Friday, May 13, 2011

Wed-locked 35

I carried her into my arms, and took her to the bedroom, with my work bag still in my hands. I couldn't help the feeling of guilt crawling into my stomach, this is bad. She probably hates my guts now uff, thing is I really thought I'd come early. I put her gently into the sheets, and walked away to the closet. I’m too tired to think of anything now. I took off my kandoora, took a shower then sneaked in beside her, quietly. Mafeyya she wakes up, halkaan mafeyya i argue with her and apologize and i don’t know what.


Woke up in bed, hmmm i don’t remember how i fell asleep yesterday? I turned my head and saw a7mad in deep slumber right beside me. He looked so tired, I could almost hear him snoring, he’s usually a quiet sleeper. He must be really tired. I frowned at him, it really puzzles me how one look at him makes me forget how mad at him I was yesterday, not that i totally forgot, I can’t be too mad at him though right? it’s work after all? Still he could’ve messaged me, my head pained at the thoughts going through it, I numbed them away and got up to go to the bathroom and freshen up, make him regret not coming yesterday badly! I should punish him by not etdal3ing just looking so damn sexy with a ‘don’t touch me’ attitude ….teasing yes! i decided that’s going to be my revenge this time.
I sneaked out of the bathroom quietly took a pair of shorts and a cute sleeveless t-shirt, then went to the main 9ala w got him breakfast to our 9ala, before he wakes up so his head gets messed up thinking wth is wrong with me i should be mad at him. playing with his head yes!
I sat fl 9ala flipping through the channels, i slept really early, its only 8:30 am and i’m wide awake!

kamn dgeega after, he came out of the bedroom in his pjz, and looked at me with what I can tell is a guilty look. I gave him a cold smile and looked back at the tv. I saw his focus moving to the table, with food on it

a7mad “Good morning”
me “hey”
a7mad “ha akel mnoo?”
me “ 7agk..”

he came and sat carefully 3daly, I saw him checking me out, but pretended i didn’t notice.

a7mad “ u look good today”
me “ ya?”

I said ignoring it staring at the TV, Greys Anatomy was on, I’ve already seen this episode so i’m not really paying attention to it...
I saw him at the corner of my eyes picking up his sandwich and taking the first bite, then turned his head towards me, still uneasy, not knowing what to expect. I could hear the loud ‘ MUHAHAHA’ in my head.. it feels good to mess with his mind, besides he kind of deserves it

a7mad “ so i was thinking of taking a day off today”
me “ why?”

I said coldly...acting stupid

a7mad “ mmm y3ne to spend time with u …”

I ignored him for kamn minute, i could see his eyes laser-ing at me wanting me to turn my head, but i pretended i was so engrossed in what was happening on tv....then 3gb ma laf rasa, i also said coldly

me “oh sorry, ha?”
a7amd “mashay”
me “ok”

he probably expected me to ara’9ee here! NEVER
he finished his sandwich then ylas 3al krsi w stared at me...

a7mad “ ro’9a stop acting like your not mad at me..”

i looked at him with a fake confused look

me “why would i be?”
a7mad “mmmm y3ne i came ams, w i saw kelshay”
me “what kelshay?”
a7mad “oh y3ne i saw elcandles, wl dinner put nicely w kelshaay i swear i’m sorry”

I have to play this part, BE strong ro’9a!!

me “hahahah ya i was bored gelt asaweeli jaw”
a7mad “oh....but..”

I wanted to know what he says, bs he was quiet, magal shay. maba yt7arani HEAD over heels for him! which he probably does....but still y3ne

a7mad “uf now im late even if i want to go to work, i don’t like going late. mmm “
me “heh”
a7mad “ ma7a6ait alarm, i thought i’d spend the day with you bs shaklech matbainy”

he looked at me and pouted with his piercing puppy eyes...Must resist!

me “who me ? la whatever y3ne”
a7mad “ aha! So u ARE mad at mee!”
me “what la i didn’t say that”
a7mad “ you said whatever!
me “so?”
a7mad “STOP IT!”
me “stop what”

he got up angryy w bannad el bab of the bedroom behind him bl gw.. hahhaha so now HE is mad at me? 9dg ena he’s such a baby! gelt ba6la3 mn elroom 3nad fee, so re7t our bedroom to take a shaila, w i saw him holding his laptop shooting glares at me as i walked in. he couldn’t resist not saying anything

a7mad “SO ‘3bt elyoum 3AL fa’9ee!”

