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Wed-Locked 17

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Previously on W E D - L O C K E D


I couldn't help not blushing, remembering the kiss from before. He just laughed at me and looked back at the menu. Then out of nowhere I look up and ....

manal " OMG ! a7mad hiii agaaaaaaaain! You're everywhere!!"


OMG mn wain yat hayy!!! She walked 9oobna all perky and happy. a7mad looked at me and shrugged a smile thn laf 9oobha as she approached us.

a7mad "oh hi manal" *smiling politely*
manal "hiiiiiiii agaain hehee, we have the same taste haa" *wink*

a7mad laf 9oobi looked at me, as if he was being cautious or something,, then looked back at her and smiled. At the time, I was looking at her with no expression on my face, wla ymkn a slightly pissed look, i mean c'mon we're on our honeymoon leave us alone!

manal " Listen I hafto ask you for a favor! "

ana hny esta'3rabt y3ne, wtf is wrong with her, faj2a I saw her pulling a chair mn the 6awla ely 3dalna and she placed it 3dal a7mad. a7mad laf 9oobi and shrugged his shoulders while she was reaching for something mn her humungous Gucci bag. 6ale3at a folder with papers inside then looked up at me and flashed a fake smile

manal " I'm glad you don't mind"
me "eh..."

she turned to a7mad before I could say anything back

manal " Ok so listen, I'm SO HAppy that I bumped into you twice!! It's like fate! I had these papers w I've been wanting to give them to you, it would be grEAT if you hand them to your dad, since he'll probably read it if it's coming from you, don't worry it's nothing bad y3ne, its just suggestions, w ideas for the new project 7ag el company, w I'd really want him to give me a chance.. what do you say?"

Then she pouted, tedala3 3alaih,, uuuh! my insides were burning, first of all HOW informal is that! Second, what is she a stalker??? Third, i think I'm turning into a jealous freak altho I'm just starting to really like a7mad! I'd really like it if I could stand up and slap her and take a7mad and walk away, bs she didn't kiss him or something you know, I can't do that....lel2asaf! w the problem is that a7mad was taking it seriously, ok ymkn he's being formal wyaha, bs mb wakta this was supposed to be ouurr dinner! he was looking through her papers shwaya, then looked up at her and nodded

a7mad "enshalla I'll try my best"
manal " THANK you thank yoou! OMG ur like my heroo ! shkraan !"
a7mad " no problem"
manal " eeeeeh no 9dg u have no idea how amazing it iss yaay! ok shkran *standing up* ok I'll leave you now! see you around! "

She walked away after that, and a7mad was staring at the file then looked at me. I was staring at her walking away from us with a pissed off look. ALL this is just annoying, i don't know what to feel anymore . . .

I sighed and looked at him. He smiled innocently.. urrrrgh the ktkooooot smile that I love, bs may59ni I was still pissed, adree it's not his fault bs i AM annoyed, So I didn't smile back at him, I just looked at him for kamn second then looked back 3al 6awla and drank my water w stared straight ahead.

a7mad " cmon,, a7een 9dgggg ana masawait shay ! "

I looked at him confused with my eyebrows creased.

me " You found ALL THAt normal???"
a7mad " mmmmm el9ara7a ,,,she is weird, w sort of a stalker,,, bs it happens alot mb awal marra,,, seee I told you she didn't like me she was just using me"
me " R you sayin you have lots of stalkers ??"

he sat straight and nafa5 9adra

a7mad " Yes I AM quiet popular, you know like a celebrity e7m e7m"

I looked at him and rolled my eyes and laughed

me " ahaa riiight"
a7mad " heheh shoo 9dg!"
me " okk ana maglt shaay hehe "

He stopped laughing and looked at me and sighed, then held my hand. And smiled sincerely

a7mad " a7b... how everything is going between us....a lot"

I looked at him and blushed, then looked down awana y3ne shy ... hehe

me " me too . ..."

Then he slipped his hands off mine w before I lifted my head up he reached for my cheek and pinched it

me " ayyyyyy!! "
a7mad " muhahahha ! "

I was reaching for his cheeks for pay back bs he kept blocking my hand with his

a7mad " CAn't touch me taananana (8)"

I finally gave up and turned to my menu and glared at him.

