Monday, March 22, 2010

wed-locked 29

A5eeeeran! (A)

Previously on W E D - L O C K E D


THERE I SAID IT, i thought to myself.
I felt so happy enna 6ala3t elly fe 5a6ri that I even was smiling while saying it, I looked up at her, observing her reaction.

she pointed out all the girls I have.. ah not that I did not expect that..

ro'9a " mno hayail?"
me " mmmmm people from my past... hehe"
ro'9a " ahaa"

She brought her head closer to the screen w squinted her eyes, hehe ktkoota.
she turned her head to me with a slight frown on her face she pointed at "khawla al X",

ro'9a " you know her...?"
me " ehh,, she'z a friend of a friend of mine"

kept checking other people's profiles and such. Until she got up w ra7at el 7ammam. Did she look pissed wla ana at5ayyal?
elmohem I opened my inbox fast, since I had the chance to .
I read this

7anan al X
6. january subject: WTF!!!!!

7anan al X
31.December subject: ALO??

7anan al X
27.December subject: 7beebiiiiiiiiiiiii!

I stared at them blankly, it's been a while... I decided to open the first one she sent

7anan al X
27 Decembet at 03:16

halla a7mad babyyyyy!(k)
I've missed you a loooooooooot! You have no idea!!!!!!
I can't stop thinking about you latelyyyyy
I got Your emaail..and I don't know what to say
we need to meet up or could you give me your new number so I could call you?
ASAP, we need to talk, I don't want to talk here on facebook

a7ibbik 7amoody
mwah! <3



UFF i hate showing him enna im jealous a7een by9adg 3mra!! bs he knowz khaawlaa w therez so much kalaam 3anha, y3ne sm3at'ha mb zaina, w hez rab3 wya shkthr girls, i forgot enna i hardly know a7mad! We never actually talked about our past. I hardly know anything about him.
and he said...he loves me?

that fast?
is he serious? I mean, we skipped everything and went straight to the wedding, I don't even have him on my facebook!
We definitely took things too fast, I shouldn't have led him on... uff......

I don't even know where fatoooma is to talk to her about all this!
i teared when I remembered her, I haven't talked to her in ages, w wayd things happened I NEED HER! w why the hell is she ignoring me!

6la3t mn el 7ammam w i headed to my phone immediately ignoring a7mad.
I went and typed furiously " fatooma... I don't know where you are and why you're ignoring me..but i have no one to talk to...I'm mad at you for ignoring me all this time but I really need you...ma3arf what to do...I need someone to talk to ....please...."
7a6ait el phone on the side table of the bed shway shway, hoping that she'd reply.
rfa3t rasi w shft enna he was looking at me concerned

a7mad " mm ro'9a what's wrong?"
me " nothing"
I muttered under my breath

7a6 his laptop on a side w gam w ya 3dali

a7mad " mmm sho gltee?"
me " mm glt nothing"
a7mad " bs shaklch mt'9ayga, fe 7ad athach? Tra im ur husband its my job to protect u"
me " a7mad mafeeni shay...."

skat shway tthn he looked back at me

a7mad " did I do shay '3ala6?"

I looked up at his innocent face w muttered a very low "la2"

a7mad " Then why r u acting che,, like ur za3lana menni...."
me " im not"
a7mad "yes u are ro' it cz of the facebook thing? because I knew girls before?"

I raised both eyebrows and looked at him in a 'r u serious' look, even though that was a tiny bit partially true.

me " la2 a7mad i'm not like that...see thiss, thiss is exactly y im shwaya mt'9ayga"
a7mad "ahaa! so u are mt'9ayga see i knew it!"

I just looked at him and glared bdoon ma agool shay

a7mad " hehe sorry sorry, inzain elmohem, what do you means this? this what?"
me " mm how can I say this,,, a7mad we hardly know each other... I mean What's your favorite color, what are your hobbies? what are things you get disgusted from, or t5af menhum . Or kelshay......I hardly know anything about u"

He just listened carefully , looking at me fully focused into what I'm saying to him. he didn't have a blank face but his eyebrows were creased not in an angry way though, more like focused.
He didn't say anything so I decided to go on with my speech since I started already

me " mmm and "

I looked down while saying this...est7ait

me " and ... a7mad u came today w tgool enna .... you mm u know....w u hardly even know me a9lan.....a7s...a7s we went too faj2a im thinking of what happened and I don't know how all that happened....w hay mb joke we're married this is a real life we're starting....and.......m3rf... thats it i guess"