I stopped took a breath and turned to him

me “ lateels u blame me ana magltellik 5eth ejaza enzain!”
a7mad “bs ams i didn’t come so GLT ba3aw’9ch today!”

i rolled my eyes, w b3dain 7asaita 6efar, he stormed up and came to me

a7mad “i’m sorry laaaaa”
me “why didn’t u msg me enzain?”
a7mad “ I KNEWWWWW u were mad at meeeeeee”

i shot him a glare!

a7mad “ok ok t3arfeen when kaif che oh we’ll finish in half an hour, 30 more 30 more, then the time was too late fa glt etha a6arsh msg baza3lch anywayz, fa i’ll c u face to face w when i came you were sleeping, and aand mn ams gltelhom ana mb yay bachr! “

me “i hate u”

he pouted, trying to make me take it back, bs no not yet...
I turned my back and wanted to walk to the 9ala , bs fa2a he held my hand and pulled me back towards him

me “ayyyy”
a7mad “ 3awartch?”

he said with a worried face, i looked at him with an angry look and nodded yes although it didn’t hurt at all
he took my hands softly w garaba mn his face and placed a soft kiss on my wrist while looking straight into my eyes. i succeeded in keeping a straight glaring face, ignoring his seduction!
he took my hand w placed it behind his back and spoke softly

a7mad “cmonnn quiet the act i know that you love me”
me “no i hate u, roo7 eldawam “
a7mad “ and leave u hanging here wanting me, la 7aram i wouldn’t do something so crueel”

he grinned , still hoping for my frown to go away...

a7mad “hmmm i know something you can’t resist”

he brought his face and started kissing my neck, resist resist resist.....resist resist ! this is what’s in my brain! uhh i shouldn’t give him the satisfaction he wants! he’ll think he can solve everything this way b3dain
he took his face back and analyzed my expression, which was still a cold one , with my head dropped down, and a glare shooting out

a7mad “no? nothing? uf i give up”

he went w dug his face on bed. I went w sat 3dala, when he noticed i was there gam w ylas straight up looking at me

a7mad “9dg, what do u want me to do?”
me “nothing”
a7mad “bs you know how much i hate it when ur za3lana menni! especially since makan intentional and and yals a3aw’9ch now.....or trying to”
me “ bs maba shay”
a7mad “ Listen..”
he got up and bent down infront of me, holding my hands

a7mad “ next time this happens, and i stay late fl dawam, and I even MIGHT not make it i’ll send u a message..ok?”

he said with a broken voice. i nodded with a frown

a7mad “asef...I was mad too kent mt7ams ...but work is work!”

I put my arms around his neck and gave him a hug, and he hugged me back then pulled his head back to see my face

a7mad “a7een r’9aity?”
me “ hehe yes a7san..”
a7mad “daloo3a!”
me “ what!”
a7mad “mashay hehee”

he grinned w got up fast

me “ daloo3 ma7ad ‘3airk enzain !”
a7mad “ whaaaat maglt shay”

he started laughing at me. ‘3abee wa7d haha a7ba !

a7mad “you want to do anything?”
me “mmmmmm like?”
a7mad “owwww tbain nroo7 YAS hotel??”
me “ but there we have to spend a nighttt w u can’t skip another day of work”
a7mad “ oh trueee ummm JBR?”
me “ lunch w walking around?”
a7mad “ yaaaa”
me “ meee and yooou”

I said eb dala3a awana, he put his hand around my waists and brought his face closer placing a kiss on my neck.

a7mad “meee and yooou”

he whispered softly to my ears. One thing led to another and before we knew it it was already noon.
a7mad “ yallla nbadel w nrooooooo7”
me “ can’t we stay on this bed forever?”
I snuggled to him and squeezed one of his arms hugging it

a7mad “ haha well technically we can bs ull get bored eventually so yalla lets go enjoy the day and come back here tonight”

he winked at me, both of us shaggeen elwayh, with a wider smile than the other, he sat up b3dain we went and changed and stuff

and went out, yes just me and him, felt like a honeymoon today, i ignored the cramps in my stomach to not ruin this blissful nice day,

which leaves me wondering how did I get so lucky? I do love him to bits


can’t I just travel with her and runaway?

if only