The dinner was pleasant we didn't order much food he ordered shay 9'3eer and i ordered ayshay he suggested, and we kept laughing and making fun of each other, w then we got back to the hotel later, it was like 10 pm spain time. Aside from the freak show manal the stalker, I'd say this was one of the best nights I've spent! Is it too early to say enna a7bbbbbb hal ensaan?

Tonight I was happy, tonight I felt like I liked him alot!! so tonight I decided to wear shay maaaybe more exposed than usual? DOn't get me wrong I'm still not ready for sex, bs I do want to seduce him into making out with me! AH that was great before we went out, I love todaaay so very much! I grabbed a short white cotton night dress thing, and went to the bathroom to change while he changed in the bedroom.

I took a deep breath and put on my dress that came up to half my thighs t8reeban. Then fixed my hair, and kept my make up on.

I went out of the bathroom and saw him still in his clothes sitting on the bed talking on the phone looking at the floor, he looked up whn 6la3t, jst one glance then looked back 3al ar'9

a7mad " enzain......laa 3adii.............ok........akeed...........haih "

I went and sat on the bed 3dala, looked at his face, I haven't seen him this serious ever( not like my ever is a long time,,, bs still)

a7mad "mmm.......uhm.......haih enzain.......ok yalla.........ma3 el salama"

he put the phone on his thigh with his eyebrows creased, m3a99eb. I was scared to say anything. I don't know ho mn ay nou3, the people who like being talked to when they're angry, or the ones who want to be left alone. So I decided to just sit there, and wait for shay mn his side. He got up and threw his phone on the side table and was walking to the bathroom with his back to me

a7mad " Pack your things, we're going back to Dubai tomorrow...."

and he slammed the bathroom door behind him. He just left me there, as my mouth dropped open

what??!!! But why????!

Monday, July 13, 2009


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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wed-Locked 16

Previously on W E D - L O C K E D

I looked at him dazzled. I was taken back by my thoughts.... how could I feel this way........I actually liked it .......and.....and....

I wanted more ............


I kept looking at him dazed, his eyes looked back at mine curiously for a reaction, but I didn't give him a satisfactory reaction, I couldn't react, what was I supposed to tell him? Don't go anywhere, i want you? Or maybe I don't have to use any words.
I pulled my face closer to his hesitant face, and placed my lips on his cheeks kissing him and moving my lips lower, yet slowly getting closer and closer to his lips, I could feel him getting excited while his hands moved from my back to my lower back, then running down lower. When it was time to kiss his lips I lifted my head up and engaged my stare into his eyes, and he looked back into mine.

trrrn...trrrrn.... ( door bell)

We both paused, I sighed, and a7mad cringed.

' Rooom service ..' (from behind the door)

I sat back politely on the sofa, and looked at him innocently while he was standing up clenching his fists, obviously m8hoor.Then he took one look at me, sighed, and headed to open the door. He carried the tray himself, closed the door behind him, w ya jdami w 7a6a on the table and sat on the floor leaving a space mjabel the tray. raffa3 rasa and looked at me, as if saying ta3ali, but strangely, he said nothing. I got up, and sat 3al floor in front of my tray, for some reason me and a7mad weren't even smiling at each other. Both of us looked at each other carefully, as if waiting for a response for what has happened earlier. But, no one said anything about it.

a7mad " uuh... ro'9aa"

I jumped at the sound of his voice, while I was taking off the covers on my food. And looked at him innocently and decided to use my innocent voice too, hoping he wouldn't talk about anything, a7s it would be awkward.

me " na3am?"
a7mad " Do you want to go out ba3ad u eat?" *with a wide smile drawn on his face*

