha silent, metfaj2a, y3ne this woman comes up with stories herself and beLieeves them! w a7mad believed her?

toot tooot.......tooot tooot

mom "alooo"
me "aloo salam w 3alaikm"
I thought I'm too old to ever say this..bss......aba ommyy...!

it was 5:00 pm now. Bs obooy tawwa gayelli enna mafee she'3L zyada elyoum.
I went into the house w kan hdoooo2. as usual y3ne. I walked to 9oub el 9ala (avoiding going to our room, avoiding ro'9a in other words..)
I saw my big sis there...

me " hallaa shaai5aa sh5baarech.."
Shai5a " ta3al a7mad..mmm i need to talk to you"
me " 5aair sho fee??"
shai5a "it's about 7remtik.....I saw her today by the way....."



uff I was so bored mn hal '3rfaa.... I walked around the room, I've watched Tv, I've done kelshay fe this room that's do-able y3ne!
I decided to get out and go to the 9ala, maybe i'll see sara there! hopefully.
Lbast shailat 9ala, and I went out of the room, I was walking slowly looking around the place. I heard voices coming mn el 9ala... they were two voices, a male and a female. As I went closer I recognized one of them, it was a7mad. esta'3rabt enna he's here, since its tawa 6 shay. bs the girl, i didn't know who she was, she didn't sound like sara, mmm or his mom. I just stood there when what they were saying was clear to hear.

girl ' ta3al a7mad I need to talk to you"

a7mad " 5aair sho fee??"

girl "it's about 7remtik...I saw her today by the way..."

I was so surprised and curious to listen to what this girl had to say, re7t shwayaa ajrab, bs i was still out of sight from the 9ala people. Talk about being in the right place at the right time! yay me!

a7mad "hmm... and?"

girl " ya7lailha...she's not bad"

a7mad "heh...and that's what you want to talk to me about??"

girl "hmm laa.. bs gabel ma agoolek, lazim tefham enna mama has good intentions for what she does, she always thinks she's doing what's best for us 9a7? Even if sa3at what she does makes no sense, bs u hafto excuse her ryte?"

a7mad "mm ya.. I guess.."

girl " enzain...mmm whatever she told you bout ur wife....mmm .. not true..."

a7mad " haa?? what do you mean??"

girl " mmm well... today morningg me n mama were walking around the house , w when we got to the dining room, 7remtik was there.."

a7mad " her name is ro'9a btw ...heh"

girl " oh hehe'9a was there...elmohem...Ro'9aa came up to mama and asked her about what she told You, because she said ennik met'3ayyer 3alaiha shay che ..."

a7mad " SHE CAME up to MAMA!!?"

girl " YES! .. ok elmohem mama ma re7mat'ha .. she told her enna she told u the truth.....something about ro'9a using u ya?"

a7mad " mm ya that's kind of what she told me...."

girl " well ro'9a was all like WHAT r u talkin bout!! ANA mb chee and stuff.."

a7mad " Reallyyy??"

girl " well yah... wait enta 9adagt mama youm galatlek??!"

a7mad " well yes..and no... y3ne i thought y would mama lie to me,, bs at the same time,, ro'9a was amazing weyay so makan ydsh el 3agel....."

girl " omg a7mad ! ur such an idiot haha.. didn't it occur to you that mama hates her ?? mathalan!? "

a7mad " well, adree that bs t7arait y3ne she will see how much I like her w she won't hurt me in the process at least, cz after what she said ams, w ana 7altee uff.. walla madri kaif agoollech....'

girl " so you do like her?"

a7mad " mmm.....haih..."

girl " aww myy liiil brother y7eB! "

a7mad "hahah aaihh! "

I stood there not knowing what to do for a while...I wanted to go and hug that big sister of his !! SHE sort of saved my life just now!! OMG THANK god! Im so relieeeeved......and he said y7ebni....ehh la2 maybe he's just saying that..
ok ok let me go back to the room gabel la yshooofooni!!
I was walking back when I bumped into sara 3nd bab '3rfatna.

