Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wed-locked 34

Previously on W E D - L O C K E D


he glared at me then shook her head, then she softly layed her head on the pillow, i think she’s telling me that she wants to sleep!

me “Ta3bana”
ro’9a “haai shway, feya rgad”
me “fineeee lets sleep”

I kissed her forehead w 7a6ait rasi 3edal her shoulder and closed my eyes
I felt her hand reach for mine and i held it tight

Tonight I can say that i am definitely, with no doubt, in every way

truly happy...



Thank god its the weekend, i don’t want him to leave me home alone. uff t3abt mn el loneliness, I opened my eyes w shfta there on the bed, with his eyes closed peacefully.
I got out of bed went to freshen up in the bathroom, brush my teeth, fix my hair, and put some perfume and snuck back in under the sheets cuddling up to him. its 11 am he should wake up anyways, giving myself excuses.
I laid there my head near his warm chest, closed my eyes, a couple of minutes passed and I could feel him moving a bit, starting to wake up.
He opened his eyes squinting, looking down at me, I whispered

me “ good morning”

He stretched a bit and sat up

a7mad “ shit what time is it?”

I got up w looked at him, gah i was expecting a good morning back at the leasT? oh well

me “mmm 11 laaish?”
a7mad “I have a stupid meeting at 2!”
me “Whaaat?? but today’s a saturday!!”

he looked at me and pouted

a7mad “i knoww uff maaaba arooo7”
me “enzain donnt goo”
a7mad “ haha i can’t just not go, i wish i could tho uhoo, its just gonna be for an hour tho...hopefully”

I looked away from him with a frown and dug my head between my knees, hiding my teary eyes, m3rf sho feeni mstwya daloo3a, but i REALLY dont want him to goo !

I felt his hand on my back as he brought his face closer to mine and spoke softly

a7mad “heyy what’s wrong..”

I lifted my head with a frown and looked at him

me “ I don’t want u to goo”

He looked at me and smiled

a7mad “its not like i want to go enzain,,bs its work sho asaweee”
me “cant u t2ajLa to tomorrow or something y3ne laish elyoooum”
a7mad “ i wishhh 9adgeeni, bs hayail wafd they came from the US w theyre flying back tonight, so we have to sign the papers today”

I looked down at my hands with a sad face

a7mad “ enzain shoofee its still 11 im not going until 1:30 wla shay che! lets do something, u want to go out?”

I shook my head, and mumbled

me “ maba..”
a7mad “ mmmmm later today?”

I looked at him bs didn’t reply....I had most of the day planned in my heaaaad w a7een he ruins it with his stupid work!

He crawled closer and kissed me on the head

a7mad “I’m going to make it up to you, i promiseeee”

he smiled i gave in to his I always do !

me “finee”

I let out a sighh and laid back on the bed looking at the ceiling

a7mad “ u dont want breakfast?”
me “mmmm ya bs im not in the mood to get out of the room”
a7mad “u want me to get u smthn mn elma6ba5?”

I looked at him and gave him a shy nod, i don’t like it when he offers to do so much for me, but i’m seriously not in the mood!!

I grabbed my phone scrolling down my bbm contacts,, hmmm opened fa6oomaz convo

-RAWda- : :)
faToooMZ : HALLAAAAhhhh :D
-RAWda- : WACha dowing today!
faToooMZ : hmmmmmmmm well i do need to talk to u asap! wanna meet up later? wla busy with ur hubby?
-RAWda- : YES lets meet up! around 2? ;)
faToooMZ : Yeeyaaaa =D
-RAWda- : i’ll call yaaa
faToooMZ : i’ll be waiting (: sh5baar a7mad weyaachh
-RAWda- : (y) hehee :$
faToooMz : a5eeeran! 7mdella i was getting worried
-RAWda- : haha laaa i made up with him n all, shway ba3adni m8hoora bs whatever, you were right i know he likes me now..
faToooMz : im always right B)
-RAWda- : ahaaaaaa.......i think jra7ta fl hospital i said mean things.... he kinda cried when he was talking bout to me...DONT Tell anyone he’ll kill me:)
faToooMz : hahaah cuute! omg yal shereera! it takes a lot to make a guy cry =|
-RAWda- : i didn’t do it on purpose ok! he made me cry tooooooo!
faToooMz : hahah enzain enzain yalla i’ll talk to you later, :*
-RAWda- : seeeeee ya