I think I forgot about my tummy hurting me after all that closy-ness. I could feel my face brighten as he asked me, I grinned back and enthusiastically nodded. I was kind of tired of this room, I really wanted to go out, although it was almost dark outside, bs whatever I slept through most of the day anyways! I gobbled my food bser3a, while he went in to change, then I followed him into the room. He came out of the dressing room area with only his jeans on! and two shirts in his hand, ASHKRa he's seducing me! this slutty man! hehe.. he looked at me first with a devilish grin, then he looked at his k7le lacoste shirt, and the other black shirt mktoob 3alaih Emporio Armani.

a7mad " Which one should I wear?"
me "mmm both r nice"

I think he noticed that I wasn't even looking at his shirts, I'm pretty obvious when I stare at something else. His super fit body was, pure hotness I should say, or maybe I'm just saying that because I just kissed him? I swear my hormones are out of proportion today! He came closer to me, I forced my eye off his body and on to his face, he was looking at me with a grin of a person 9dg m9addeg 3mra! uuh I shouldn't boost his confidence this much

a7mad " What are you staring at?"

He said with the most arrogant voice fl 3alam! He just has to embarrass me doesn't he ! uf uf uf ! I glared at him and then looked the other way

me " You should wear the lacoste shirt, I'll go change bser3a"

I went to my bag and pulled out pair of black skinny jeans, and an orange diesel baggy shirt, and a black long sleeve body and wore my sheila and put on eyeliner, mascara, and all the basic make up, and shalait this black bag that my mom put for me, I think it was burberry, interesting. I just took it because it matched my clothes, and then I dumped in it my phone wallet and stuff, and ran to the 9ala, where a7mad was sitting on the sofa impatiently, but his face lightened up when he saw me, and he stood up.

a7mad " You look '3air.. hehe"
me " ayy what do you mean?" *etdal3ing frown*
a7mad " la2 bs y3ne, che ur met3adla u know"
me " ehhh.. thank you?"
a7mad " hehe yalla yalla lets goo"

He took the room's card and his BB, and put it in his jeans pocket w 6la3na mn our room. gabl ma ne6l3 mn el lift, he saw me, and smiled, then reached for my hand and held it in his, and looked straight jdam, and walked dragging me along with him to the lobby to ask for a lemo to take us out.

We sat in the lobby where there were sofas, and we were randomly nsoolf about where to go, to eat, or just walk around, and stuff, when I heard this girly voice mn b3eed

girl " a7maaaad a7maad!!!"

I turned my face to see this girl approaching us, she had black leggings on, with a sleeveless blue short dress , and fully accessorized, with her hair in curls, all perfectly done, she made me feel so under dressed! a7mad got up when she got closer, so I decided do get up as well. to be nice? Who the hell is she screaming his name like that in the first place? She came running to a7mad,

girl " halla a7maaaaad sh5baark! omg sub7anna allah sho hal 9dfa el 7elwa! of all the places we r both in SPAIN! and in the same hotel omg ! LOL "
a7mad " hehe ya"
girl " so umm..... you're here on your honeymoon I'm guessing?"

A7mad turned and gestured towards me, She looked at me and glared! I swear I saw her glare!! w she scanned me mn foug lain ta7at, ma 5allat shay feeni she didn't eye.

a7mad "yup,,,,manal this is ro'9a"

I decided to be nice, fa tjadamt and I stood exactly near a7mad and smiled

me "hi"
manal "uuuh... hey"

she gave me a disgusted look! and Looked at a7mad with a totally different face of smiles and flirting. I felt so disregarded, so I went and sat back on the sofa, a7mad turned 9oobe when I walked away, then about a minute later she said goodbye and left him.

He came and sat beside me on the sofa I was on, I had my arms crossed, and I was tapping my feet on the floor in discomfort. I had this burning feeling inside my stomach, it hurt, and as he came closer to me and I saw his face, with a smile like he just enjoyed talking to her, I felt like throwing up all of a sudden. I hate that girl! HOW dare she stare at me like that, and be all over 'my' husband right in front of me! omg ! How could some people be so low !

a7mad " ro'9aaa... the car is here yallaa"

He grabbed my hands and pulled me off the sofa, w rekabna in the lemo and headed off to this place 3nd a lake, where there's a small known restaurant, I didn't hear the other details he was saying, My mind was busy with this 'manal' and how she was totally flirting with him, it bothered me. We didn't talk fl way, he just looked at me then smiled and we both were staring out at spain, at last we were out! Although I still had that awful feeling in my stomach after i saw 'manal' .

