Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wed-Locked 14

Previously on W E D - L O C K E D

Could I really just forget what he just said to me? Is that why he almost kissed me last time,

OMG,, how could I be so dense!!?


I just sat there in my place staring into space. Does he expect anything to change since he 'likes' me now? I know that I am not ready for any kind of touching or intimacy or whatever. Ok he's hot and cute and nice, but daloo3! bs elmhm enna I'm not ready. I turned my face to him with the cover over his head, omg channa baby this guy, but he's hurt, it was written all over his face when he got angry, although I didn't hurt him on purpose, sho asawee a7een? I wonder what he said after the 'this girl i like' part, he said it was hard for him to say it, I must let it out of him, starting with apologizing? y3ne 9dg he said HE LIKES me, that's a big deal, y3ne usually people say one thing at a time... bs el'9ahr he's '3air 3an kel el nas.

I got off the bed and went to my side ( the side he was facing), He closed his eyes the second I saw his angry face, awana y3ne he's sleeping. I laid on my back staring at the ceiling, maybe waiting for the moment he realizes that what he's doing is very childish perhaps? Until my stomach started growling ruining everything! I was so hungry it was like noon now and I haven't eaten anything since my sushi and little bit of pasta last night. As soon as it grumbled a7mad fta7 3aina and looked at me, ashkra holding in a laugh, My face went directly red! My stomach tends to be embarrassing a lot . . bs maybe this time it would help lighten the mood between me and a7mad?

me "oh shit!" *poking my tummy 3shan it shuts the hell up*

He looked at me again, sighed, and sat up. His angry face was back he turned his face to the other side, still acting like a kid,

a7mad "so I guess you're hungry?"

me "mm........a7mad listen....."

I guess I caught his attention when I said his name, he turned his head with his cold, hurt stare.

a7mad "Listening .......unlike.....someone I know....."

He shot me a glare, I mean seriously? hehe Y'9a7k though! I gave him a ' r u serious' look then went back to my apology thing

me "I don't know what to say .... '3air...enaaa...I'm really sorry...I didn't do it on purpose wallaa.... it's just......its just....."

I noticed his eye's emotion changing, his wrinkled eye brows rested.

a7mad " it's just what?"

I looked at him then shifted my stare to my now locked fingers tapping each other, and decided to just not look him in the eye while talking, perhaps that would be easier

me " a7mad....It was too much to process all at once, I zoned out after hearing like one sentence..... I'm sorry bs mb bl 3amd... I'm really sorry that I offended you or something...."

I heard no response from him so I decided to take the courage and look up, rfa3t rasi and I saw him staring into his palms, thinking, I think?

me "mmmmm.... what is this payback y3ne ur ignoring me? a7maaad?"

He looked slowly up and a slight smile was drawn on his face, like way too 5feef, but good for a start I guess.

a7mad " heh.... I didn't think of that, bs that would've been a good one hehe...."

y3ne this means he's ok 5ala9? But like we didn't even talk about it, I looked straight w knt sar7ana, rewinding what he said to me gabL.....I looked up at him, lost in his thoughts as well....Kan fatrat silence, bs not an awkward one, bs che both of us suddenly sra7na, He had his head dropped, and his forehead creased with serious eyes, and a straight face bs around his eyes it was a bit darker, and his eyes were red. It came back to me! I forgot that he was sick.

me "a7mad,,, how's your fever 9a7??"

He snapped out of his world, and looked at me lost for a second, lain ma he came back together.

a7mad " oh that..mmmm rasi shway y3awrni bs my throat is better"

He gave me his ultimate cute smile, the full wide one! The one that you can't help not smiling back to.

me "soo.. mmmm....... you're not mad at me anymore??"
a7mad "ehh... Look ro'9a... adree I got really angry w I'm so sorry, Bs t3arfeen I felt embarrassed, I blurted everything out w fl a5eer it's like I was talking to myself u know?"
me *with a frown and puppy eyes* "I said I was sorryyy"
a7mad " hehe adree adree.... btw mmmm what did you hear me say ?"

He looked at me with curious eyes, I looked straight down at my lap, ahhh maynoon! Akeed he knows what I heard bs he wants to tease me ? uuh whatever here goes nothing, I felt my face burning though! It must be really red right nooow!

me "mmmm... u knw... enna... yoouuu...u like this girl "

I heard him chuckle so I looked up in confusion, what's so funny?

a7mad " You look cute when you blush" *smirk*

I opened my eyes wide at him, then looked down with my wide eyes and blushed more! What's WROng with me!!!

a7mad "hehe,,, I'll order breakfast so your stomach maysaweelna another earthquake hahahha"

I shot him a glare, he makes a joke and laughs at his own joke? Maynoon! He took the phone and called room service and such.
He closed the phone and looked at me

a7mad " all taken care of! hehe"

he winked at me, then smiled his amazing smile, and I smiled back w we stayed like that for a while,

a7mad " hehe If this was a movie, we'd be kissing by now"

I could feel my face turning pale and the smile vanishing straight away, and my eyes widening. He leaned his head closer with his eye brows raised still looking at me

a7mad "KiddinG? hahahh! t'9a7keen"

I sighed and took the pillow and raised it above me as in ready to aferra 3alaih he blocked his face with his hands , but right then, my phone rang! For the first time in 2 days! I let go of the pillow and jumped to my phone grabbed it, and read the name "Mommy" and looked at a7mad staring at me questionably and picked up waiting for her to say something first.

mom "Salam w 3alaikm ro'9aaa,, sh5baarich? Shomsaweeen?"
me " w 3alaaaikm el salam,, mmmmm 7emdella zaineen"
mom " sh5bar a7mad?"
me "mmmmm 7emdellaa"

I sat on the side of the bed facing the wall, avoiding a7mad's gaze

mom " bs om a7mad mete9la feeni tgool el7egi wldi mree'9, w bntch matehtam fee,,, w"
me " na3aam? Ommi bs fee 7emma w a9lan ho a7een a7san, w ana shoy59ni etha ho mra'9 ana masawait shay"
mom " bs ro'9a... enti a7een mb 9'3eera kella may59ni w may59ni,,, ha raylch w lazm tehtamain feee....."
me " OMMy awalan ho mb yahel 3ashan ahtam fee, w thaneyan ana yalsa elyoum fl baait 3ashana, etha tbain t3arfeen y3ne "
mom " oh zain ba3ad.... latsaweelna f'9aye7 ro'9a"

I could hear my dad's voice calling her name in the background.

mom " oh yalla ba5aleech, obooch ybani, ma3 el salama"

6oooo6 6ooo6 6ooooo6

I slipped my phone down until it was 9oub my lap and pressed the end dial button. My eyes started tearing, It's like no one cares how I feel anymore, It's all about a7mad! The tears just got worse as I thought about it then I felt a hand on my shoulder

a7mad " ro'9a ro'9aaaa are you ok?? ro'9aaa"

I didn't even look at him, I tried shaking his hands off my shoulder, I was crying because it seemed like kelshay revolved around him, and I was just this ghost 3dala, like his maid or something! But I couldn't shake him off I felt too weak, He came, stood up jdami and leaned shway looking into my eyes.

a7mad " It's my fault isn't it?"

I didn't look up at him I kept crying, trying to wipe the tears off my face, but they kept being replaced by new ones, ymkn it's my hormones, omg it is that time of the month almost, laykoon etjademat!

a7mad "ro'9a please stop crying, pleaase!"

He kept coming closer and closer to me until he had his arms all around me and my head was on one of his shoulders, He squeezed me tighter a bit, his warmth overcoming my weak body, I gave in and surrendered my head to his shoulder, and kept crying. It was so comforting, and it felt right, like I fitted into his wide shoulders and masculine body. I wanted to wipe my tears bs I couldn't move from his grip, or hug? He actually calmed me down, I took a deep breath and kept my head on his shoulder, when the door bell rang. He slowly loosened his grip and looked me into my eyes with a sincere look

a7mad " I'll go tell them to put it fl living room"

He let me go, got up, and closed the door behind him. I sat there with my mind blank, I didn't feel like crying anymore, but was thinking of how good he smelled, and how good it felt when he tried comforting me. I sighed, it's ironic how he's the reason I'm angry bs he's the only person that is comforting me at the moment.
I heard him come in, but I was still facing the wall and didn't bother turning my head, I still felt weak, and like crap. He came in front of me and sat on his knees that his face was at the same level as mine. I couldn't help not looking back at him, his face was so close to mine. don't get me wrong, not 'kissing' position close, bs close y3ne. He still had his serious face on.

a7mad "ro'9a...I know I haven't known you for wayd, well actually it's only been like what 2, 3 days ? Bs ma3arf, I feel like I've known you for a long while even though ymkn ma3arfch 3adel, bs what I do know enna I don't like seeing u chee, ro'9a if ayshay m'9aygennich you can talk to me about it, whatever it is... you can trust me...."

His words seemed to soothe me, I don't know why, they were like the medicine to my suffering. I was so about to drool, he looked so hot! and was too close, and talking like he's in a movie or something! I didn't know what to do so I swallowed while looking at him, He probably thought that as a gulp so he stood up and held his hand out to me

a7mad "let's go eat?"

I smiled and put my hand in his as I '3a9eb got up, I thought he would let my hand go when gmt, bs he held it tighter as he led me to the living room. I just looked at his hand holding on to mine, dazed. He always does this to me, makes me daze, and zone out! he pulled me to the sofa 3dala and put his arm around me moving his fingers on my shoulders while staring at me, I had to run away from this! I jumped down the sofa as fast as I could and sat on my knees in front of the table that had our breakfast\lunch on it!

a7mad " hehe so I guess the food addict is back"

I looked back at him with a shy smile, I wanted to 6al3 Lsani to him and glare, bs my heart skipped a beat when I saw him, my face turned red, I turned my face back to the food bser3a, before I embarrass myself akthar. I opened the covers of the food and he opened the Tv on a random series and we said bismillah and started eating. It was such a quiet lunch, I guess both of us were really hungry, just the sounds of us eating and a little giggle every now and then on the series that was on. When 5ala9na I went and washed my hands w on my way back I saw the sa3a it said 6 pm. tawa kan like 4 wth?! The day passed so quickly, and It was crap but at the same time....I don't know...a7mad making me feel better, and knowing that he cares took my mind off how crapyy it is...I guess
I walked out of the room and saw a7mad on the sofa with his eyes closed, bs his back up straight. I walked closer to him, he must be really tired.

me "a7maad.. a7mad"
a7mad *marra w7da ngaz* " what sho fee?"
me "ahh laa it's nothing bss r u ok ?? Maybe you should go sleep inside"
a7mad "Oh no its just my head, ba8aya 7emma I guess

He said while rubbing his head, massaging it i think, I imagined myself going behind him and massaging his shoulders and then his head, ray7ing him, bs then I shook that thought away, why am I having thoughts of touching him ew ew no no ! I shook my head, and I noticed him looking at me with one eye brow raised

a7mad "ahh r YOU ok?"
me "oh hahha yaa it's nothing hehee" * blushing and laughing i don't know why!*
a7mad " ahhh ok if you say so"

I have to embarrass myself DOUM! I shouldn't be allowed to talk to him! fsheelaaaaa!

me "mmmm sa3a 6 a7een"

I said while throwing myself on the couch beside him staring at the Tv.

a7mad "oh... tbain tseereen mkan?"