I looked up at him and faj2a he got up from his place and just walked out of the room.... without a word! nothing! He just left me hanging there my eyes followed him worrying about what might happen, I mean I don't think I said something wrong did I?
It took him a minute to rush back in as he blurted

a7mad " Blue..."
me "ha....?"
a7mad " my favorite color... its blue..."
me "oh"
a7mad "and I like skiing, skate boarding, biking, swimming, reading, hanging out anywhere basically, going to the beach... w mmm what else...oh and I get disgusted from any fruit with hairy qualities.....and mmmm I'm not particularly scared from anything I just dislike cats"
me "mmm"
a7mad " no look , these things don't matter we find out these things about each other in time as we live more together ..."
me "i know but..."
a7mad " but sho ro'9a? I said I love you w I'm not going to take it back, because ana glt sho da5li w i meant it....because those small things may59hom.....I wont love you because your favorite color is green or because you hate cats too, I fell in love with you because of the way you smile to me when we first wake in the morning, because of how you took care of me when I got sick, because of how you put up with my load of crap wya my family and make me feel better at the end of every day, THOSE are the things that matter... those the reasons I fell in love with you ro'9a....not your hobbies or your favorite movie...."

me ""

my mind....was like the blankest blank sheet of paper in the world....I did not know what to say at all.....faja2nee...I didn't expect him to say shay like this y3ne t7arait he'll just go along with me w bygool ya ok too fast bla...but ..............sho agoollaaaaaaaa.......he's kind of right.....what he said makes sense... do these small things actually matter?

his face lit up and a bright smile made its way on his face. The adorable 'im so awesome' look of his .
he was grinning waiting for me to say something, bs ana knt mertbka w i just skat w looked at him with puppy eyes....

a7mad " ha shoooo cat got ur tongue hehee"
me "mmm may59aaa"

I said as I blushed like crazy with all the shades of red, I could feel my face heating up! balanii......uf

a7mad " hehe sakattech"

he said very proudly with an amused tone. I looked up at him and pouted.
his expression turned to a softer smile, his eyes kinda sparkly....i think they sparkled or am I imagining things?

a7mad " a7bch....I really doo ro'9a....w a3arf this is not just simple attraction to you, its not just e3jab because your pretty and all... because marrait thro that in my teenage years...but this time its different..."

hnee I started god a7madyyy i never knew he liked me this much *blush*

a7mad "haha ashoofch grinning a7eeen "
me " heheee ... you said im prettyyyy* I said while grinning wider
a7mad " a7een hal shay el wa7eed elli sma3tii mn all what i said!!" He said with a glare
me " heeeheee"
a7mad "hehee ur face"

he said while awana making fun of my voice. I just laughed at him katkoot...

a7mad " oh oh btww! I added you on facebook hehee"
me " oh mmm what if i don't accept u! muhaha"
a7mad " mmmm.......baz3al?"
me " mmmm what if I dont care if enta tz3al"
a7mad " just cz I love you more than you love me doesn't mean you don't care about my feelings okk"
me " shoy5e99aaa,,,,"
a7mad "y5e9a"
me " ushhh"

6ala3 lsaana teasing me awana.....I don't want to tell him I love him not just yet at least...because I'm not sure of how I feel...I like him ....ALOT....but isn't love a strong word?
ma3arf .......
still I wanted to show him that I do adore him , so i got up and gave him a quick kiss on his cheeks, w sat 3dalaa. I think I saw him blush a bit, w he had this innocent dimple smile of his on.

trn trn............. trn...

Is that my phone??? I jumped at the sound of it! and stared at it for a second in disbelief...re7t w took it in my hand, no one has called me in such a long time I even forgot my ringtone! I looked at the name...
noo.... I closed my eyes and opened them again and it still read the same name...

"fatooma Calling "

shalait el telephone as fast as I could!

me shouting " ALOOO"
fatooma " ro'9aa heey..."

I stormed out of the bedroom to the living room 3shan akalemha 3a ra7ti

me " HEY? hey? thats it!!! thats all you got to say??"
fatooma ""

I started tearing a bit.

me " I missed u."
fatooma " mee tooo wallaa"

She started crying on the other end of the phone

me " FATOOMA whats wrong! i know u ignored meee bs why r U crying!!"
fatooma " I just miss you a lot walla ro'9a i'm so sorry its just..."
me "just what?"
fatooma " elsalfa 6weela I need to see you face to face! we really need to talk...about everything"
me " enzain whats it about at leaaaast??? "
fatooma " don't u dare change how ur acting around him....but it's about a7mad."
me " what? shoy5e9a?"
fatooma " when can I see u?"
me " madri ay wagtt"
fatooma " tomorrow breakfasT?"
me " ok...."
fatooma " and ro'9a.."
me "hmm?"
fatooma " I love u ..."
me " love you too...."
fatooma "byeeee"

tooooot toooooooot....................