When w9alna, the lemo guy came and opened the door for me, I went out and saw a7mad walking towards me with a wide grin. I didn't smile back, just looked at him as he came and led us lain el ma63am, it was such a cosy restaurant with dim lights, and soft music, we sat on the table elly barra3 ely y6el 3al bu7ayra, I wasn't going to eat, bs I really wanted to go out, bs a7een this feeling in me is really annoying, I've never felt shay che before. I was staring 3al bu7ayra, as the waitress was giving a7mad the menu, and making da3aya for their new offer or something, then handed me the menu as I was still staring 3al bu7ayra.

a7mad " ro'9aa"

I turned towards him and looked at his concerned face.

a7mad " what's wrong?"
me " ha? nothing's wrong" (I tried putting on a fake smile)
a7mad " c'mon ro'9a, u can tell me, marra w7da u became che, i thought u wanted to go out..."
me " Yes I do, I'm fine a7mad, it's nothing"
a7mad " Bs you were laughing w kelshay fl lobby until...."

He paused a bit, then raffa3 one eyebrow, and looked at me as if he just discovered something.

a7mad " until manal came . . . "
me " may5e9a... I'm fine... who is she by the way?"

I said with a sort of shaky voice, getting straight to the point. He had his arrogant smile on.

a7mad " hehe... maknt a3arf ennch t'3arain 3alay.. heheee"

I creased my eyebrows, then looked at the menu laying jdami, avoiding his stare.

me " I don't.."

I said with a low voice, barely hearable. Because apparently, I do. But I just found out that, sooo it doesn't count?

a7mad " ahaa.... well manal is fl dawam wyana, she works for my dad y3ne.."
me " oh . . ."
a7mad " I'm flattered ena you're jealous.. bs ro'9a mb l hal daraja? hehe... maknt a3arf ennch u like me this much "

He said with a wide grin, m9addeg 3mra. 9a7 enna I was jealous bs I wouldn't admit that to him! Haly nage9, a5alee y9adg 3mra zyada.

me " It's not that, it's just that I didn't like her..."
a7mad " why? She's really nice"
me " only to you...." ( I rolled my eyes)
a7mad " sho 8a9dch?"
me " What I mean is that she's just nice wyak entaa"
a7mad " may59a.. it's just cz she works for my dad, that's why she's che wyay"
me " ahaa..."
a7mad " haha '3ayoooraa"
me " I told u may5e9a, bs 3a6atny na'9rat 7a8eera, it was annoying, like I'm beneath her or something"
a7mad " hahaha You probably imagined that because you were jealous heheh! "

uff! A7een I'm opening up to him and he's making fun of me, ana el '3al6ana! I sighed heavily and then glared at him w folded my hands. He noticed that I was seriously mad, so he tried changing the subject

a7mad " so, sho bt6lbeeen?"
me " mashay, mb yo3ana....I just ate"
a7mad " drinks? desert ? 3ndhm those fruits wyaa vanilla ice cream looks latheeth , shoo rayech?"
me " la2.... maba........"
a7mad " fine kaifch ana baa6lb shay latheeeeth w I won't give you mennaa ! hehe"

I lifted my head and looked him in the eye and pouted slightly, knt sort of za3lana, my hormones, mixed with jealousy, mixed with annoyance from his teasing me, When a girl tetdalla3 a guy should give her face ! not tease her more..... I know I was over doing it, bs knt aba ydaal3nii back,, and well,,, I wasn't getting anything yet.

He sighed then put his menu on the table, and stood up and pulled his chair so that its exactly 3dal mine, and sat back down. He put his hands 3ala my chair and turned me so that I'm exactly facing him, knee to knee. I looked at him innocently still with an 'im za3lana' face...I knew I was being over daloo3a, bs I really wanted something like ' THIS ' to happen!.. hehe...