I turned my head towards him, he had a guilt look on his face,

me "oh laaaaaa a7mad that's not what I mean, bs y3ne I meant ena el wakt mar bser3a w cheee! "
a7mad " no bs 9dg ro'9a I seriously ruined your day, w I promise I'll tryyyy making it up to u!"
me " heh la 9dg it's no problem, u don't have to"

He brought his face closer to mine, Like REALLY close this time and looked at my chin going up to my lips then my nose then into my eyes.

a7mad "I insist...."

He said it with such a deep voice, that I froze in my place, paralyzed. His voice was pulling me closer to him, so were his eyes, they were pleading for me to get nearer and make the gap between us go away. bs to my good luck! my phone rang. I jumped at it looked at him apologetically( I DOn't know why!) I saw him doo his mn8hr face, bs I ran into the room before he said anything and closed the door behind me, I needed to breathe! I went to my phone, it seems to be my birthday today everyone's calling.... I saw the name AND got really excited so I pressed the dial button as fast as I could!

fatooma " rooooRoooTYYYY !!!!"
me " I misss yoooooooou so much yal s5eeefaaa!!"
fatooma " Bs i talked to u two days ago ! "
me " It feels like forever ok , like ka2ana a year PASSEd u dont undestaaand!!!! "
fatooma " What do u mean?? MAKe me understand owaih is it a7mad?!!! aaba detaaaaaaails... if he's not in the room wyach y3ne"
me " heheh to ur LUck HE's noT!"

I continued blabbing to her about every single detail, from the almost kiss to the confession thing, to...

me " and fatooma.... m3rf what's happening to me... che faj2a he's JUST smiling to me and I blush! it's so embarrassing !"
fatooma " OMG ro'9aaaaa! First he confesses his LOVe, so obviously you're falling for him hahaha !"
me " Fatooma, I can't love him this fast wth, ana mb fe film! 2 days w love, I admit enna I like him bs still fatooma,, mat7seen his AAND my mom overreacted? Lain mta they'll stay che? It's like I did nothing w it's all on me, w i know he told me to tell him etha shay m'9aygnni , but what am I supposed to say, oh a7mad it's all ur fault w I have to take care of u???"
fatooma " first, okaay ymkn mb love bs u do like him a lot that he is able to make u blush! u've never blushed to a guy! 7atta remember that time when I told u i think this guy likes u, you started hating him ? I guess it's different this time haa"
me " Fatooma a7mad is my husband its '3air! Plus that guy was a total 9aye3 w sho u wanted me to do TAlk to him? NEVER"
fatooma " haha La Of course I knew u wouldn't elmhm bout omma w ommch, mmmm give it time I guess, w Allah ysa3dch, W if he could do something about 'his' mom that would be good"
me "mhmmmm ...truee....."

He suddenly came into the room and peeked his head, w saw that I was only on the phone fa he came in. I stayed quiet looking at him

fatooma " Is it himmmmmmmmm?? RO'9AA SNAP OUT OF ur bubbleee"
me " what bubble!! and yaa it isss "

I looked at him smiling to me so I smiled back, he sat on the bed

fatooma " MAKE him talkkkkk ! im curious aba asma3 9oota"
me " fatooma seriouslyyy"
fatooma " yeh sho ba3ad do u have anything better to do ? "

He was looking at me with amusement for some reason, maybe because I was walking around the room like crazy? I don't know how to talk to fatooma while I'm sitting, perhaps it's because I get too excited? hehe I don't know

me (to fatooma) "ok fine"

I stood in front of him, ya he was still looking at me following my movements around the room. I shot him an arrogant look

me( to a7mad) " can I help u?"
a7mad " haa laa it's nothing"

He looked embarrassed, and I think he blushed bs I'm not sure, bs wayha et'3ayar.

fatooma *over the phone* " ahhhhh nooooo that was too LOW I hardly heard anything!!"
me " omg seeri walliiiii ur not getting anything else......."
fatooma "hahha and enti malgaity shay '3air u say Can i help u!! haha where did that come from! "
me " hehe ... m3rf"
fatooma " ro'9aaaaaaaaa"
me " what?"
fatoom " admit it"
me " admit what ba3ad?"
fatooma " that You 'REaLLy' like him tooo"
me " I don't ok it's not like that..."
fatooma " are you staring at him now?"
me " ha??"
fatooma " just answer me!!"
me " well yaah bss....."
fatooma " noo bss! Does your stomach feel all mushy and ka2ana you want to puke bs it's a good feeling"
me " Noooooooo not really ... "
fatooma " Oh maybe that one was too much.... r u almost drooling for him?"
me " mmm ehh... maybe? it's not my fault ok! "
fatooma " hahah omg you're in denial!! "
me " fatooma chubbbbb! "
fatooma " hahah ok el mohim i have to go work on my project now ! I'll leave you to you're adventures, until next timeeee"
me " fatooma...."
fatooma " yaa?"
me " Lat6awleeen wayd, like 2 days, i miss youuu" ( I pouted involuntarily)

A7mad looked at me and smiled, or giggled I wasn't sure, bs I said my goodbyes then closed the phone and looked him

me " aayyyy! Laish t'97aaaaaak ! "
a7mad " awal marra ashoofch this enthusiastic, it's cutee"

Shit is he flirting with me again? I forced a smile, and sat on the bed, facing the Tv. that he just turned on. We just sat there this night, watching something on Tv. I don't even know what we were watching, my mind was far away from what was in front of me, I was thinking of what I had to face when I go back home, and how will my life be, I didn't even meet his sisters yet. Allah y3een.
but most importantly I was thinking about what fatooma said, it kept rewinding in my head ' ur in denial!'

am I?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wed-Locked 13

My Lovely readers,,
I know it's short hehe I'm sorryyy(A),,, bs better than nothing ey? ;)


Previously on W E D - L O C K E D

her shouting was only the trigger of the crying, but still

how could she?!?!!!!


I sat on the floor of the bathroom with my back against the door crying, I couldn't stop I was gasping for air trying to breathe, and the tears kept flowing, a7mad came about 5 seconds after I locked myself in and kept knocking the door

a7mad " RO'9aa! ro'9aa pleassee ft7ii el bab, ro'9aa"

His voice didn't stop from behind the door, it lasted I would say 15 minutes knocking then he started calling my name every kamn dgeega, thn he stopped, and it was quiet. I didn't want to go out, I dug my head between my knees and closed my eyes trying to control my emotions. I missed my parents and brothers so much, I mean although it's been only 2 days since I've seen them, but you know when reality hits you, and you acknowledge the fact that it's never going to be like it used to? This was the main reason I was crying. His mom shouting at me just made me ma8hoora and when I'm ma8hoora I cry, but I got over that fast, I mean i know she's like that I should've expected it from her. I sat there in silence for a while, then lifted my head, stood up, w washed my face, then took a breath and unlocked the door. And slowly opened the door and peeked out and opened it wide after what I saw. a7mad had a pillow on the floor right next to the door and was sleeping on it, omg mskeeen kaatkoot, I shook my head at that, did I just call him katkoot? shit, errr what should I do, shit it's all my fault and he's sick I bent down on my knees to check on his fever, It seemed to be better than before, he needed to get on the bed, the floor must be killing him.

me "a7mad a7mad,, yalla goum"

before I could say anything else he jumped out of his sleep and grabbed my wrist, and breathed shwaya , then looked at me with a sign of relief in his eyes then sighed and let go of my wrist. I was sitting in front of him on the floor jdam the bathroom door. He put his hand on my shoulder

a7mad " ro'9a, are you ok?? I shouldn't have let you pick up the phone , bss knt ta3ban, bss still it's all my fault........ ro'9a.... please say something ... "

I looked down at my hand, Although he was t3ban, bs I didn't want him to think enna oh its ok if my mom does this to her again she doesn't mind, knt lazm i make this the last time something like this happened.

me "what do you want me to say a7mad?"

I looked up into his eyes with an almost dry angry expression, I mean that's the expression I was aiming for, m3rf what showed up on my face, the redness 5aff in his eyes, bs they were still sleepy and tired looking. I shook his hand off my shoulder and stood up, madait eedi for him still with my pissed off expression

me "ta3al rest now, we'll talk bout this b3dain"

He was obedient, za5 eedi w he carried his pillow with the other hand and got up, I dragged him to the bed where he put his pillow, then he sat on the side of the bed and kept staring at me, with intense, or he was in deep thought, I mean that's what he looked like. I tried staring back into his eyes 3shan he changes his expression, but he didn't at all. He started scaring me so I decided to say something.

me "mm a7mad by rest I meant Sleep, yalla lay down,, u look tired"

His gaze's direction did not change, but the expression changed, it turned to a softer one, and seconds later, he pouted. POUTEd, I was so confused. I walked a few steps closer to him leaving a hand distance between me and his knee.

me "what's wrong??"
a7mad "I'm so confused can you help me?"
me " emmm, what's the problem?"
a7mad " It's a long story you should sit"

He patted the place next to him, while I was looking at him still confused, and still with my depressed, sad, and angry expression. I decided to give in so I went ahead and sat next to him still keeping the hand distance gap thing. He stared down at the gap, then looked at me, then scooted closer

a7mad " So ana bagoolch el situation w you should help me ok?"
me "mmm sure"
a7mad " So my mom is a really over protective person, she's nice IF she wants to be, bs usually she's not, w maybe I'm used to it, but others aren't. and you see the problem is that.... she shouted at this girl I'm starting to reeeally like ...and.."

He wasn't looking at me when he said the last sentence, he was looking straight out the door. My mouth fell open and I tried estaw3bing what he had just said, I zoned out of what he was saying afterwards. Girl as in me? What does he mean he's starting to like this girl? I snapped out of my stream of thoughts when He started waving in front of my face, I gasped and looked at him frozen.

a7mad "Did you listen to anything I said???"
me "I..uuh....I.."