He walked in on me smiling to my phone, with the two plates in his hand with 2 folded 5ubz lebnany on each plate

a7mad “hmmmmmm mno m5allennich tbtsmaain all this 3al 9b7”
me “ummmmm no oneeE”

I said teasing him still smiling widely, his face kind of changed, he took the plates w put them on the side table , then he shot a glare at me

a7mad “ayy who is it?”
me “ mashaaay im just meeting with a secret admirer when ur busy with ur work thing”

I smiled while raising my eyebrows, like this is revenge for him leaving me, haha as if he did it on purpose, mskeen walla y3anee mennii

a7mad “fine”

he said under his breath pretending not to care then took the two plates w ra7 9alatna... I got up walked behind him w sat 3dala on the chair, where he opened the TV saket, then turned his head to me in impatience

a7mad “enzain where r u meeting ur admirer?”
me “mmmm HEE didn’t tell me yet “

I said, stressing the he, to annoy him

a7mad “ is this u punishing me for going to WORK?”
me “yes u know, i have to find entertaiment for when you are not around....which is always”
a7mad “ what do u mean by that ana doum hnee ok!”

i smiled, i love how he’s taking this way too seriously, I saw him look down at the sofa, before i could see what he’s looking at, he rushed and grabbed my phone in his hand


He got up reaching it upward so I don’t take it, oh nooo he’s going to open the bbm? really? shit what did i tell fa6ooma bout him mat’thakaaaaaaar

me “a7maaaaaaaaaad”
a7mad “ tell meeee wla i’ll see for myself”

I jumped to grab it bs mawa9alt

a7mad “oneeeeeee”

UFF! i hate hal 7arakaaaaa! i stood there folded my arms in anger and stared at him, while he was doing his so called count down

he saw my face fa nazela w put it jdami still holding it tight

a7mad “ enzain bs gooleeli mno”
me “ no..”

I held the BB to take it bs he was still holding it tight, i gave him a glare

a7mad “mno? “
me “AHHHH ITS fa6ooma okaaaaay! “

he let go of it when glt esemha, thank god

a7mad “oh....hehee”
me “sho u really thought I would go out with a guy y3ne?”
a7mad “laaa bss knt aba a3arf y3nee”
me “ maknt a3arf hal gad t’3ar 3alay”

I smiled teasingly holding the BB in my hand

a7mad “ of course i do, enti my wife 3al fa’9ee”

he grabbed me between his arms w squeezed a hug

a7mad “ miiiiiine all mine hahah”

I laughed hugging him back tight, He tends to have this effect, you can’t be mad at him for long
he let go then with our bodies still pressed close together he looked into my eyes and brought his face closer to mine kissing me
he took my breath away.....a7baa wayd a7baaa ahhhh i love himm! I kissed back passionately, longing for this, he lifted his head slowly looking at me through his barely opened eyes

a7mad “woah”

I blushed and bit my lip smiling... I was paralyzed by his charm.. he squinted his eyes looking at me

a7mad “ have you been practising...wait “

he brought his face closer again and kissed me, then took his face away, i just stood there in awe enjoying the situation with a teasing smile

a7mad “ hahha i think i forgot how you taste like.....ahh i miss u”

he said with his low deep voice, he looked like he was thirsty for blood or something as he pushed me down 3al sofa fl 9ala, i just gave in to his desires.... of course


WHyyy whyy whyyyy do I have to go to work! this is so unfair uhoooo

I looked towards the tv in the sofa to see the time it was 1, I had to get up to get ready....
I got off her and sat up, she looked at me with her puppy innocent eyes, as if she just did nothing to me, haha 7beebty .

me “its 1 already ufffff”

she crawled towards me and kissed the side of my lip, teasing me, then she spoke with a low sexy voice

ro’9a “ we can continue later”

she winked, planting a smooch softly on my cheek then stood up reaching for my hand, ahhh she knows exactly the right string to pull to make me want her more …..
I took her hand and walked into the room and went to the dressing room taking off my PJ, and took out my ke7lee kandoora that she likes. 6la3t mn eldressing room with my ‘3etra and 3gal in Labs el ga7feya
she was sitting on the bed on her BB

me “ mabtetjahzain 3ashan te6l3een?”

