Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wed-locked 33

Previously on W E D - L O C K E D


As soon as we were home, sara walked me to our room, then excused herself. I went w sat fe our 9ala t3bana...


a7mad “tbain takleen shay?”

I continued looking at my Blackberry that I held in one hand and shook my head

a7mad “akeed?”

I know he was just trying to make a conversation so I ignored him

a7mad “so ur just not gonna talk to me?”

I looked at him for a sec, saying nothing then looked back again at my phone, he walked away za3lan to the room, ksar 5a6ri a bit bs i ignored it.
I watched tv until fl lail, a7mad walked in with a plate for me , 7a6a on the table in front of me

a7mad “ here’s 3shach, please keli mb zain che”


I laid down that afternoon on the couch, like how I have been for a while, until about 5 when a7mad came in


He had his head down with a gloomy face, I sat up and looked at him w decided to go for it

me “Salam 3alaikm”

He froze in his place for a second then lifted his head looking at me in disbelief

him “wa...w 3alaikm el salam”
me “how r u?”

I could see the anguish flow away and a pleased smile draw its way on his face


me “same.... u hungry?”

He almost jumped from excitement nodding


He said with a wide grin putting his briefcase next to the door and rushing out...
I’ve really missed him..... I forgot what a kid he is................katkoot.....


a7mad “ha? sho what hehe?”
me “why are you staring at me like that”
a7mad “oh heh............I just......I’ve missed you....so much”

he said with a sad smile. I smiled back, I wanted to hug him, every part of my body wanted it just get up and hug him, but I didn’t.......I said I’d start by talking to him... this can’t just go back like it used to, he has to understand that he can’t just lie to me


me “I just thought u learned your lesson....heh”

a7mad “You have to know something ro’9a....you’re the only one i love......I know you don’t believe me now....but I hope one day u do....because I mean it”


a7mad “I’ve missed this”

I smiled and nodded to his sentence.....this guy makes my heart melt......... that is one thing i can not deny



a7mad “Oh! 9a7 My mom wanted me to tell u enna she wants to throw a ‘este8bal’ thing for u”
me “ say whaaaaaa”
a7mad “mmm este8bal y3ne 3zeemaa for a 3roos”
me “ i know what it means!” *glare* “ bss for me? really? why now?”

i looked down at the jebs on my leg and hand and looked back at him with a frown

a7mad “ oh mmmm madri ymkn when it gets better, bs she told me to open the salfa with you”

he smiled widely to me and let out a small ‘heh’

me “shoo?”
a7mad “mmmmm mashay...”
me “ayy sho mashayy!”
a7mad “its just that esta’3rabt shway when mama galatly bs estanast nafs el wagt”
me “hehe because she hates me? akeed she feels sorry for me a7een cz im injured”

I said laughing

a7mad “may5e9a she doesn’t hate u”

he said in a low voice, i looked at him and laughed

me “seriously...haha who r u kidding?”
a7mad “la2 bss...it’s not hate 9adgeeni.... mama just has a hard time accepting people”
me “ahaaa”

I said teasingly...he let out a sigh then continued eating his food... 5alla9 gablee we were kind of quiet after that madri laish
he got up from the floor

a7mad “7emdella 3al ne3ma”

and he bent down kissing my head, i looked up at him with innocent wide eyes
masa7t my forehead where he kissed after ma he got up w he saw me with a surprised look

a7mad “ayyyyyyyy laish!”
me “umm ummm u just ate”

I said msta7yta.....

a7mad “soo? tufal raylech 3adiii”

I made a disgusted face at him.....the word ‘ew’ was all over my face!

a7mad “enzain enzain sorry!”

he said in a disappointed voice going to the bathroom to wash his hands
he came out w ylas 3dali lookin at me

me “ay ma7b 7ad yshoofni w ana akel”
a7mad “tbaini a’3ame’9 3yooni mathalan?”

I pointed at the tv

me “watch that”
a7mad “mabaaa ana 7urrr kaify”
me “fine i wont eat!”
a7mad “ro’9aaa! atma95ar atma95ar haa haa”

he got up took the remote w ylas 3al sofa behind me

a7mad “keli!”
me “hehe ok a7een i will”

5ala9t aklee in a few minutes w a7mad helped me up to the bathroom to wash my hands w came back on the sofa
he held my hand in his as we sat down on the sofa tight while stroking it
I pulled my hand away as i gave him a guilty smile
and there it was, that disappointed face again
he stared into space for a while until he spoke

a7mad “ro’9a...”
me “mmm yes?”
a7mad “when we were in the hospital....you said...enna you ‘hate’ me....did you mean it?”

He looked at me with sad eyes, wain awadee wayhee, i don’t know how to answer this! My face changed in discomfort

me “umm
me “at that time a bit...”
a7mad “hmm...”

he said dropping his head down between his shoulders...he looked devastated... bs sho asawee he asked, w i just answered ...hmm

a7mad “ oh by the way.......the other day fl hospital......kalamt 7anan..”