He looked into my eyes, with all the teasing sense gone, he had his serious face on.

a7mad " Laish za3lana ro'9a?"

I opened my lips wanting to say something, bs ma3eraft what to tell him... So I just looked into his eyes with a sad look on my face. He reached for my hands and wrapped both of them in his. I bet he knew that would comfort me

me " its just ........"
a7mad " just what?..."
me " She was just all over you, wala channa I exist right there behind you, 7atta when you told her, she acted wala ka2anna it matters and continued with whatever she was doing......and well....... it annoyed me..... I don't care how we got married,, you're still myyy husband, ma7b when people disregard me"
a7mad " So you're mad at herr so that automatically makes you mad at me?"
me " 7asait you were 6affing me too when knt tkalemha.....and... madri 7asait what if we were back in Dubai, is that how it's going to be? And madrii"

My eyes starting tearing, I don't know where all this was coming from, but it's true, it is how I felt.

a7mad " I waasn't ignooring u ! bs salamt 3alaiha, I was being nice y3ne"

I looked down at our hands interlocked. I liked what we had here so far, It's much better than I had ever expected it to be, bs a7s it's too good to be true. Akeed something's going to change once we go back home. I saw one of his hands letting go of mine, then he placed it on my cheeks I looked at him

a7mad " Listen to me ro'9a.... I'm sorry etha 7sastech enna I was ignoring you, but that wasn't my intention really! I'd never do shay like that to u. W you should know that the only thing that's going to change once we go back is that we'll be closer to each other than now...I hope y3ne heh.."

He said as a sincere smile was gradually drawn on his face. I looked into his eyes, and couldn't hold back my smile, HE always knew what to say! I couldn't fight back the tears in my eyes, they weren't tears of sadness, bs che he was too sweet and it made me cry ( I had my period you can't blame me )

a7mad " ayy lat9ee7een ro'9aaa"
me " ehh.. sorryyy"

I was wiping my tears wya my hand, still smiling widely. he took my hands off my face and massa7 one cheek, then the other, then got closer and kissed the crown of my head slowly, and passionately. After that 6ala3ny in my eyes with a devilish grin on his face, I looked down shyly and smiled

a7mad " hehe katkootaa"

I looked at him and just grinned, as he turned to face the table and opened my menu

a7mad " yallaaa lets see what ro'9a wants to eat! "
me " hehe ro'9a will eat whatever a7mad wants her to eat"
a7mad " wehh kel ha because he kissed her forehead, 3yal etha kan y3arf kan kel youm he'll kiss her"

I couldn't help not blushing, remembering the kiss from before. He just laughed at me and looked back at the menu. Then out of nowhere I look up and ....

manal " OMG ! a7mad hiii agaaaaaaaain! You're everywhere!!"

Friday, July 3, 2009

Wed-Locked 15

Previously on W E D - L O C K E D

I was thinking about what fatooma said, it kept rewinding in my head ' ur in denial!'

am I?


a7mad eventually fell asleep with the Tv on, it showed that he was fast asleep, he was sleeping on his tummy with his head laf 9oobi and his arms one near his face and the other jst stretched b3eed. I took the remote from 3dala and put it over the side table, and 3adalat la7afa that he is well m'3a6ay, he must get better, mafeeni ymra'9 anymore. akeed te3ab, lots have happened, it's been a long day. I climbed down into the blanket, and was thinking about the things that have happened. I can't believe I already feel comfortable with him with me on the same bed. I sighed and closed my eyes putting the events of today behind me, and fell asleep.