she lifted her head looked at me paused then spoke softly

ro’9a “mmm la she just told me something came up she can’t make it”
me “ oh...3ady ba7awl ma at2a5aar walla”

she forced a smile, you can tell by her sad eyes. I know she really wanted to see her friend, w roo7a im ditching her uf I hate doing this wain sara ba5aleeha teels wyaha
I grabbed my phone w dialed sara’s number

me “ halaaaaaa lil sis”
sara “ heyyy sh5bark?”
me “okkkay Lsn sara r u busy today?”
sara “yeppp there’s a big party today laish?”
me “ oh mmmm ok never mind byeeeee hav fun”
sara “haha ok byee”

I hung up the phone looking at her disappointed, she glared at me raising one eyebrow

ro’9a “ i don’t need a baby sitter haha im fine”

re7t ajrabelha , I felt bad i don’t like seeing her like this

me “ walla asef,,,etha kan eb eedi knt ylast 3ndch 6ool elyoum”

she smiled and hugged me then let go, looking happier than before

ro’9a “ its okay, i’ll find something to do till your back”

she winked at me....hmmm i wonder if that’s a hint for something, ana ahbal ma afham hal hints so I just smiled to her

she looked at me then giggled

ro’9a “hahaha u look funny wya ur ga7feyya seer elbs el’3tra”
me “ e7m u mean i look hot in it i know, bs 5alnee aseer atjahhaz”

I got up w she came with me to the dressing area, lbast el ‘3etra w 7a6ait the perfume then looked at the mirror fixing my ‘3etra, she sneaked under my arm and hugged me looking at the mirror

ro’9a “ i love this kandoora on you”

she sighed

me “ hahahha why do u think I wore it”

I winked at her leaning to kiss her head. she took a deep breath ba3dain

ro’9a “ aaaand you smell so good ahhhhh”
me “ don’t worry i’ll be back for yooou, oh w ba5alee here keys 7ag sayarat elnissan its extra ucan take it”

she let go of me still smiling, 7emdella her mood is better a bit now, maybe I should buy her something on the way back

me “ yalla bat2a55er lazm a6la3 so I be there before them”
ro’9a “hmmmmmm ok”

garabt rasii to hers, for a last kiss before u go bs she put her hands softly on my lips

ro’9a “save that for when you’re back”

she winked teasing me, then gave me a quick kiss on my cheek

me “ayyy”
ro’9a “what?”
me “ fine fineeee i’ll save it for when im back! ”

she gave me a wide grin

me “ yalla see u “
ro’9a “byee”

6la3t to my car with a feeling of guilt for leaving her on a Saturday, hopping this meeting will finish fast!


s5eeefa fa6ooma! ahhh i hate hate canceling plans, of any sort !
w just when i’m starting to have fun a7mad leaves to his job thing
maaaaybe i should prepare for us a sexy dinner thingg with candles and soft music oh yessss!
I dressed up, wore any 3ybaayaa and headed to Emirates Mall!
i kept repeating in my head, lingerie , candles, anything sexy i could find, and an only music Cd kind of thing....
I hope he doesn’t reach home before me....hmmm let me message him something indirect about that

To : a7madyy

“ 7beeby when et5alle9 let me know when te6la3 mn I “freshen” up ;) can’t wait to taste your lips again...”


I parked my car in, and started my hunt,,,,it’s so hard to find sexy lingerie in here ! one shop after the other until I gave up and went to Harvey Nichols ! looked and looked in until I found one! Almost perfect!
lacy and black, with a soft light pink bow that is easy to open, without a second thought i went and payed for it.
As I was walking to zara home, and these shops for candles i got back a message

From :a7madyy

“ ay ana fl dawam 3aib....don’t seduce me like this :’(...can’t wait to lay my eyes on ya babe ;)”

I couldn’t help not smile widely at the message, people probably think i’m a weirdo ah who cares hehe