I paused for a second then looked at him, pretending i knew nothing about that

me “ oh u did?”

I said coldly, pretending enna I don’t care

a7mad “mmm hai.. i gave her a lecture to back off...w ena there was never something between me and her w to never call me again wla babale’3 3alaiha elshr6a”
me “oh”
a7mad “look ro’9a...im being honest wyach w agoolch kelshay 3shan matz3leen 3alay again...”

i looked at him and nodded... a feeling of relief hit me ....
he sighed w 6ala3ni with a frown

a7mad “please stop it pleaaaase atrajach”
me “haa?”
a7mad “ laish ur still being so cold it’s not faair!”

he said while folding his hands in anger, I noticed his eyes getting watery when I looked at him, a grin drew its way on my face bdoon ma a7s, he was just tooo ADORABLE!

me “laish t9eeeee7 ?!”

he noticed my grin while saying that, fa he glared at me with an angry face

a7mad “im nooot enzain w may’9a7kk”
me “im not laughingg”

I looked at him trying to hold back my grin..i think im being heartless! BS WAYD KTKOOOT I JUST WANNA HUG HIM

a7mad “Ana el ‘3L6an i be myself jdamch! uf walla this never happened to me before KELLA MENNCH! “
me “ana asfaaa”

gltella while giving him a frown, sho agoolla? ur too cute i cnt stop smiling? doum y76ni fe this position! elly i don’t know what to say

a7mad “ I know enny ana a7bch more than u like me, bs er7meeni shway! consider my feelings for a change”

he was sitting with his back sunk into the sofa and a frown on his face , eyeing me

me “i hate it when u say that...”
a7mad “say what?”
me “enna u love me more than i love u”

he straightened his back bser3a with a smirk on his face

a7mad “ So u do love me!”
me “may5e9 ha bs, like just because you show it all the time doesn’t mean its true”
a7mad “ mmm i dont get it”
me “ like ur always romantic w madri kaif bs i never know what to say back...enta u’ve talked to girls before so u know what to say, ana mb mt3awda”

he opened his eyes wide at me

a7mad “u think i talk to ALL Girls like this?? SHO tet7araini! ana mb player!”
me “laaa bs enaaa.......”
a7mad “bs enaa shooo?”

he said teasingly, slightly offended.

me “mm nothing, never mind”

I said frowning, with a sad voice. A smile made its way to his face while he murmured in a low voice

a7mad “katkoota”
me “ SEEE”

he looked at me confused

a7mad “haa??”
me “u always say things like that, and u leave me tongue tied not knowing what to say back”
a7mad “u don’t have to say anything back hehe...”

he chuckled, amused by my struggling

me “bs... then you end up getting hurt...i mean u just cried because of it...”
a7mad “ awalaaan i didn’t cry, thaneyan i was just mad because .......ma7asait i deserved all that cold shoulder you gave me for days.....”
me “well...”

i looked down at my lap za3lana

me “ at first knt m3a9ba 3alaik,,,,then the next day i was just in pain.....then after that i just didn’t know what to say to u even though i missed you so much”

I said as a tear escaped my eyes, I quickly wiped it out
he on the other hand was in utter silence, quietly listening to what i have to say, he then slowly reached for my hand and tucked it into his

a7mad “ i don’t understand why u do that! u don’t have to come up with something to say to me! just come up to me and say hiii walla that would’ve done the trick,,,,u dont have to be romantic with me...u never were and i still loved u.....i mean i still love u”

I looked down at our hands locked together and blushed, while he brought his face closer to mine and softly kissed my forehead. I rested my head on his chest as he wrapped his arms around me. I took this chance to take in all of his scent, his warmth, his........everything

it seemed too perfect to last, his scent was breath taking, i miss this, i miss his touch, how could someone stay mad at someone like him.....magdar! 7abeeeby
i do
but...... I don’t know how to tell him....

knock knock . . .

I felt his hand get tighter around me when we heard the knock

me “emm a7mad?”
a7mad “shhhhhh”

knock knock.......

I looked up at his face and his eyes were closed, seemed like he was absorbing the moment as much as I was...

the voice came muffled from behind the door, it sounded something like sara
girl “ A7maaaaaaaaaaaaaad! “

knock knock...........

he let go of me, stomped his way to the door, and opened it in anger .... katkoot he’s such a child!

a7mad “ HAa haaa na3am??”

the door swang open and his elder sister shai5a was at the door

shai5a “Besmillaaaaaaaaaa! sallem 3ala e5tk atleast !”
a7mad “salam w 3alaikm”

he said mumbling while glaring at her ...

shai5a “a9lan i didn’t come for you!”

she pushed him aside and came 3ndii

shai5a “halla ro’9aaa sh5baarch! Salamat! “

she said all at once, while salem-ing on me with a wide smile on her face. .. Am i the only one who thinks ‘THIS’ is weird hmmm, I smiled and acted nice anyways

me “ 7mdellaa...Allah ysalmch”

a7mad came and sat 3daLee and looked at shai5a suspiciously

a7mad “so? 5ala9 salamtee 3alaiha now wat?”