I was stuttering I couldn't help it, I DID not hear anything he said after that sentence. and kan shakla m3a9eb when he noticed that I wasn't listening, w marra w7da He lifted his leg, and tucked it into the bed sheet. I looked at him with guilty eyes, my chest hurt, Kan m7arrej 3alay, like seriously angry and pissed and hurt. Was he over reacting??

me "You're sleeping?"
a7amd " LAish y3ne tbainy I talk to you more so U ignore me? y3ne 9dg ro'9a you think it was easy for me to say all that, oh wait you don't even KNOW what I said ! w agool forget it, I take all of it back ! "

He turned his head the opposite side and covered his head with his blanket. He is such a dalooo3! He tells me that he likes me fe awal jumla then he expects me to actually listen to the rest of the conversation?? He said he takes it all back? Could I really just forget what he just said to me? Is that why he almost kissed me last time,

OMG,, how could I be so dense!!?

Monday, June 15, 2009


Was tagged By Dazzlin =D
here goes my first tag, hehe :)

8 things I am looking forward to:
≈ Moving to our new house
≈ Harry potter movie <3 =D
≈ Driving a car <3
≈ Free Time
≈ The next season of desperate housewives, greys anatomy, gossip girl, and 90210 :P
≈ traveling next summer :$ :P
≈ writing my next post (A) :P

8 things I wish I could do:
≈ Dance properly :$
≈ ride a horse
≈ Go to Tokyo, NY, and Rome <3
≈ Speak japanese
≈ Own an island and have my own beach 24\7 =]
≈ Be a figure skater
≈ Get whatever I want !
≈ Go on a diet, and be committed to exercising :P

8 things I love:
≈ Twilight
≈ My familYyy
≈ skiing
≈ My amazing friends
≈ sushi (A)
≈ cinema
≈ Going out wherever
≈ Cold weather

8 things I did yesterday:
≈ Took a bath
≈ 'cooked' frozen fridays food hehe =D
≈ watched the big bang theory <3!
≈ Went to a school graduation
≈ Saw my friends =]
≈ Posted on my blog, and read blogs
≈ faceboook-ed
≈ slept late

8 shows I watch:
≈ Desperate housewives
≈ Greys anatomy
≈ House
≈ Gossip girl
≈ 90210
≈ The big bang theory
≈ How I met your mother
≈I used to watch but stopped SEAson's aGO : lost, heroes, prison break, smallville, 6 feet under, true blood, (A) lol =p

8 bloggers I tag:
≈ Dreamer
≈ Allure
≈ forever yours
≈ Exquisite :*
≈ ~Blat
≈ distracted
≈ Sunset
≈ m76;**

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wed-Locked 12

Previously on W E D - L O C K E D

I couldn't wait till tomorrow she looked really excited, w for some reason a7b I see her smiling, is it because I feel sorry for her? enna it's my fault she's in all this?

or is it something else?


r o ' 9 a

Sushii SUSHI SUSHI! I've been craving it since forever, I'm so glad he's not the kind of person who gets disgusted by sushi and such! I was almost jumping from excitement waiting for my sushi oh and the movie we're going to watch, I don't like scary movies wayd, bs a7mad looked like he really wanted to see it w I didn't mind because I love Jim carrey! I went to my bag to check the Pjs I had, w I found one che cotton black long night gown 3alaih a sleeping sheep, It was cute, w mb wayd mfa9a5 its only sleevless bs 6weel, I don't need anymore drama tonight, we didn't discuss how we will sleep, and a7s its awkward etha I bring it up bs che out of nowhere.. so i kept the topic for later.

I climbed on the bed to sit 3dal the side table ely has my phone on, a7mad was sitting there on the other side already in his k7lee Pj short and black Pj shirt mad reela with a pillow behind his back. I took my phone to check for any messages or miscalls, bs there was only one message.




I miss fatooma, but I was sort of shocked enna there was no miscall or message whatsoever from anyone from my family, not my dad or my mom or my brothers, ma7ad msawelli salfa. I frowned at that thought w 7a6ait my phone back on the table w stared straight met'9ayga cz of this thing.

a7mad " hey r u ok?"

He caught me off guard, I forgot that he was 3daly so I turned my face to him giving him a soft smile

me " it's nothing.... don't worry bout it :) "
a7mad "mmm ok 3ala mmm etha there is something U can always tell me"

He gave me a sincere smile, not the usual grin that I melt for, bs an " i care" smile, it was so warm and different, I just nodded to him and smiled. A second after that we both jumped at the sound of the bell, it ruined the 'moment' thing that was going on, thank god, it was starting to become awkward, I can't believe how this man becomes nicer by the minute! I mean although I was freaked out by the thing that happened bs when he apologized for it, with the puppy face he made, NO one can stay angry at him after witnessing that!

a7mad "ro'9a it's ROOM service! wear ur shaila,, wla agool seeri el7amam lain ma y6la3 as'hal hehe"
me " oh 9a7 ok ! DONT EAT MY SUSHI! "
a7mad " I wont i wont lat5afain yalla go "

I went to the bathroom and closed the door behind me, and listened to a7mad talking to the room service guy, I couldn't hear well what they were saying it sounded weird, incomprehensible to me, so I just waited there until someone opened the bathroom door to me, looked at me grinnig

a7mad "YOUr suushi is hereee"

I shouted a 'YAAY' and ran outside of the bathroom I think I pushed him out of my way, but I'm not really sure if I did or not and saw the covered food nicely put over the bed 3ala a table nafs mal breakfast in bed, w there was a small flower on the long table extending over most of the bed, I was thinking of a way to get on the bed without making everything fall over

a7mad " hey sho? ur not hungry anymore??"

I pointed at the food then looked at him with questionable eyes, che troubled and confused.

me " but how can I get on the bed without making everything fall??"

I frowned to him after saying that, then he laughed at me! YEs laughed! he thought I was joking bs lel2asaf I wasn't at all. He went over to his side of the bed, and sat cross legged and flashed me a grin

a7mad " Like THIs!"

I went to my side, and copied what he did then looked at him innocently

me "ohhh,,,"

He giggled at me again, I couldn't help not feeling embarrassed, so I turned my head to the food and smiled so widely!

a7mad " heheh...You love food don't you"

I nodded with the wide grin still on my face, opening the '36a of the plate in front of me. There it was! 8 pieces of rolled sushi with fried tempura prawns inside of it yummy!!! and two sauces on its side, soya sauce, and the mayo-chili-sauce thing that I loved. Then I turned my face to see his pastaa..Kan ye6la3 d5an menna mn kthr ma it was hot, w it looked so yummy with its sauce and mushroom

a7mad "hehe yalla sammiii"
me " bismillaah"

We put the Tv on a random channel that had f.r.i.e.n.d.s on to watch while eating. We shared the food, I suggested n8assem the sushi 4 for me and 4 for him but he insisted on giving me one of his enna I have 5 and him 3, and well I can't say no to sushi! But I didn't eat much from the pasta cz shba3t sort of, I ate kamn spoon then I decided that I had enough w I let him eat the rest. By the time we played the movie it was 1 am in Dubai, I watched parts of the movie, bs then I fell asleep 3ashan I was so ta3bana I didn't sleep well the night before!

I opened my eyes to the dark room | was in, I could hear the sound of the wind blowing, I stretched my arms and sat up and looked at the opened window, and thought akeed a7mad left it open. speaking of a7mad, I looked around the room bs there was no sign of him abadan, I saw the clock w it said 5 am, I got up to see where a7mad was, i tiptoed into the 9ala trying to make no noises just in case he was sleeping there, I walked up to the sofa, and there he was, sound asleep while breathing sort of loudly, his feet were hanging in the air because they exceeded the length of the sofa, it didn't look so comfortable, 7asait eb ta2neeb el'9ameer, bs it's not like I asked him to sleep on the sofa right? He started moving on the sofa right, then left, just as he did when we were on the bed. I went over the little kitchen elly fl 9ala and opened the fridge and found a bottle of milk so I decided to drink it and closed the fridge, I walked back to the bedroom quietly and opened the Tv and put it on a very low volume and was watching a romantic movie, m3rf what was its name I forgot. about an hour later I heard noises in the living room, b3dain shft enna it was a7mad, he came by the door with a blanket in his hand, and I could see his tired eyes, w kan shakla wayd m3tfs w ta3ban

a7mad "ro'9a.. 3ady anam wyach?"

He said with the sleepiest tired voice I've ever heard. And he was itching his eyes.

me " yaa it's ok ta3aaal "

Mskeen, I didn't know the sofa was this bad, plus madri a7s I don't mind having him on the same bed as me, especially enna when I slept earlier ho roo7a ra7 el 9ala and slept there, that gave me a feeling of trust for him madri laish. He crawled onto the bed and sighed deeply and covered himself up with his blanket, w a second after that he closed his eyes. I closed the Tv 3shan ma a7shera, He started moaning 3gub that, and moving a lot and I was well observing him, kan shakla different, his face was red. He looked like he was sick y3ne,

me " a7mad.. a7mad.?? are u asleep??"

He opened his eyes 3al 5feeef, and completed with his tired voice

a7mad " throat hurts, w 5ashmy ensad, magdar anam"

I got up and went to my bag immediately! Shit Why did he get sick! I noticed y3ne it was sort of cold fl 9ala, bs mb l hal daraja, Is his body that sensitive y3ne? I got out my medicine small bag that my mom put for me, w kan da5la strepsils, and panadol, and behind it I found panadol cold and flu, I took them all out, w went and got him a glass of water, I mean I know I haven't been with a7mad alot, bs he's always joyful, he looks so tired now. I ran w sat 3ala 6araf el bed on his side and poked him

me "a7mad.. a7mad goum shway take this medicine so you can sleep shway at least"

He turned slowly and lazily and sat up shwaya and looked at me. I think he was totally m9a6el because he just stared into my face w tam like that, I took the glass of water and shoved it into his hand w gave him 7abtain panadol cold and flu

me "swallow this now!"

He was still looking at my face, shit man he looked so tired it was scary. So I decided to play the daloo3a card.

me "a7mad pleaase swallooow pleaase"

He opened his eyes a tiny bit wider when I said that and looked down at his panadol w he swallowed it then I took the glass from him w 7a6aita on the table and gave him a stripsel for his throat. He took it with no need of begging and went back to laying on his back while playing with the medicine in his mouth. I looked at him with worried eyes, kan shakla y3ne obviously fever symptoms, bs I don't know wHY I felt guilty w m3rf laish it felt like it was my fault. He looked back at me, and gave me a slight smile that lasted for a second on his face

a7mad "I'm ok you don't have to worry about me hehe"

He said it with a teasing tone!! 7ad teaSES at a time like this!! maynoooon!! the worry on my face disappeared and I gave him A GLare! and used the same tone he used with me

me "I'm not I don't care a9lan!"

And I sunk into my blanket, still secretly worried, m3rf what to do for him. Should I take him to the hospital? for Antibiotics maybe? We should go tomorrow, mb mhm our 6al3a we can do it when he gets better, although i 'was' excited about it. I went back to sleep bs kept my head facing the side away from him, w grait el mo3awethat, so may3adeeni, it's enough we have one sick person, who will take care of both of us at the same time??