It was 4 pm by now, i think i’ve roamed everywhere, I kept fe balii enna sara told me before if he says he’ll be back by this hour it means he’ll be back in that hour plus 3! so 3 plus 3 is 6 aham shay i be back before 6 !
I went around shopping aimlessly, i don’t want to go sit in home alone, i love shopping alone though it’s relaxing!
5athtly pinkberry then went to the car it was still too early, so I went to the saloon to blow dry my hair, why the hell not, you know?
I guess he’ll send a message when he’s almost done anyways...
I finished my hair by 7 t8reeban
then headed back home

Da5ant el place, b3dain i got my candles w placed them around fl 9alaa, enna we have dinner there, then the left over candles in the bedroom, a5af hnak ned3amhom w y6ee7oon 3al ar’9, yes i’m weird that way! haha I got so excited placed some rose petals around the chairs and bed, i didn’t get to do this in my honeymoon or lailat elda5la,
vanilla, lavender, rose, grape? ahhhhh what to spray around, he always said he loved the smell of raspberries when a7e6 the perfume, let me spray it around the two rooms
light the candles ? mmm maybe not yet batraya until he messages me at least...
I got out the plates from the small cabinet and put them nicely on the coffee table fl 9ala, and set it nicely for a ‘dinner’ 9a7 bneeles 3al ar’9 bs lets make it romantic!

ahhhhh it all look breath taking, i looked over at the clock mktoob 9 ...hmm akeed he’ll be here any minute! I went to check my phone...nothing …....
glt baseer atlabbas !
I went to the dressing room put on the new lace lingerie i bought ! hides all the fsheela shows the right curves, just the way i like it :) !
i fixed my hair a bit , 3adalt my make up, put on some red lipstick, creams perfumes

looked over my blackberry every 2 seconds, it was 10 new, still nothing, should I message him wla that will annoy him? i’m kind of hungry sho ha
I was ready wtith no candles lit yet, i couldn’t lay on the bed because all the rose petals are there ba3ad

ylast 3al side sofa fl bedroom, looking down at my phone, where is he, awana an hour w he’ll come ya right.....

i hate hate hate people who say bayyoon wagt w eyoon later! a5as e7sas........
I went to the 9ala opened the tv w ylast 3al sofa.....starting to lose hope of him coming

all this for nothing? uff …...i looked over the channels not really thinking of whats on more like mentally preparing myself for when he comes through the door let me call him channa et2a55ar wayd

*calling a7maady*

toot tooot

tooot tooooot

toooot tooot


*end dial*

mayrd ba3ad? hmmm let me leave him a message

To: a7maady



You know that sore feeling ,fo when you’re so prepared for something just doesn’t happen because you’re too excited? it’s like me with lunch today feeling all over again, but much worse, i looked down at my blackberry and saw that fee message

From: a7maady

‘almost done’

i hate this
that’s all he has to say? ALMOST done? its frikking 11 something now......why did I even bother, how stupid of me
he doesn’t deserve this, awana sa3a thalath bard......ya right
should I just go to bed? magdar anam w ana che ma8hoora, i dont want t see him i know enna bkoon pissed off when ho rad, w che he had dinner bs i didn’t eat a thing.....i’m not even hungry anymore, w mat’3adait

uf whatever......I don’t care i kept telling myself while the tears from eyes flew out
it pinched......deep down in my stomach, it hurts....even if ho mb 8a9da......even if he doesn’t know i’m here waiting for him this still hurts to be ditched

layed on the sofa with my hair dangling down
the low voices of the tv vanishing into a background noise, tears stinging my face
and the pain deep down of feeling ignored, unworthy, and stupid

I went to sleep in that crappy feeling when the time was approaching 12 am.......

I cringed at the pain stinging in my stomach



SHITTTTTTT IM SO LATE, ufffff i hate work!!
I rushed into my car, not even calling ro’9a back i just want to get home t3abt ya5ii

I parked the car at home looked at the clock reading “1:00 am”
shit walla et2a5arna this time, stupid new clients

I walked up to our room, in this quiet house, when I was near the door before opening it, i could smell the reeking scent of rasberry coming out, yummmm a7ba i thought to myself
I slowly opened the door, w noticed the dim lights, w the coffee table had candles w the 97oon properly put on it

then my eyes went to the sofa...oh no there she laid asleep on her stomach, with her hair flowing around her, and her perfect sleepy face, and her.....oh she was all dressed up for me?
This is all for me?

this is when I realized

i screwed up pretty bad this time

what to do now?!