I woke up to very low voices, but kept my eyes closed, I was still half asleep. While trying to identify the annoying voices, I could feel my head going up, then down, then up a bit then down again and so on, very slightly , but the feeling was present I was sure. I opened my eyes slightly , but everything was still blurry so I closed them, I stretched my arms and body, then put my arm around my pillow, the pillow seemed harder than usual, I didn't want to wake up, I think I've slept for over 10 hours I can feel it, whenever I oversleep I tend to become lazy and unable to wake up immediately. I tightened my arms around the pillow, I didn't want to wake up just yet, the state I was in felt so comfortable, so warm, so right. I peeked through my closed eyes, and I saw that my pillow was black, weird I remember my pillow being white yesterday. I struggled into opening my eyes more, and my vision cleared up more. I saw two legs extending from my pillow, how weird. I must be dreaming? I sat up and looked at the room around me, it looked just like the room I was in last night, my dreams are never this real. I turned my face and I saw a7mad with an amused look on his face with a slight grin brushing on his lips. I stared at him with my eyebrows creased. what a weird dream this is. I kept staring at him, waiting for something to happen in this dream.

a7mad " 9abaa7 el 5aair?"

I stared at his face, then looked away at the room again, investigating my surroundings. then I looked down at his shirt, it was black, and the extending legs, were his. I got off the bed, why was I sleeping on 9adra in this dream?

me "weird" *mumbling to myself"
a7mad " ha?"
me " this is a weird dream"

that's when he burst out laughing, I think I saw tears escaping his eyes, I looked at him confused, then he lifted his head looked at my confused look with a huge grin on his face and still laughing,

a7mad " r u serious?"

I just creased my eyebrows more, and looked at him weirdly. He got up ya jdamy and reached his hand to my shoulder, then pinched me

me " AYY! What was that for???... "

I rubbed my hand on the place he pinched me, it really hurt! What kind of dream is this real???? but it can't be real

a7mad " To prove you're awake and not dreaming??"
me " bs this has to be a dream!"
a7mad " haha Laish?"
me " Why in hell would I be sleeping on your chest IN REAL LIFE??"
a7mad * flashing a hot devilish grin* " you tell me...."

I looked at him scared, then ran off to the bathroom and locked the door behind me. Then went to the sink and splashed some water on my face. Shit I am awake! How many hours of sleep does it take to make me this m9a6la!! AND WHy IN HELL Was I sleeping 3ala 9aDRAAAA?!! HE was the one that sleep talked at night Not me!

I stepped out of the bathroom and saw him sitting on the edge of the bed looking at the Tv, well that explains the low noisy voices! Bs as soon as I got out of the bathroom his stare shifted to me, and the amused grin was drawn on his face all over again. I scowled at him

me "don't u dare say anything! ..."
a7mad " say what? that you were sleeping 3alay? Or the part where you thought it was all a dream? hahahaha"

I just stood there staring at him laughing hysterically like it was the funniest thing he has ever witnessed, it was so embarrassing my face turned flashy red, and I crossed my hands waiting for him to stop it, but he didn't he was still laughing, I know it's funny bs mb l hal daraja! My eyes started tearing up, I was embarrassed, angry, mtwatra, and everything. faj2a the sound of his laugh disappeared and he rushed jreeb 3anni and his face expression turned to a worried one

a7mad "Ro'9aa?? why are you crying???"

I know I am mad, bs mb l hal daraja enna I cry! I wanted to say I don't know to him, but I knew if I said anything I would cry more. I just shook my head and shrugged my shoulders.

a7mad "heyyy c'moon! bs 3ashan I laughed?? I'm sorry ok? It's just that it was so funny ! hehehhe"

Why was I this angry!??! I gave him a cold stare, then went to the bathroom again. My assumption was correct. Now I know why I was crying. It's that time of the month!
I washed my face again, and waited to calm down this time before getting out of the bathroom. Then when 6ela3t there was no one there fl bedroom. I felt like crap. That explains my million hour sleep, I climbed back into the blankets, here goes another day in spain to waste. I saw him walk into the bedroom slowly, looking at me with an apologetical look, as he sat on the bed beside me, facing me. He reached for my forehead, checking my temperature I guess. Then he looked at me with concerned eyes, yet serious ones.

a7mad " what's wrong? shay y3awrch?"

I shook my head innocently and cringed at the pain of my stomach.

a7mad " y3ne kel ha just cz I laughed at you ro'9a?"

I didn't reply, I wished he would just vanish away, i hate talking to people when I have my period, I just want to be alone. I shut my eyes closed and heard him sigh and leave the room.