I woke up the next morning and immediately turned my head to check on him, he was breathing really heavily with his mouth shway open because of his blocked nose I assumed. I put my hand on his forehead to check his fever, w it was so warm! Ashkra its a fever ! I didn't know who to call for help, y3ne what should he eat for breakfast? I decided to ask him what he wanted when he wakes up. I went to the bathroom to wash my face w che, w when I came out he was getting out of bed I rushed to him angrily!

me "a7maaaaad! Get back in your bed, feek 7emma"

He put on a fake smile, with his red face, and sweaty neck

a7mad " La mafeeni shay , I'm ok lets get ready 3ashan ne6la3"
me "A7MAD! I can't believe you're even considering the 6al3a GET baCK INTO your bed w you're not going anywhere!!!!"

His fake smiley face vanished and was replaces by a surprised one as he sat back on the bed I mean I know I over-reacted w sort of screamed but it was for his own good! he looked kind of scared too. I sat next to him and put my hand on his forehead to check again, w it was just as warm. In the mean time a7mad was staring at my hand, then my face, I took my hands off then faj2a He reaches for it and holds it with his hand, he held it weakly and reached it over his lap and looked down at his lap

a7mad " I'm so sorry,, you were really excited about today w a7een this is what happens"

He looked up at me with a mn8eher, sad face, at the same time, I was looking at him with my eye brows raised, confused about the 'hand holding' and what he's saying

me "a7mad you're sick sho you're apologizing? seriously??! w it's just a 6al3a, enta get better w b3dain we can do something if you want, I actually like this hotel it's fun w they have good channels you know mb lazm ne6la3"

I lied, bs it felt like I had to, to convince him to stay in bed and get better at least. My eye's gaze moved towards my held hand by the end of my sentence, He was starting to stroke it! STROKing my hand! I just stared at it, maybe he's dooing because he's sick? I looked at him and then felt him letting go of my hand slowly, until eventually it was free. He got into the blanket, so I got up to go to the living room so I let him yrta7 y3ne,

a7mad "ro'9aa ro'9aaa"

I turned fast, t7arait something happened, and I saw his pleading eyes and a frown on his face

a7mad "Please don't leave me alone..."
me "uhh....mmm...ok"

I went back to my side of the bed w sat in it, and I looked at him gasping for air and blowing his nose. He pulled his head closer to me until he placed it on my thighs and he closed his eyes. ma3arf if he was using the fact that he is sick, wla 9idg he wanted me there because he doesn't like to be alone when he is sick? I was confused. I opened the Tv bs on mute, and sat there bored and hungry b3dain I heard his ringtone so I leaned to grab his phone it read 'el walda"

me "a7mad a7mad it's your mom"
a7mad "please enti shellii............."

He said it with a pleading sick voice so I couldn't say no, bs I knew that I would regret it

me "Salam w 3alaikm 5alo"
om a7mad " w 3alaikm el salam? enti mno?"
me "mmm ana ro'9a"
om a7mad "oh haih enti, wain a7mad aba akalma"
me " mmm ho ragd, bs galli ashel el telephone etha enti teti'9leen"
om a7mad " RAGD lain a7een?? LAISH SHO FEE WLDI ! Sho sawaiTY FEE!?"
me " mmmm la2 mashay, bs ta3ban shwaya fe 7emma 5feefa"

I was starting to get nervous, I hated the tone she used with me, ka2anna i'm below her or something, It was really irritating.

me " mmm la2 5alo.. ana ..."
om a7mad " CHUB WALA KELMA! KEL HA SAWAITY fee W TBAin tgooleeeen a3thar!! 9DG ENNICH MAtst7EEN 3aLA WAYHiCH ! AHLCH MO MRABEENCH 3aDEL 8aLEELAT ADAB! w ma7AD y3ANI '3aIR A7MAD WYACH!!! YAl ..............."

My teary eyes couldn't bear the words she was directed at me, I haven't been screamed at this much ever, W WHO is she TO judge 3ala MY family! AS if her family is perfect!! I didn't say anything back and I didn't know what she was saying either, bs she didn't stop complaining and shouting at me, lain ma a7mad raised his head and looked at me in shock of my tears, and grabbed the phone as fast as his body allowed him to from my hand

a7mad " OMMY!!!"

I ran off the bed to the bathroom and locked the door behind me, and started crying non stop! I don't think it was just because his mom sabatny, but all the emotions came crashing on my shoulder, her shouting was only the trigger of the crying, but still

how could she?!?!!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wed-Locked 11

Hey Readers,
I wanted to tell you guyz enna starting now, w for a month and a half almost, I'm not going to post as frequently, I'll be really busy! bs I promise enna whenever I have free time I'll post

Enjoy <3


Previously on W E D - L O C K E D

he was so close to my body, what was he doing? What was he thinking!...What has just happened?



a 7 m a d

Shit what did I just do! mskeena she was in shock shwaya w bt9ee7. ahh I promised myself not to touch her, so it would be easier to leave her 3gub after I get the stupid position my dad wants, with no one hurt. but ... but.... I didn't expect her to be 7elwa, and this attractive, y3ne m3rf what happens to me when I'm around her uff sho ha I can't even control myself! I buried my head into my palms sitting on the sofa in the living room of our suite mad at myself, I didn't hear anything from inside the room, where I left her and ran away. ma9adg I was so close to kissing her, we hardly know each other, w a7een it's going to get awkward bainna, shit I should apologize wla shay, I lifted my head m3a9b 3ala 3mri and looked towards the room, still silence, nothing.. I wonder if she's ok ... It's all my fault, awal ma we start getting along I had to ruin it! ya Allaaaaah!

My phone started ringing, it was inside the room, I had to go get it, but she was in there, I was afraid to face her, m3rf what she will do, she probably doesn't want anything to do with me..uf 9dg enny '3abee! I managed to get myself up, '3a9bn 3anni, adre my mom would go insane if I don't pick up so lazm I go get my phone, I had no other choice.

I stepped into the room, wla ashoofha with her pink dress holding her knees close to her chest bs laffa the other side not facing the door. ksrat 5a6ry, roo7ha b3eeda 3an ahelha w I'm the only person wyaha here, then I offend her like that 9dg enny 7mar. I should apologize, bs 5alny I call my mom first.
I grabbed my phone from the side table of the bed, trying to avoid her face, bs my eyes falied to restrain, so I looked at her, she was sleeping, bs makan the peaceful sleep, her face didn't look mrta7 at all, guilt built up within me more and more, I'll apologize awal ma she wakes up. I grabbed my BB and headed out to the 9ala 3shan ma az3jha, then saw the miscall w just as I thought, It was my mom. I dialed her number, and she picked up mal7ag yren

ommy "a7maDO! waink mn sa3a a7awl a6e9L!! LAISH matshl! 3awart galbee! enta b5aair?? A7mAD a7MAD!! "

a7mad " ommy hehe ana hny lat7ateen wain baroo7.. w wa3alikm el salaam"

ommy " t3arf enny a7atee bser3a laish che tsawee feeni!"

a7mad "Asif ommy bs telephonee makan 3ndi, a5r marra?"

ommy " haih zain! sh5bark ba3ad?"

a7mad "mmm 7emdella.."

ommy "sh5bar....mmm..el..."

a7mad "'9a zaina ba3ad.."

ommy "oh hmmm.... etha '9aygatk..."

I interrupted her, she looked down at ro'9a because of her family, unfortunatly my mom is wayd mn hal nou3, bs it's not like ro'9a wayd wanted to be with me enna my mom balmes her, elmhm enny ma7b whn my mom talks about her che, because fl a5eer she is 'my' wife.

a7mad "Ommy!"

ommy "sho maglt shay! bs 5aberni y3ne w ana araweeha, etha t'9ayg wldii "

a7mad "ommy ana mb 9'3eer ayee atshakka 3nddch! w a9lan he masawatlee shay y3ne"

ommy " haih,, haih,, bs y3ne etha... t3arf wainy ana...."

I stayed silent, she knew I didn't like it when she said stuff like that, bs that never stopped her. Allah y3een ro'9a 3alaiha, kella sebbat obooy, ya Allaah...

ommy "a7mad ?"

a7mad "na3am?"

ommy " oh ba3dk hnee t7araitk banadt,, yalla ana ba5aleeek a7een w mb matshl eltelephoon marra thanyaa!"

a7mad " oh enzain, la enshalla ma3eedha hehe, yalla ma3 el salama"

ommy " ma3 el salama"

6oo6 6ooooo6. . . .

I went back into the room to put my phone back to its place, then maybe lay on the bed lain ma ro'9a tgoom so I apologize to her or try to. 7a6ait my phone on the side table thn ylast on the bed, looking at her, I couldn't stop the feeling of guilt that climbed through my veins, awal shay '9almet'ha wyay because of a stupid position. When my dad told me enna I have to get married for the position, maknt 7a6 fe bali enna 2 weeks from what he said I would actually be married, I can't imagine what she went through.

7awalt I put on a mask, so we stay distant from each other but y3ne when my dad told me I'd marry from alX family 9ara7a knt 7a6 fe bali te6la3 w7da wayd 3adiyya, 7ata glt ymkn tkoon mteena, w I wanted that so it would be easier for me to stay away. bs just my luck, I walk into the wedding w she looks amazing, she looked perfect, I couldn't help not talking to her in the lemo, w she was so amusing during the wedding, and how nervous she was. I admit I was extremely nervous myself, bs I can manage to hide it easily, bs unlike me, she had all her emotions on her face, nervous, then sad, then angry at times. She was transparent w 7abait hal shay feeha. But, I didn't want to ruin my plan to stay away from her, cz lets face it I don't plan on staying with her my whole life, laish a'9lm both of us into this forced relationship? W she showed a mutual feeling of that in the lemo when I tried making a conversation. Mn che when we reached the hotel I dived into the bed, although I wasn't sleepy at all, bs I didn't want to do anything that I will regret later........

I tightened my hands into fists. and looked at her again, she looked beautiful, with her dark almost black hair that's almost long y3ne, yoo9al half her back I think. And her tanned skin, w how can I forget her perfect figure, y3ne staying away from her is like torture, I'm a man u know! I can't help it, bs still I will control myself, y3ne sho mb chayif 5air! She started moving a bit w she opened her eyes shway shway, blink then closed it then blinked again till she had her eyes open, w her gaze on me with her big round light brown eyes, I didn't know if she was really awake so I just stared back into her mesmerizing eyes. We stayed like that for some time, lain ma she got up and sat streching and rubbing her eyes then looked back at me with a scared look on her face, as if afraid from me, it seemed like the perfect time for my apology.

me " ro'9a... mmm can we talk?"