I looked at a7mad widening my eyes ! ok he’s being kind of rude now 7araam

me “a7mad!”

with that childish face of his he ignored my scolding still looking at his sister in annoyance

shai5a “ aih entaaaaa e7trm 3mrk haaa”

she said teasingly, with a smile on her face

shai5a “zain mennii i miss u awanyyy yaya azooork! mn ma tzawajt mt5ash fl ‘3rfa 24\7 !! “

i chuckled, is that why his mom hates me? Am i stealing her son from her? hmmmm
then she continued. . .

shai5a “ SO i came na’3za 7ag mrtk shway”

she said while winking at me

shai5a “ tara maystweee u steal him from us hal gad! i know heee’s ur husband and all bs hez u5ooy ba3ad!”

I felt his hands wrapping around me faj2a! ho kan yals waray w he hugged me and looked at his sister

a7mad “5alha t9rgniii kaifhaaa”

ana hnee gfaaa6t my face turned bright red! it’s not like im used to physical contact in front of other people! especially NOT people i don’t know that well! ahhhhhh...i tried shaking his hands off me, bs his grip was too tight for me, he let go himself a little while after that, shai5a was laughing at my face! gaf6a
I gave a7mad the scariest glare i could come up with! while he gave me a guilty grin

Ylasna shway zyada w solafna for a while

shai5a “ O may gaawd! its 2 am already? shit I need to go sleep!”
me “its 2?!!”

She jumped up off her seat and said bye closing the door behind her.

a7mad “ A5555”

he stretched his arms and legs yawning, then looked at me frowning

a7mad “ta3ban bs maba anaaaaaam”
me “hehe laish u dont want to sleep?”
a7mad “why else? i don’t want today to end ana wayd far7an ok !! a5af shay ystwee bachr w moody ystwe 5araa”
me “ ay latgool chee! “

I struggled into scooting enna akoon 3dala, then used my ‘good’ hand and put it around his neck attempting to hug him, then let go smiling to him
I hate the fact that i hurt him, or the fact that I am capable of such thing so easily, is it me or is he just too 7asas? m3rf bs i don’t like seeing him sad, he’s my husband after all
he had a peaceful smile on his face

a7mad “what if I’m dreaming”
me “hahaa! s5eef ur not ok, lets go to sleep a7een yalla i’m tired too..”
a7mad “hmmm ok”

We sat on the bed beside each other in peace, If i had to list the happiest moments of my life, this would definitely make the list
I was so tempted to kiss him......bs.......est7ait, i know ho raylee laish ast7iii bs i DNU! UF Laish ana cheeeee


Every nerve in my body was telling me to bend and taste her lips that i’ve been craving for so long
but I resisted.... ana youm za5ait eedha she moved awaay shway but umm she just kinda hugged me does that count?
should I? Should I not?

I unconsciously turned my head and stared at her lips while I was silently arguing with myself, She felt my stare w 9addat 9ooby

ro’9a “eem sho feek a7mad?”

she said with her charming smile, 7beebty i miss her smile! I couldn’t control the words that came out of my mouth, I just went ahead with it, what have I got to loose?

me “ I’m thinking of whether to kiss you or not”
ro’9a “w ur decision?”

she said while grinning, I decided to tease her shway

me “emmm m3rf what do u think i should do?”

She bit her lip and shrugged her shoulders in innocence, awanha tedalla3
I got up from my place w crawled over her, softly kissing her lips
how much I've missed this feeling
having her, all to myself
I couldn’t stop myself, until I felt her hand push me back, while she pulled her head away a bit
I stared into her face for a while

me “sho feech?”
ro’9a “eeedi”

I quickly jumped off, owaih shit! I accidentally put my body over her hand, nsait 3an her injuryyyyyy!

me “SORRY!”
ro’9a “la 3adi..”

she said with a smile

me “nsaaait”

I said with guilt pointing at her hand

ro’9a “haha a7mad 3adi it doesn’t hurt now bs youm pressure is applied to it”
me “ma7asait fe 3mriii.....i blame u!”

she glared at me then shook her head, then she softly layed her head on the pillow, i think she’s telling me that she wants to sleep!

me “Ta3bana”
ro’9a “haai shway, feya rgad”
me “fineeee lets sleep”

I kissed her forehead w 7a6ait rasi 3edal her shoulder and closed my eyes
I felt her hand reach for mine and i held it tight

Tonight I can say that i am definitely, with no doubt, in every way

truly happy...