me " SARa! "

sara "RO'9aaaa! I Was looking all over for you!! I can't believe a7mad ma3a6aach my Blackberry piiiN! here here where is your phone?? I'll add myself,,,my bro mamenna fayda!"

me " hahha.. sorry akeed nsaa..heree"

haha The things sara gets mad at are funny. Bs seriously yesterday was NOT the day he would add his sister to my phone. I gave her my phone w she added herself, then she had this wide grin on her face.

sara "YAY now I can annoy you all the time! "

me "hehe yaay ! "

a7mad " my two favorite girls in the woorld!"

his voice came out from behind us, me n sara jumped at the sound of his voice as we turned our heads, Unlike sara, I stood where I was studying the situation carefully not knowing how will he act towards me after ma ekteshaf that I was innocent. sara went and hugged him then let go w they walked closer to the door, closer to me.

a7mad " goomee sara goomee, 5aleenee asallem 3ala zoojty awaal"

I looked up at him innocently, wallah hal ensan youm yba ykoon ktkoot mafee 7ad methlaa fl denya ! 7beebyyy!
He came closer and put his hand behind my head as he bent down and layed a peck on my head. As he was standing up right he looked into my eyes, I gave him half a smile as I blushed.

sara " OMG OMG! "

a7mad " SHO SHO? hahaha"

sara "seriously YOu TWO should be in a movie or something hahah"

a7mad " hehe haih walla 9a7 kalaamch'

he said as he came right next to me and put his arm around my shoulders. I looked at him, then back at sara and gave her a shrug, ena I don't know what he's doing look.

sara " hehee okaay a7mad 9adagt 3mrek psht! .. anyHoo I'll leave you two love birds and I'll go to the NAiL station taa taaaaa!"

She said excitedly as she fled to her room. He slowly shal eeda mn my shoulder then opened our room door and 6ala3 9ooby smiling

a7mad " Ladies first "

me " hehe "

I did not know what ot say, 7asait 3mrii habla just giggling every now and then. I walked into the 9ala, w ho ya jdamy w fta7 bab el bedroom w d5al inside. mshait wara and I walked in and sat on the bed. (Don't ask I was just wayd bored!)
He took off his '3etra and 3alaga on the hanger. Followed by the kandoora of course. He was wearing wzar w faneela..he looked so funny, bs I didn't laugh, bs 6ala3ta w ashkra im holding a laugh in, smiling.

a7mad " hehe shoo moo 3aybennich myy 5abbaz look! "

me " hehe maagelt shaaaay"

I blushed. madri laish! mnzmaan matkalamna wya ba3a'9 bs che 3aba6..god I miss him.

a7mad " ashkra it shows on ur face enzain.. Btshoofeen I won't change... a9lan I can be hot in anything,, 7atta lw wzar w faneelaaa! "

me " ahahahah... riiiiight..."

a7mad " u want to dare me? I can seduce you WHILE wearing this! tet7adaaiN! "

me " mmm la 3adii....i believe uu i believe u "

I said while rolling my eyes. SEDUCE Me? walla hal ensaaan bi-polar, wala channa this morning he wrote a 'sorry-i-kissed-u' note thingie! I got off the bed since hoo ya ylas 3dalee while talking about seducing me, bs Ho za5 eedy when I was standing and pulled me 5feef towards him, KAN SHWAY w i will fall all over him! I think that was his purpose bs I stopped myself w wgaft centimeters away from him, I mean I thought we'd talk about things before actually just jumping on each other.
I mean it's been what? 2 days w ne7na weird around each other w yetwa8a3 a7een just because he decided I'm innocent we can go back to making out?
I'm not saying I don't want that can't ignore that I am kind of m8hoora menna, enna how could he even think of me as a money-sucking B**ch...uff
I moved my hands freeing them from his grab. He looked up at me questionably..

me " what??"

a7mad " mmm well....r u ok?"

me " what do you mean?"

a7mad "you're acting weird... is something wrong?"

i looked at him with a ma8hoora face, is he serious? after all the drama mal the couple of days ago, he thinks I will be fine, after all that ignoring my existence he thinks it's ok?

me " r u serious a7mad?"

a7mad " serious sho? ya I'm serious I'm asking sho balach.."

me " a7mad yesteday you were all weird and stuff, and u were like kent afakker fee shay, w then the day before shay bout ur mom ... n now you come in all happy walaa channa shay mstweee....don't I have the right to be confused??!"