She just looked at me with wondering eyes, I tried looking as guilty as possible, so she wouldn't be scared from me. Then she nodded w sat cross legged on the bed looking down at her hands while playing with them, in other words avoiding eye contact with me.

me "mmm ro'9a.........I'm so sorry about what just happened gabl, walla m3rf what came into me, w I won't do it again , bs m3rf sho agool '3air im really really REally sorry ro'9a"

She lifted her head looking at me, so I took that chance and frowned, She took a while looking at me then looking around, b3dain back at me, w her face expression changed, that's what was amazing about her, she was so easy to read, thus, so easy to be with. Her expression changed to a peaceful one, and she gave me a slight smile, and I couldn't help not smiling back, bs not a slight smile like hers, but one of my wide smiles, I was glad enna sam7atni or else the rest of this week would've been hell of me talking to myself.

ro'9a "mm sa3a kam a7een?"

me "uuh its 5 pm 3ala taw8eet Barcelona 7asab that watch"

I pointed at the watch of the Tv in front of us, glad to hear her voice.

ro'9a "ummm are we going to do anything?"

me "mm tbain te6l3een y3ne?"

ro'9a " la mmmm 3ala ra7tk..."

me " ana 3ady 3ndy y3ne ayshay I don't mind.. bs a7s a7san if we go out tomorrow in the morning 3al a8al fe akthar people and we can ask around, plus we can spend a full day out"

I said grinning, she looked at me and smiled a wide smile back, I guess I wasn't the only one that's mb mtfayej to go out today hehe.

ro'9a "ok... goood plan ! "

me " hehe yes of course because it's My Plan"

I love teasing her because she has the cutest glare, ok 9a7 enny I want to stay away from her, bs mb y3ne enna I can't enjoy her a bit she is my wife after all, 9a7?

ro'9a "aha right right . . . hehe"

me "mmmm what do you want to do now?"

ro'9a "uuh... what do you have in mind"

she tilted her head a bit and smiled to me, hehe I wanted to pinch her cheeks, bs I knew better than to do that

me "mmmmm we can mmm ,, oh we can order room service anything we want, a'9n I saw 3jeeb food fe their menu! oh and we can watch a movie, we can choose from this list"

I got up and took the list of movies the hotel offered and gave it to her to choose from.

ro'9a "mmm bs ma3rf what kind of movie you like"

me " hehe, ana ashoof ayshay tara don't worry, enti sho tbain tshoofeen?"

I sat back on the bed and scooted shwaya near to her to look at the movies, bs I noticed she moved shway away from me. It's like we both are pretending that nothing happened, bs ashkra it's more awkward bainna than before, and it's all my fault. After a while of discussion we decided to watch 'Number 23' mal Jim Carrey. She said enna its da3aya was sort of scary, bs kan wayd 5a6ri to watch it w she said she wanted to watch it too, then it was time to choose our food bs that didn't take as much time she insisted we order tempura sushi, w I ordered a alfredo pasta w gelna we'll share, it's good we had the same taste in food. adree maa 6labna anything spanish, bs we kept that for tomorrow! I couldn't wait till tomorrow she looked really excited, w for some reason a7b I see her smiling, is it because I feel sorry for her? enna it's my fault she's in all this?

or is it something else?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wed-Locked 10

Previously on W E D - L O C K E D
I moved his head a bit bs he started moving, I slipped my hand away bser3a, and just seconds later, he moves his head and palces it...... ON My shoulder...

Here we go agaaaaain ..... !!!

I should've known something like this would happen, It's as if he's 8 once he closes his eyes walaa channa he's 7 years older than me!! I inhaled and exhaled calming myself down, so eventually I gave in to the situation and decided to watch Tv, unconsciously I rested my head on his head that was on my shoulder, it felt so comfortable so tamait in that position watching my movie.

It got boring half way through my movie so I moved my gaze lain ta7at wla ashoof a7mad's hands moving, in a way that he's playing with his fingers. I took of my head bser3a, then he took off his and looked at me, I had a shocked\worried expression on my face.

me " uhh.... I thought you were asleep . . . "
a7mad " oh laa i've been up mn fatra, bs t7arait you were ragda so I didn't move"
me " too!"

I sighed and put my back on the chair again, bs he was still staring at me with a worried look on his face then he pointed at my shoulder

a7mad "did ii.......uuuuh"
me "mmmm yes......u did....."

He had this really guilty look on his face, I felt bad for him so I slipped a soft shy smile while looking at his gel-ed hair that did not get ruined at all, it was so perfectly modeled!

a7mad "asif, walla maknt 7as fe 3mri ..w"
me *intrupting his speech* " la mmmm...3adyyy I guess, I 'm sorry too for...uuh .... u know"
a7mad " La I started it, w its my fault, w mali 7ag che 3akaify"

I did not know what to say back, so I just smiled to him, and he returned it , SCORE! I get a smile yay! I couldn't deny how much I enjoyed looked at his smile. But at the same time I hated the fact that I liked it, I did not want to get close to him because that would make my parents feel 'better' about themselves for doing this to me, w I did not want that because I was so angry at them for making me do this. At the same time I can't ignore him w act bitchy because first, I'm really bad at pretending to be someone I'm not, w two, he's such a nice guy he does not deserve it, he was forced into this thing just as much as I was forced into it ( I think). When I turned to him he was lost in his thoughts just as much as I was, bs when he saw me looking raffa3 rasa with a smile on his face

a7mad "So, what do you want to do in Spain?"
me "oh, 9a7,mmmm good question, what is there to dooo?"
a7mad "mmm I don't know 9ara7a, bs glt noo9al then we go to our hotel n7e6 a'3ra'9na w ymkn nrta7 kamn sa3a, then look online for places to go? w if you want to shop wla shay u knw"
me "mmmm ya anythings fine... but .. uuh"
a7mad " sho fe?"
me " La bs I think I forgot my credit card back home"
a7mad " oh, hehe, but you're my 'wife' now, ana mas2ool 3annech you don't need your credit card"
me " Laaa, shoo, mmmm"

I did not want to spend his money! ON anything, especially the fact that it came from his father, who I despise at the moment. I looked at him with a bothered face and signed w looked straight, I don't want him to think I'm being nice to him for the money, I'm not that kind of person, money is my last concern fl 7aya, It's the source of kel el mshakel! The reason I'm here away from my family, I held the tears that were going to run out of my eye w breathed, and tried distracting my thoughts by thinking of what to do in Spain.

a7mad "ro'9aaa"
me " mm na3am?"
a7mad " mmmm glt shay '3ala6? ....because uum...U don't look ok"
me " haa... laa.......*THINK OF AN excuuse!*,,its just,, enna ...mmm...when I'm on a plane I feel dizzy...hehe"

I smiled a silly smile to him, which made him let out a little laugh, m3rf If I should've been offended that he laughed at my face, bs he looked too cute for me to get mad at him! When we got off the plane w w9alna the luggage place he told me to stand roo7i w he went ahead, he looked so good in his jeans and t-shirt look! It fit him perfectly, w he had a nice simple style that looked 3ajeeb on him! Then we went to the hotel 7a6aina shna6na, w we both took baths cleaning ourselves up w che, i wore this pink dress yoo9al ta7at my knee a little and has a short sleeve with a circular wide kneck opening, It was one of the few not-so-revealing things in my bag!(adree it IS revealing, but compared to the rest of the things! kan mo7taram) My bag was full of new things! 7ata I noticed that some of the underwear ely 7a6eeli were Calvin Klein, So I guess my dad got his bonus raise before the wedding! I really wanted to kill my mom killa shorts! w backless things, she's definitely trying to torture me! uurgh! I felt so angry but at the same time amused by the pretty things in my bag I was so hyper today for some reason. a7mad came out of the bathroom labis PJ pants and a short sleeve faneela and nashaf sha3ra thn sat on the bed cross legged facing me, y3ne he copied the way I was sitting and grinned

a7mad " SO, tell me about yourself"
me " ha? ,,, me? "
a7mad " Laish fe 7ad '3air fl '3orfa? akeed u ! hehe t'9a7keen"

I glared at him, then let out a wide smile.

me "mmmmm what do you want to know y3ne?"
a7mad " mmm I know your name is ro'9a alX, w I know that you're 19, So I want to know ayshay other than that"
me "uuuuh y3neee my hobbies mathalan?"
a7mad " hehe, ya that will do !"
me "mmmm i like,, i like skiing, Ice skating, w mmm swimming, and i like the beach"
a7mad "hehe beach hobby a7een?"
me *blush* "m3rfffff,, it could be!"
a7mad "hehe ok ok, ww what about which schoool and uni w che?"
me " I was in Itti7ad school, w i 'WaS' in aus,,, and i ''Was' studying interior design"

I think he noticed me stressing on the 'was', ok I meant to say it like that cz kan feyya 8ahar, I really liked drasty, and I was just answering his question! His face changed shway whn i said that, bs he gave me a slight smile ena ooh i see .

me "mmmm what about u ?"
a7mad " mee? wla"

Laf wara rasa awanna ydawr 3ala 7ad thani! ahhh yet6anaz 3alay! I took the pillow el 3daalii and wgaft on my knees and threw it on his face , then grinned a triumphal grin

a7mad "Ayyy!"
me " hehe , You asked for it ...."

For some reason, I felt so comfortable around him, he was the kind of guy that you feel 'safe' with, I don't know how to explain it bs it's how I felt. He made me feel enna I could be myself with him. He was rubbing his face

a7mad "a555,, I did Not expect that"

I looked at him and 'hehee-ed' and blushed all at the same time, I did not expect that from Me either.

me "heheee I did not mean for it to hurt? y3aawr?"

He chuckled, then awana he was frowning

a7mad "haai, y3aawr z3aalt"
me "hehe so?"

I put out my tongue to tease him, he looked like he was really enjoying this ' thing', It did not sound like a conversation, I don't know what it was.

a7mad " ay maystwee you don't care about your husband, lazm tra'9eeni, hehe"
me "hehe reallyyyy?"

As I said that I grabbed a pillow from behind me and threw another one on his face.

a7mad "AyyyyyYYYyyy! what was this one fooor!?"

