Friday, January 8, 2010

Wed-locked 28

Previously on W E D - L O C K E D

me " mmm a7mad, I don't think ur a coward ... ur just the 3jeebest man i know!"

I said grinning, trying to make him smile.
He took my hand that was on top of his into his own, and held it tight, i could feel his warmth. he leaned closer to me.. and whispered

a7mad "ro'9a..a7ibbich.."



THERE I SAID IT, i thought to myself.
I felt so happy enna 6ala3t elly fe 5a6ri that I even was smiling while saying it, I looked up at her, observing her reaction.

her eyes were widened, and her mouth fell open but no words came out of it. She just stared at me, w ana I sat there looking back at her, not knowing what to do. Adree enna what I just told her is major, and I don't expect her to just say it back for the sake of saying it....

me " look ro'9a I KNOW it's too early to say shay che, bs walla when a guy knows he knows, right? w I don't expect u to say it back.."

I said with a smile on my face to make her feel reassured. I sensed her face relax.
her gaze moved away from me to the space in front of us. w she was so quiet. I couldn't read her face, she's usually easy to read but this time it was just blank.
hm that must have made her uncomfortable. So, I thought of giving her some space, to estaw3eb? I got up kissed her head and looked at her gave her a soft smile w stepped out of the bedroom to our 9ala, w radait el bab enna ykoon shway mftoo7 bs enough to give her privacy.

fta7t el tv, w ylast 3al sofa, w knt yals afr mn channel to channel, not really paying attention to what's on tv. I can't believe I just confessed my feelings to her! I mean adree it's not the first time I talk to a girl w che, bs fel past kan '3air, it wasn't as real as now.

I never felt this way towards anyone. w I didn't expect to feel this way towards ro'9a, so fast, I mean it's only been what? 2 weeks? ymkn I rushed into the confession? no wonder she didn't say anything back.

uf, I'm such an amateur when it comes to hal swalef.
about 15 minutes later I got bored, got up, switched the tv off w went into the room, to ayls 3al laptop or something, no it's not because i want to sit with her, I tried convincing myself, but a part of me knew that I wanted to be inside with her even if according to 'love rules' or madri what to call it I should give her space now.

d5alt el '3erfa w I saw her with her cute wondering expression looking through her mobile quietly. w she looked up at me when I got in, staring at me shyly. I smiled to her w re7t to my side of the bed and took my laptop w 7a6aita on my lap w opened my FaceBook, something i have not checked for a long while! I kept sneaking glances at her, bs I could only see her back though lel2asaf, she stayed where she was for a bit, then got up w looked at me, ana I kept staring at her as she came closer , yat ylsat right beside me w ana just sitting there smiling widely.

she pointed to my screen, lafait rasi, w I noticed that I hadn't even signed in yet.

me " ehh hehe"
I shrugged my shoulders. I was too sar7an I guess...
I started typing my email, then i typed awal part of my password then la7a'9t enna she looked away,

me " mmm I don't mind you seeing it by the way hehe"
ro'9a " oh...glt ymkn mat7eb"
me " oh laa its fine"

I typed el bagee in, w my home page fta7...mmm I wonder if she has seen my friends' list or not. Because I do have a lot of girls on my face book, not that I'm a player or anything, but I was kind of popular with the girls around high school, so I did know a lot of them, not necessarily any serious relationship though.

ro'9a "hmmmmm"

I looked at her with a questionable look.

ro'9a "mm sho maglt shay.."
me " 3yal laish u 'hmmm'-ed?"

she pointed out all the girls I have.. ah not that I did not expect that..

ro'9a " mno hayail?"
me " mmmmm people from my past... hehe"
ro'9a " ahaa"

she said Looking at me with one eye brow raised. I looked back at her innocently, tra 9dg they're only random friends that I don't even talk to.
she sat straight up, her arm not touching mine anymore. Nsait enna she gets jealous bser3a, like that time in Spain. Although she denied it awanna.
she continued looking at the screen, bs I didn't click anything, I had a couple of inbox messages bs Makent aba afta7hom nw jdamha, because I think I know who they are from.....

33 notifications, I read at the bottom of the page. Not bothering to see all of them, i just clicked it twice enna ystwee none.
then went to my profie page.
It had so many wall posts from people saying congratulations on the wedding w madri sho.
I can't believe I haven't opened my facebook since before the wedding.
i was scrolling down the page b3dain i felt her hand on top of mine, gesturing for me to stop .
She brought her head closer to the screen w squinted her eyes, hehe ktkoota.
she turned her head to me with a slight frown on her face she pointed at "khawla al X",

ro'9a " you know her...?"
me " ehh,, she'z a friend of a friend of mine"

I said casually, wanting her to stop asking questions. It's not that I do not want to tell her my past, bs I don't know if she's ready to listen, or if she wont get bothered by it, i just don't want to scare her away from me, not that I've done something major, bs ma3arf HER past to compare. I mean, maybe something I consider minor is considered major to her? ma3arf...
She kept staring at me curiously, shit does she know khawla? Is that why she's asking?

ro'9a "mm who?"
me "oh it's just this girl I used to know,,,whyyy does it matteR?"

I said defending myself.

ro'9a " if she's ur friend's friend, 3yal laish her congratulations on ur marriage mb mn 5a6erha look look, she wrote 'Congratulations on you marriage a7mad" full stop, so that means she's pissed about it!!"

I looked at her with a 'r u serious' look. Although, I knew she was right, bs makent aba a3teref. Not now at least...

me " r u serious?"

she nodded,

me " I don't know okaayy"

she looked at me suspiciously,then laffat to reach for the remote w ylsat b3eed 3anni looking at the tv

ro'9a " Fine.."

She had her arms folded, I turned my head w looked back at my screen w checked my wall again, I did not reply to any of the posts though.

I kept staring at my inbox, but I don't want to open it jdam ro'9a, I mean I just confessed my feelings for her, w the next thing she sees is this. No it's definitely too soon for her to know hal salfa.
I kept checking other people's profiles and such. Until she got up w ra7at el 7ammam. Did she look pissed wla ana at5ayyal?
elmohem I opened my inbox fast, since I had the chance to .
I read this

7anan al X
6. january subject: WTF!!!!!

7anan al X
31.December subject: ALO??

7anan al X
27.December subject: 7beebiiiiiiiiiiiii!

I stared at them blankly, it's been a while... I decided to open the first one she sent

7anan al X
27 Decembet at 03:16

halla a7mad babyyyyy!(k)
I've missed you a loooooooooot! You have no idea!!!!!!
I can't stop thinking about you latelyyyyy
I got Your emaail..and I don't know what to say
we need to meet up or could you give me your new number so I could call you?
ASAP, we need to talk, I don't want to talk here on facebook

a7ibbik 7amoody
mwah! <3