I woke up later, still feeling lazy. I got up went to the bathroom, then re7t el 9ala. A7mad was sitting there flipping through the channels, with an extremely bored expression on his face. He saw me come out of the bedroom bs jst one glance then took his stare back to the Tv. mmm that was a first. I sat beside him on the sofa and put a pillow over my stomach to keep it warm. I was desperately waiting for him to say something, but he didn't. I turned my face to him, and just looked at him, waiting for him to look back, he turned his face to me and raised one eyebrow

a7mad "what?"
me " mmm a7mad..uh"
a7mad "ro'9a if you expect me to apologize for laughing at a funny thing, I wont 3ashan el 9ara7a I don't think ana '3al6an in any way, I don't know why you cried, bs ... mm madrii"

He said it with such a cold expression and turned his face back to the Tv. Who said I expect him to apologize?!! What happened to the ' I don't want to see you crying' a7mad, I felt the tears crawling back to my eyes. Oh no, my hormones are kicking in agaain ,, ahhh!
He turned to face me, with a surprised, confused face.

a7mad ' ahh what did I do now??"

I looked at him with my teary eyes and shrugged my shoulders, as in saying I don't know. At that moment all I wanted was someone to comfort me, even if my crying had no explanation, but of course he didn't get that, he doesn't even know what's wrong with me. I couldn't sit up anymore, my stomach pain was kicking back in. I put my head down on his lap and held my knees close to 9adry, ignoring his overly confused face, I need something, or someone warm, and this was the only way I could get it, I didn't want to bother explain myself. I felt his hand on my hands that were placed on my stomach, then his cold touch on my face, moving my hair off my face

a7mad " ro'9a sho feech?"

I looked to his worried face, and thought it was time I tell him, uff why didn't he figure it out lain a7een?! He's definitely old enough to know symptoms of the period! I pointed at my stomach, then he looked at me for seconds trying to figure out what I meant, then he gasped as he found out

a7mad " Oooooh! That..."

I just nodded slightly, then he gave me a soft smile.

a7mad "That explains everything!"

He put his hands over my hip and I heard him mumble a sorry bs I wasn't so sure that's what he said, but that was what it sounded like. We sat there in silence, with nothing but the Tv sound on. After about an hour I was so hungry, I haven't eaten anything all day, I sat up as he turned to face my frowned face questionably,

me " a7mad I'm hungry"
a7mad " oh mmm what do you want to eat?"
me " mmm madri ayshay you want...?"
a7mad " oh mmmm I hope you don't mind bs ana kalait when you were sleeping, knt wayd mmm I ate shay che chicken and mushroom sauce fouga with baked potato kan latheeth you want?"

The thought that he ate without me bothered me, but I don't know why. It gave me a weird feeling in my stomach. I didn't want to think so I decided to just eat what he ate

me "oh... mmm ok"
a7mad " ok I'll call them now for u"

He went to the phone and dialed room service, and ordered. Then he came back to where he was sitting

a7mad " So, are you feeling any better?"
me "mmmm maybe shway"

I gave him a slight smile that I tried forcing out of myself.

a7mad "come here"

He said while patting 3dala and putting his arm stretched on top of the cushion. I thought about it for a second, but decided to abandon my worries, it's just a7mad after all. So r7t 3dala and he pushed my head gently onto his chest and put his stretched arm around my shoulder. I tilted my head up looking at his satisfied face, he looked happy.

I felt this sudden attraction to him, I wanted him, I wanted to kiss him, his lips seemed to call for mine. Both of us were heavily breathing at that time. He started bringing his face closer to mine, he was aiming for my lips I could see his eyes filled with lust staring at my lips. I didn't want to runaway, I was right where I wanted to be.
He was so close that I could feel his breath on my face, There was a hesitation on both parts as our lips were only centimeters away from touching, He closed his eyes, and I closed mine, and I felt it, his lips on mine, just a peck that lasted for seconds and he pulled slowly back studying my face. I was bewildered, my expression was blank, I looked at him dazzled. I was taken back by my thoughts.... how could I feel this way........I actually liked it .......and.....and....

I wanted more ............