I cracked up laughing at his shocked face and fell on the bed laughing, it was so funny ! he looked at me with a 'baraweeech' look then climbed over me and held 3 pillows w yawadhm foug my head

a7mad "I could strangle u, u knw"

I looked at him with puppy eyes, a3arf enna he wasn't going to do it, So I tried making the run for it bs madri what happend w ho ertbak and fell over me, like FULL body over mine, chest to chest, tummy to tummy!

me "AAYyyyyyyyyy"

It really hurt ! he was heavy y3ne he's a guy 7atta lw he's thin he's heavy and he fell over me his full weight was over me ! Then he lifted himself with his two hands, and bent his knee lifting the weight of his body off of mine. He was levitating over my body as if I was his prisoner. and me on the other hand was in shock, with my eyes WIDe open looking at him, staring, gazing, dazing, you name it! He looked into my eyes with a smirk on his face then leaned closer and closer to my face, I held my breath, not knowing what's going to happen, or what the F is he doing! I wanted to scream or kick him and run away bs my whole body felt paralyzed I couldn't move an inch. He came to the side of my face, and breathed in my scent, or the scent of my hair? m3rf what he was doing bs he breathed in then lifted his head looked at me with what seemed to be a guilty face and closed his eyes tight w gam 3anni his hands in fists and rushed out of the room. Leaving me there, on the bed, still paralyzed, he was so close to my body, what was he doing? What was he thinking!...What has just happened?


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Wed-Locked 9

Previously on W E D - L O C K E D
I shook my head trying to forget what fatooma told me! Thinking of a way to return things back to how they were this morning, y3ne casual at the least!

how do I fix this??

I looked at my watch it was, 5:45 pm, w wondered how long the flight will take, I've never been to Spain before. Although my fantasy honeymoon was supposed to be either in Italy, or Maldives, bs y3ne Spain isn't so bad either, w it's not like it's going to be like any regular romantic honeymoon, MAN it's GONNA be awkward, lafait rasi to see what 'a7mad' is doing, w he had his i-touch, wya his headphones on, looking out the window. I wanted to sit 3edal the window! I love looking out the window in airplanes! But unfortunately he was walking ahead of me, and he sat there. i wanted to say something but his face wasn't the friendly face I saw this morning, so '3ayart rayee! He had a serious look on his face b3dain laf 9oobi, when he noticed I was staring and gave me a look! che enna wtf-r-u-looking-at look! IT gave me shivers and lafait rasi fast pretending to browse the magazines in the front pocket thing, my heart was beating so fast! What have I done! I took out my mobile, gabl lift off, and sent a messege to Fatooma, tellin her swalf bye w i love u, you know. I flipped through all the magazines, then after finishing I stared at my hands nervously,I was scared to look 9ooba again. Uff if I only knew enna bnsafr I would've brought my Ipod with me too.

10 minutes after lift off, the belt sign went off, and

Flight attendant: Attention Passengers we'd like to congratulate the newlyweds that are here with us todaay! Their off to their honeymoon in spaaain...Congratulations you twoo !

I didn't estaw3b what she just said until another flight attendant etty 9oobna smiling, 3shan noogaf, me w a7mad stood up bser3a and looked at eachother confused, thn looked back at the flight attendant, she was still smiling wla warana people are congratulating us w a7mad started giving out his fake smiles, he's amazing at mojamala situations, unlike myself! I gave a shy smile too to the people. These two old american couple that were sitting 3dalna looked at us all happy and stuff

old lady " ohhhmaaay! congratulations! me and my husband are on our anniversaryy to spain"

she looked back at her husband and winked to him while he was reading his newspaper, I couldn't help not smiling back to her she was soo sweet!

me " hehe, thank yoou! awwh happy anniversary to u !"
a7mad " happyy anniversary ! "
old lady " aww thank yooou! u two look beautiful together I must say!"

I blushed and gave her a smile, sadly she was right, he was tall and I reached to his shoulders, and well both of us looked not bad I must say. A7mad gave her his famous smile, while we sat back down, oh I forgot to mention the flowers we got from the airplane people they were beautiful roses! I held them in my hand and breathed the smell in then put it on the side leaning on the chair that was in front of me. a7mad went back to his ipod zone with his expressionless face. I thought we'd talk about how this happened y3ne how did they know, bs No, he didn't even bother making conversation with me, he must be really angry, or offended? I came to a conclusion that it must've been 7ad mn our parents that did this thing, but I did not understand why! While I was day dreaming w analyzing situations

old lady " heLLo briide!"

I turned to her smiling face and couldn't help not smiling back, YAY someone to talk to!

me " hehe ya?"
old lady "I noticed you newlyweds not talking! r u two in a fiight?"

She sounded so sweet, not the malgoofa tone, but concerned and worried, almost disappointed, I turned to him then turned back to her and sighed

me "mm, I don't really know, but You could say that I guess "
old lady "Jeez! u just got married! Did he start it? Men always start the fights! "
me *with a frown on my face* "No, I think it's my fault, but I really didn't mean it, it's a big misunderstanding and I have no idea how to fix it!"

I don't know why I talked to her, and told her things, but she was so nice and I was bored so glt maybe she has a solution that would help me?

old lady "don't u know what makes a man happy?" *wink*
me "mmm no what?" *all innocent* ( I really didn't know!)
old lady "hah newly weds, *sigh* well try seducing him, and perhaps kiss him a bit, prepare him for the big treat at night, u know what I mean"

I just blushed at her answer, I mean , that's not the solution I was looking for, and NOT anywhere near it! that's when her husband turned his head towards us and chuckled and then shook his head laughing at his wife. they were such an 'AWW' couple, I just wanted to hug them! Then I saw her smiling towards me but not to me, so I turned my face w shft he was looking at her, then back at me with a smile on his face, channa he's holding in a laugh! He looked at me, smiling! HE smiled to me!! that must be a good sign, I smiled back, then he looked back to the window, with an amused look on his face. Ok so maybe he wasn't mad at me? Akeed it was his parents or something, I sighed a sigh of relief, glad that perhaps this problem is over. But I was still bored

me "a7mad ... a7mad"

He looked towards me and took off his headphones

a7mad "ya?"
me "mmmm what are you listening to?"

I pointed to his ipod with an eager grin on my face. Then his face expression changed, w ertbak,,,

a7mad "uuh... ummmm... me?... its..."

I gave him a weird look then grabbed his ipod to see it myself, what is he listening to? Is it a dirty song? Akeed that's y ertbak hehe... I pressed the button bs no response from the ipod, then poked the screen, but nothing.Then looked at him with a confused look

me " the battery's dead?"
a7mad " uuh... yaa tawa bannad 3alay hehe"

You know when ashkra someone is faking something, well this was one of these situations, I put the Ipod back in its place and smiled then looked seeda. I guess he's only good in faking a smile to people, what a bad liar, I wonder how long the battery has been off? Then it hit me! He smiled right after I had the talk with the old lady! Did he hear us?? OMg how embarrassing! He heard everything! But why in hell did he keep his headphones on even after the battery died? Was he trying to avoid talking to me? Then lafait rasi to see him, but he was fast asleep. He had his face towards the right y3ne towards me bs sleeping, and snoring! I don't remember him snoring yesterday , akeed it's because of the position of his head.. mmmm... mskeeen..... I could feel someone poking my arm

old lady " hey Hun, I think You should fix your husband's head, poor guy is tired"
me "ohh... hehe ok I'll try"

eeeek! What do I do, I moved my finger slowly towards his cheek then poked it, bs no response,, ehh I have to move his head sho asawi! I put the palm of my hands behind his head touching his hair, it felt so na3m! so soft, ahh RO'9a FOCUS! I moved his head a bit bs he started moving, I slipped my hand away bser3a, and just seconds later, he moves his head and palces it...... ON My shoulder...

Here we go agaaaaain ..... !!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

The smile

Hey Readerss,
=D! Hope you're enjoying the storyyy So far <3 !!!

w I wanted to show u what I meant by 'bracket' thingie smile , soo basically a7mad's smile that is my weakness! I know it's not a very good picture,, but its the best I could do (A)!

Noootice the braacketss,,, heheeee *blushh bluuush*

;) until next post,
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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wed-Locked 8

Previously on W E D - L O C K E D
I looked at him confused! Why is he turning red? laish ho embarrassed? At that moment I remembered waking up with my tummy exposed, and my face went pale at that thought!

what happened???

I went and sat on the side sofa, while my mind was trying to interpret 'HIS' reaction when he saw me. akeed something happened enna he put his hand inside my shirt wla shay ! I blushed at that thought while looking at him trying to recompose his face, kan shakla totally mrtbk wla his mobile rings. He had a normal 'tring tring' ringtone,

'HIM' " Salaaam.......halla ommy....haih yalseeen........ha ryooog? La ba3adna makalna...................fL hotel? oh ok.........sa3a 6? ok zain 3yal.........nshoofkm 3yal................ ma3 elsalama"

He looked at me, w ana totally lost in my thoughts thinking of my stomach w how hungry I am, I haven't eaten anything since yesterday's lunch!

'HIM' " mmm ro'9a bntrayag ta7at fl hotel ok?"
me " mm ok, mta? '
'HIM' " ana jahz, y3ne anytime tbain,,,, oh w btw gabl ma ansa, el 6ayara el sa3a 6"

I paused y3ne trying to astaw3b, maybe I heard wrong?????!! tamait che for 2 seconds ymkn with a confused look w then lafait my face 9ooba

me "6Ayaraaa?!?!"
'HIM' *looking confused too* " haaih 6ayara? elyy btwadeena Spain??"
me "SPAIN???"
'HIM' " mmm ya?"

My eyes started to tear bdoon ma a7s! He was looking at me so confused! , yt7arra i know?? spaain??? As a honeymoon?? LAISH ma7ad gayeleeE?? MB HATHA 'MYY' honeymoon??? I looked at him with a troubled look ena wth I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THIS,

'HIM' " mmmm bsss shina6na fl sayara, kaif u put ur bag w mat3arfeen enna bnsaafr?"

Mskeen y3ne I don't blame him, he was trying to yetfaham el situation bs ana whn gal enna my bag is ready the answer was in my head: MOM!! akeed my mom put it for me! akeed 3rfat enna I would go craazy etha she told me about it so she didn't !! AHHHHH b'3ait afta7 el dreesha w scream to the world, nafs el aflam, bs est7ait mn el rayal ely jdami, w hadait 3mri, bs shit! ALLAh y3eeen what's in the BAG!! Akeed kelhm similar to what she got me for LAst night! I HATE MY LIFE! bdat 3ainy tdam3 at that thought!

'HIM' " mmm...mmmmm.... ro ... roo'9aa... .. its o..ok uu..uhh..mmmm"

I looked at 'him' w masa7t dmoo3y, was he trying to yhadeeni? kan shakla wayd mrtbk, che '9ay3 may3arf wat to do, bs It wasn't his fault to take, fa maknt aba I spill my problems to 'him'.

me " mmm... bseer abadel w b3dain 3ady nseer nakil? 3shan I'm hungry"

'HIM' " ya sure..."