I'm such a drama queen, haha, awana ma3rf why he's happy, bs he doesn't know that I know so he can't just decide to act this way. And I expect him to say sorry...for what he thought of me...
He was quiet for a while, a'9en kan yfakker, his face became serious. He got up and came closer 9oobee..

a7mad " mmmm I heard that you talked to my mom today, so t7arait enna t3arfeen sholsalfa...."

me " So it's true?! You thought I'm just being nice to you 3shan I want your money? Seriously a7mad??"

a7mad " bs ro'9aa..."

I put my arms in front of his face, enna 'shh and wait', and put my other hand on my face, drying back the tears, my eyes were starting to get watery, m3rf laish. I took a deep breath thn nazalt eedi and was looking at the floor

me "bs shoo?"

a7mad " I'm sorry walla ......m3rf...i dnoo...madri kaif i believed she's my mom t3arfeen I've been living with her all my lifee.."

me " bss I'm your wife! I know you don't know me that well bs bss....I thought you knew me shwaya more than that "

A tear escaped my eyes, magdar ayawda...I was 6al3ing kella elly feeni......i want him...I want him for me.......I need him to hold me.

a7mad " wallaa asef roo'9aaa..."

He got closer to me and put one of his hands 3ala my shoulder.

me " and then...then you ignore me,,,, w ana 6ool el youm roo7ee..and...."

My tears were all over the place! I could hardly see him anymore...He took his hand off my shoulder and put his arms all around me, rasi was now 3ala 9adra,, and my hands bent jdami, I held his shirt tight with them....his smell.....his warmth...........his heartbeat......I could feel it all

me " I missed muchh"

I cried at that sentence uncontrollably, I think it was all the bottled up feelings about kel7ad around me 6ela3 marra we7da. He just held me tighter and kept apologizing over and over again.
3gb shway I calmed down, w ho 7as b hal shay, so he loosened his arms around me, and looked at my face with his serious katkoot face, I didn't take my eyes off of him, more like I got my head closer to him. Doing something I knew I was not supposed to, bs I don't caare!
madait rasi w I kissed him as passionately as I knew how to, I sneaked my hands behind his head, with his hair going through my fingers. Shway shway I was pushing him towards the bed, still kissing. I could feel his hand crawling onto my back. He fell on to the bed and me right on top of him. I didn't care about the limits we talked about I didn't care about anything, I just wanted him...I lifted my head shwaya to see his face, bs it's not like ho 5alanee,, he just raised his head too and by putting his hand wara My head he pulled it back and forced our lips together again, it's like we couldn't get enough...we've never gone this far before. He rolled us over, until I was at the bottom, and he had his both arms placed enna they were lifting his weight off of me, while being on top of me. I was enjoying his warmth all over me, and the tender kisses he planted on my lips, cheeks. Shway shway he moved down he was kissing my chin, then it was my neck. It was so awkward, ok I was enjoying it w sort of closing my eyes, bss bss what am I supposed to do? Where do my hands go??
rafa3 rasa shwaya and he had this wide grin on his face, that was...extremely sexy I must say,, I haven't seen this look on him before, I have no idea what it means! Garab rasaa to my ear and he started kissing that tickled and felt so right at the same time it was so weird! And well it turned him on cz the next thing he told me caught me off guard.. . . .
He was brushing his lips 3ala my ear lobes softly then he whispered, with his oh-so-sexy manly voice

a7mad " Lets just DO it..."