I rushed to my room bser3a, not wanting to face him w banadt el bab! As if y3ne babadel now! My heart was racing, w not because my mom didn't tell me about the safra, but It was because of his reaction! How when I cried he had a concerned look in his face w 7awal yhadeeni, w he wasn't a 7mar like I imagined he would be. I took my clothes w badalt w I applied shwaya blusher and eye liner w mascara, y3ne usual 5afeef make-up, w Lbast my new 3baya ely mom did for me w headed out of the room, I noticed him scanning me mn foug laaaaain ta7at I felt uncomfortable so I decided to interrupt the silence

me " mmm yalla?"
'HIM' " oh,,, ya ,,,,,ok"

He got up w took the room card w we headed to the restaurant ely ta7at for breakfast, ( I always thought I would have breakfast in bed 3gb my this is not a normal wedding? I guess...) 6labt anything w while I was waiting for the food eagerly, I decided to ask him about this 'safra' since kan shakla he's nice w che ...

me " mmm, so wain bnroo7 exactly?"

I guess I caught him off gaurd 3shan marad 3alay lain ma I re-asked the question.

'HIM' "Oh,,,bnroo7 Spain, barcelona 3ala ma a3t8d"
me "aha,, w lain mta?"
'HIM' " oh , it's only one week"
me " o, ok, mmmm wnta knt t3arf about it?"
'HIM' " mmm ya obooy galli ena lazm nroo7 a honeymoon, fa gltella ayshay 3ala kaifa y5tar, bs tawa my mom told me wain we're going"

I looked at him with a troubled slightly angry look, y3ne he's talking about it 3ady channa it's something that happens everyday, shakla che mool mb hamenna. I looked at him one glance b3dain lafait 9oub el thani w sra7t. Laykoon every night bykoon nafs yesterday . . . ! w b3dain the waiter ya w he snapped me out of my day dreaming, putting my plate jdami, I couldn't help not smiling! che while I was watching the food coming closer to me, my grin would grow wider and wider, knt WAYD yo3ana, w ana ma3roof 3anni eny I love food! wla asma3 a manly chuckle w a6al3 jdami w I see that he's looking at me with a smile on his face too, ye'97ak, and that's when I dazed into his face and my smile disappeared w 9a6aLt, I mean, his SMILE, he had hal shay ely 3dal his lips, u knw ely shakla brackets ? w yd5al 3ala da5el when they smile, I felt enna I'm melting, he looked so HOT when he smiled! his teeth were straight w so white .

'HIM' " Sorry, bs kan shaklech y'9a7k while looking at ur food, w awal marra ashoofch mbtsma.."

He said with a smile on his face, He thought I was staring at his face because he laughed at me...heh....

me " ha, la ,,, bs ,,, madri..... wayd yo3ana"

I managed to force some words out of my mouth w ba3dain I forced my stare back on my plate, HOW BLunt can this man be! shaklee kan y'9aa7k! I'm so embarrassing! I gave in to my stomach and started eating my food. When we finished we headed back to our room w ho ylas and opened the Tv back to the boring channel he was watching a while ago, w ana rka'9t to the room to get my mobile! et'thakart enni I didn't call fatooma!!!


Me " FATOOMAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! shit Bamoooooot!!"
Fatooma " owaih laish laish! don't tell me he rapped u ?? DID HE??? WAINCH A7een BAYEE ATHHba7aa!!"
Me " la la la, I'm still pure lat5afaaain! BS FATOOMAA! faj2AA 6la3 enna fe honey moon w ana madrii ,w Im leaving to spain for a week el 6ayara is at 6!!"
Fatooma "what what what! SPAIN?? O M G,, broo7km?? W T F!! ,, oh oh oh oh waait awaal shaay SHOO 3an aMSS SHo sawaitoo fl room!!"

I told her about the dream incident, w how the next morning ertbak awal mashafni w his white face estwa 6maaa6! w she jst laughed

Me "Fatooma ana mte9la feech 3shan tsa3deeni w ur laughing!!"
Fatooma " Sorry bs walla maknt mtwa83a shay che! ur husband is sO FUNNY! mskeeeeeeen it's obvious enna ho ely mfa95nnech w he's embarrassed about it!"
me "errrg... Allah y3een in spain then, I hope shay sofa or something . . .!"
Fatooma " mmmm ro'9a?"
me " na3am???"
Fatooma " bgoolch shay bs MB t7arJEEN!!"
me " ha? La shoo gooli??"
Fatooma " 9ara7a 9oootch abadan '3air 3an ams! A7s ur starting to like this a7mad person"
me " FATOOMAA !! AAHH EWW NO shotgooleen entii! I don't even know him! "
Fatooma " HAdii hadii! u said u wont get angryy! bs seriously,, he's cute w he's being nice to u so I don't blame u !"
me " Fatooma, I don't like him and I don't hate him, bs yalla I'll leave u to ur weird fantasy!! yalla broo7!"
Fatooma " BTROO7eeen TO MAke out with ur husband mn wARAAY! haaaaaa chakaaitchhh!"
me " EWWWW I Would never kiss himmm!"

wla faj2a ydsh 'a7mad' el 7ejra w he looks at me with a wth-r-u-talking-about look ba3dain he looks down w shakes his head w yroo7 el 7amam, w hne ana 6ool hal fatra shocked w wayhee a7mar looking straight into the place he was in. UF I keep making things between us more awkward!

Fatooma " RO'9aaaaaa RO'9eeeeeeeeeee wain r7teeeeeee??!!"
me " yal 7maraaa! SMA3neeeeeeee BYE BYE BTshoofeEN!"
Fatooma " WHAT? SHIT walla sorryyy "

I closed the phone in her face, adreee enna it wasn't her fault , it's my fault because ana nsait 3mrii w I was talking loud! Shit a7een byt7arani a weirdo, y3ne not that I care, bs still he heard a5as sentence mn ely gltelhm !!! He's going to think enna I hate him! Mskeen tawa he was nice to me w THIS is how I repay him! Bs magdar agoolla shay I don't know what he heard exactly!

Kan bagee sa3tain 3ala ma nroo7 el ma6ar So, after the 'incident' re7t el 9ala w 5atht el remote w changed the damn boring channel! w 7a6ait this random movie, to pass time, when 'a7mad' 6la3 mn el 7amam w ya ylas on the side chair w kan shakla lost in thought, Not really looking at the movie, w that's how time passed until it was time to go.

I n T h e m a 6 a r

I saw My mom and dad standing with 'his' mom and dad b3eed, we were walking towards them, wla I feel a7mad walking closer to me shoulder by shoulder y3ne, w awal ma our shoulders brushed he turned his face to me and smiled, the Killer smile, hne 6ab3an I didn't move and just walked straight admiring his perfume that I could smell 3adel from where I was.

mom " halla bl m3areeeeeees sh5baarkmmm"
om a7mad " hallaaa wldiiii sh5baaark,,,,,!"

w u knw the rest, same old same old, I was looking at 'a7mad' jameling kel7ad w ysallem with a smile on his face, unlike me who salm-ed 3ala kel7ad with just a fake smile every now and then. ba3dain I stood infront of them wla 'a7mad' comes and puts his right hand on my back and looks at me with a smile...ahhhhhhh hhoot,! focus ro'9aa focus,, y is his hand on my back? ? I looked at him with a questionable look, enna what r u doing?

a7mad "mmm yalla nseer 3shan we don't miss our flight :) "
me "..... oh... ya .... suure"

we said our goodbyes w re7na bs as soon as we were out of the view of our parents, shal eeda mn '9ahree w msha ahead of me while the smile faded away from his face, I just walked behind him w we sat there waiting for the gate to open, w when it did, nafs elshay no expression wala shay he just signaled to me to follow him with his hand, w ylasna fl 6ayra 3dal ba3a'9.

Was it because of what I said fl '3rfa? Maybe I should apologize, bs that would be so weird! Y am I caring? It's only been one day y3ne , laykoon wat fatooma said was true ...

can someone like 7ad from only spending one day with him? He probably hates me now !
I shook my head trying to forget what fatooma told me! Thinking of a way to return things back to how they were this morning, y3ne casual at the least!

how do I fix this??

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wed-Locked 7

Previously on W E D - L O C K E D
'HIM" "mmm esmch ro'9a 9a7?"

AHH RO'9aaaaa say something! But no words seemed to find their way out of my mouth!

my tongue was tied!

I struggled for words but the only thing I managed to do was nod!

'HIM' " mmm, nice to meet you"

I turned my head to try to read his face, and find out his intentions with this so-called conversation thing that was going on. He had a serious face on but it was so dark inside the lemo. so I couldn't see more than the overall mood of his face. I tried saying something back, but my mouth failed to function! After waiting for a bit he sighed and turned looking outside the window, as if disappointed or something. I turned my head back and buried my face in my palms, calming myself down from embarrassment, fear, AND EVerything that was going on!!

'HIM' " mmm ro'9a, ma3laih u don't have to talk back to me, I get it ..."

I took my face out of my hands with a surprised look on my face, I didn't think he would stay talking, i thought the conversation was over ( I was relieved y wont he stay quiet ! ), then shefta looking at me, bs whn I met his gaze he looked back at the window.

me " ha? get what?"

He turned to face me again, with a surprised look too, a7s he wasn't expecting me to ard 3alaih, right? I wasn't going to but I was confused, sho 8a9da?

'HIM' " I mean enna a3arf laish you do not want to talk to me, w I'm ok with it, I understand"

I looked at him with a confused face, what is he talking about? Maybe bs ast7e? 3akaifa he makes assumptions ? Oh and what's with the perfect american accent???!!But I did not bother to reply back, I was not in a state to have this conversation, y3ne awal marra akalma fe 7ayate w he thinks he understands me and shit? wain yalseen?! AND WHY THE hell is he being awana nice! tawa in the wedding he was an emotionless statue, why can't he stay that way! I looked back to the space jdami, ending the conversation just like that, until ma we reached our stop.

A man opened my door,and i helped myself get out of the lemo, w when I saw 'HIM' coming 3dalee I followed behind to the lobby inside,we took our room card w headed to our room, w 6ool el wagt ana rasi to the floor following the motion of his feet, tara na3ala kan wayd 7lo, che weird bs nice ( adree mool mb wagta, bs I was trying to distract myself from what was coming), as he opened the door I stepped foot inside w mshait shwaya as the guy mal el hotel put our 2 bags inside and stepped out. 'HE' picked up our two bags w wadahom to the room, w I followed him inside, wla ashoofa opening his bag w heading to the bathroom 3ala 6ool.

LOTS of things were going through my mind, for once I felt relieved enna I could breathe shwaya, before he comes back. So I headed to the chair thing ely fe jdama mirror w took off the red riding hood thing w shalait el 6ar7a from my head w put it on the table ely jdami, and inhaled and exhaled relaxing myself, y3ne so far he didn't solif wayd, akeed he wont do anything I hoped. I took all the pins off my hair, it was in a na3m updo, bs kella straight so when i took off the pins my hair was fairly straight w na3em, I took of the 6agm w 7a6aita on the table lain ma I put it inside its box y3ne. the room was prettyyy ! bs ma5theelna a small suite compared to the other ones I've heard about in Burj Al Arab, y3ne hatha bs fe one room, w one 9ala, w one bathroom. 7asait they chose this one 3shan makan fe another place to sleep other than the bed! I looked at the sofas fl 9ala bs che they were impossible to sleep on! I took out my PJ ely I secretly brought with me w put it on my lap sitting 3ala the chair facing the bathroom waiting for my turn to change. walla el e7sas at that second was so weird, I was in one place with this stranger man which is supposedly my husband now? wtf? y3ne e7sas mixed of confusion, wya zya'3 wya weirdness. I did not know what to expect! As I was waiting I decided to read kamn aya, hoping for the best.

I heard the locks of the door clink w he opens the door, wla ashoofa labes black boss boxers and a sleeveless white PJ shirt, w my eyes opened wide unconsciously, he saw my reaction with an expressionless look, and then he headed 3ala 6ool to the bed and covered up and laf 9oob el thani 3aks the side where he faces me. w mshkela all I could think of at that moment is that
O M G! Is that the same man I saw fl wedding?? Ok its the same faaace but he has such an athletic body, w owaih fsheela ana fta7t 3ainy whn I saw him, bs knt mtfaj2aa w ana im a Loser in pretending! I couldn't help it, bs then I realized enna he's in the bed y3ne 5ala9 nothing ya? O MG I'm so glad!

I headed to the bathroom with a wide smile on my face eshkring Allah for that, I changed into my Pj'z w masa7t my make up and headed to the bed too, uf shit man this bed is too small! I slipped into the la7af, not wanting ' HIM' to wake up or something, ana roo7i ma9adagt he's asleep w my heart can yerta7 from all that happened in the wedding ! I closed my eyes trying to put myself to sleep, bs I was overwhelmed by the heavy breathing coming from 'HIM', w he moved a lot on the bed, it was distracting, roo7i ana wayd conscious enna there's a GUY ON THE BED WITH meeee, w his moving was not helping at all!

wla faj2a I can smell him mn kthr ma jreeb and suddently I feel a THUD 3ala my stomach, I opened my eyes as fast as I could! wla ashoof that he rested his head on MY STOMAch! My heart started beating so FAST! I was so mrtabka! shoo asawee! I looked at his face,wla I see this innocent tired expression on his face, kan shakla wa7d mskeen, abadan not like the man I saw a couple of hours back! I couldn't scoot lana ana roo7i I'm On the end of the bed, so if I scoot I'll fall off, w I did not want to wake him up, cz first, I did not want to poke him, w second kan shakla so peaceful! I couldn't bring myself to wake him up, So I kept in my position with my eye open looking at him ON my stomach! I noticed a tear on his cheek, was he crying? wla maybe he was ta3ban thats why...hmm...weird

He started to moan faj2a ( yes I was observing him laying there on my stomach!) and he shouted a 'maabaaa',,,'u caan't maake mee' , well I think that's what he said, it was too slow to make exact sense of it. I think he's dreaming, wla just when I think this can't get any MORE awkward Ashoof his hand moving from his side to over my hand 3ala my back. WTF!! I'm stuck with a SLEEP-walking weird husband! great.. just great!

I closed my eyes tight, inhaaaled and exhaaaaled, ignoring the fact that he's well aLL AROUND me right now, and tried to sleep. I only managed to sleep 3 hours after I began trying, I was too tired, I think i fainted not slept, bs elmhm enna I fell unconscious!

I woke up to a very BAd headache! w when I looked down at myself, I could see that my tummyy kella 6al3! I pulled my shirt down bser3a and went to the bathroom to wash my face w che. MY eyes were so red, ashkra I did not sleep well last night! kella menna ,,uf!

3gb ma 5ala9t I went to the 9ala to see sholsalfa, w what's next, I saw 'him' drowning on the sofa watching tv, madri ay channel kan 7a6 it sounded like something boring, sporty shay che, elmhm he gasped awal ma I walked in w his face turned red! w he looked back at the tv screen, trying to regain his statue face. I looked at him confused! Why is he turning red? laish ho embarrassed? At that moment I remembered waking up with my tummy exposed, and my face went pale at that thought!

what happened???

Monday, June 1, 2009

Wed-Locked 6

Previously on W E D - L O C K E D
His hands were so strong, bs at the same time warm, aHH nooo wat am I thinking! Kelshay seemed to go in slow motion!


I could feel my face burning, bs hopefully the TOn of foundation ely 7a6eena on my face hides it!
I think ho 7as enna I was mtfaj2a cz he held my hand tighter, w guided it to ge9 el cake bser3a w as soon as we , or should i say He took the knife out of the cake shaL eeda bser3a 3an mine. w ana 6ab3an still stoned with the knife in my hand, heavily breathing wla I feel my mom poking me

mom " ro'9a,, ro'9aa! ro'9aa?? "
me " ha.. uh.. ....."

She forced the knife out of my hand, so I closed my eyes inhaled deeeply and exhaled, trying to relax myself, wla whn I open them, I saw 'HIM', looking at me with no expression on his face whatsoever, channa a statue or something, I couldn't tell what was going through his head. He looked nothing like his mother, or father actually! Is he adopted? He was so tall y3ne I would estimate at least 180 something cm! w he had broad shoulders, then I moved my gaze to his face w his cheek bones kano barzeen, u knw methl johnny depp? He was white (there goes my fantasy of a tanned man <\3), his nose was small bs shway fat, w his eyes were small too, che they had this mysterious thing about them, I wanted to concentrate to know which exact color his eyes were wla I feel someone nudging me mn wara

mom "ro'9a ! ro'9a! balach 9a6altee emshee yalla bnwadeekm el'3rfa"

Omg m3rf how long have I been analyzing him! Shit! '3rfa? omg that sounds so wrong. I saw him turning following his mother, w my mom grabbed my hand w followed them. There we were, inside the photography room, waiting for the crazy angry photographer to come, wla my mom and his mom leave the room telling us that they will call her w let her come, w they'll give her half an hour for this photography thing, 3shan akeed ne7na ta3baneen, so then we can head to the hotel.
my heart stopped at the word 'HOTEL', I think I was going to die from how many times my heart stopped tonight!, w akeed this night won't be any easier! shit shit !

When they stepped out of the room and closed the door, he took one glance at me w then ra7 ylas on a chair, still no expression on his face. I thought It would be awkward to keep staring at him so I pretended to look at the other side, wla the camera woman faj2a ted5al 3alaina w i gasp and jump letting out a small scream w then I felt my face burning with embarrassment! bs whn lafait 9ooba, he did not show any reaction, channa 9dg a statue, he didn't even laugh. mmmm . . .

camera woman " haha! sorry madaaaam! y u too soo far awaaaay come come here on thiss chaaair I TAKE piKCHaaar!"

I walked to the chair she was pointing to, w he came and sat beside me, bs i scooted a tiny bit 3shan ykoon fe fara'3 bainy w baina! I mean Its the first time i see him fe 7ayatee What was i Supposed to do!! He didn't seem to mind sitting 3dalee, or me scooting, his silence was suspicious, channa a corpse yals 3adalyy,,ana kel hal volcano of emotions w ho che wala channa anything is happening. I looked down wla ashoof he was tapping his feet 3ala the floor,, mmm is that a sign of emotion? Is he nervous too? I wondered.

camera woman " cLOSER cLOSER! "

she came to us w held my shoulder with her right hand, and his shoulder with her left hand w forced us closer to each other, w I froze in that position waiting for her to finish snapping her million pictures w ba3dain I scooted back to my place.

camera woman " Now stand up both of u and hold each others hands! =D"

I stood up, and locked my hands together, trying to show enna I DO NOT want to touch this man! I looked towards him while he stood up and sighed w 6ala3 9oobi with his seemingly stoned face, awal ma our eyes met I looked the other way, it made me shiver ! IT WAS SOMEthing about his eyes! wla ashoof the camera lady making this very happy face channa she made an amazing discovery !

camera woman "rooda rooda! sit down like this with your hand! "

I felt relieved! So I went and sat on the chair with my locked hands just as she ordered me to.

camera woman "and U groom Go behind her yes yes and put your hands on her shoulders! "

WHAT! NO! shit WHy didn't I buy the long sleeve dress! I started shivering again hearing his foot steps getting closer behind me , wla all of a sudden I could feel his hands on my bare shoulders, It gave me a chill! estwali goosebumps! My eyes started tearing w she took a shot w he slipped his hands away as fast as he could . The 7mara camera lady noticed the look on my face, so she suggested to start the single photos and she called 'HIM' to sit on the chair roo7a for pictures. I tried catching my breath, closed my eyes and started inhaling, then exhaling trying to push the memory of the electricity that passed through my spine when he touched my shoulders away! As soon as I calmed down I opened my eyes and watched the crazy camera lady forcing 'him' to do things, and pose in awkward poses. I sighed, 5ala9 t3abt I can't do this anymore, galbee 3awarnii, I turned to sit on the chair 3ala the other side facing the chair he was in, I noticed him stealing a glance at me, bs I didn't pay any attention to it, galbee mayt7amaal more drama! She took pictures of me 3gb, w she decided she has enough photos of both of us together so we can go now. He opened the door for me w waited for me to go out, I just went through it lookin ta7at until I saw my mom.

mom " mbroooook ro'9a bel baraakaa, yalla el sayara tetrayakm barra3"

I looked at her with tired eyes, y3ne is she serious, bel baraka 3alay? funny. I just nodded to her and looked towards a7mad and his mom.

om a7mad "mbrooook ya wldiiii * kisses his head then shoots a glare at me* ehtmee fe wldi haa !"

It was the scariest glare I've ever seen, she reminded me of the evil lady in little mermaid, sho kan esemha? Ursela?? shay che ...I just stared at her and then looked back at my mom who smiled to me. Balaha? Why can't she stop smiling today! It's getting on my nerves. Et'3a6ait weya this thing channa mal little red riding hood then they led us into the lemo. that will take us to Burj el 3arab to spend the 'wedding night' there. I sat inside and sighed as he came in w the shut the door behind him.
We were all alone, I could hear the sound of his breath as the engine started running, w the car started moving. ana I was staring at whatever is jdami thinking of what to do once we get into the room! wla out of nowhere he turns towards me!!!

'HIM' "e7m,, ro'9a?"

I was overwhelmed by the masculine voice that came out of this person beside me! I was startled! What should I do What should I do?!?!!, what does he want from meeeee!

'HIM" "mmm esmch ro'9a 9a7?"

AHH RO'9aaaaa say something! But no words seemed to find their way out of my mouth!

my tongue was tied!