Thursday, December 31, 2009



kel snaa wnto0o0o 6aybeeeeeen (k)
I would've posted if I was not out celebrating new year's bs u knw =D i was out so i did not write anything hahah
anyways, i will post soon

bs for now HAPPY NEW YEAR

from dubai ;)



Tuesday, December 29, 2009

wed-locked 27

sorry for the exteremly long delay

u knw i love u


Previously on W E D - L O C K E D

I had the widest grin on my face, OMG I MISS My mom so muuchh! and my dadd, and my brothersss! Nsait all my troubless awal mashft'hom ........
obooy sat on the left side 3dala my brothers, w 3dal my brother was a7mad.....
After a few minutes, they became so engrossed into their conversation, talking about money or politics , m3rf I couldn't tell. I was just enjoying my mom's warmth 3dalee,, although I was not part of their conversation either.

me " hehe a7mad laish hadait'hom w yait?"
a7mad " mmmmmmm honestly?"
me " yess"
a7mad "I ran away from obooy, he's going to start telling them all his glorious 'achievements' w I've heard mor ethan enough about them!"
me " oh,,"

w ana t7arait enna he came for me, heh. Is he here to 3adel el jaw between us? r we going to talk about yesterday ? I mean c'mon

we Friki'n

DID IT..........



a7mad "aaaand because I wanted to sit with u"
he said with a wide grin.

me " ahaa.. haih 9a7"
a7mad " ayyy laish z3alteee"

I looked at him coldy, thought of playing along although I'm not really za3lana hehe, y not

me " I'm not za3lana, ok.."

then lafait the other side looking at my bro's awanna
he put his hand 3ala my knee

a7mad " hey 7beebti ro'9a, laish z3altee, walla makan 8a9dee"

i posed 3ala kelmat '7beebti', wat's wrong with him today and his new niknames for me! bs even thought i posed, i didn't show it, I wanted to annoy him more hehe
So, I just looked at him emotionless, and gave him a 'look'

a7mad "ro'9a y r u being mazajeyya u were just laughing a minute ago!"
me "I'm not.."
a7mad " omg ro'9a, the only thing that explains u being moody is..R U 7AMEL??"

He said with a sudden raise in his tone! I just widened my eyes at him, w maglt shay, then noticed he wasn't looking at me anymore, he was looking waray, I turned my head to see my mom, with widened eyes directed at us, with her mouth slightly open.
Madri laish 7asait i did something wrong, u know the feeling when ur parent finds out u did something terribly wrong behind their back? that's the feeling I got
So I shook my head as in no nooo bser3a! she squinted her eyes and nodded slightly, bs kept looking at us for kamn second then stared into space.

I JUSt wanted to screaam at him! I got up excused myself w 6la3t mn el meelas immediately. I closed the door behind me and stood on the side of it, with my back against the wall.
what's wrong with a7mad! saying things like that! y3ne he's not a kid enna may3arf what that means, does he think it's not a big of a deal or something, I sat 3al floor b3dain, just thinking, and pissed off 3ala a7mad. marr t8reeban 15 minutes until the door opened w a7mad came out.
bs ana mn ma i glimpsed enna it was him I looked back down straight ahead.
he bent down 3ala his knees and had a guilty face..

a7mad " asef..."
me " seriously a7mad! WHAt's wrong with u!!!"
a7mad " madrii walla , I didn't think of what I was saying until I said it,, walla asef adree a7rajtech"
me " its ok i just hope ma77ad else heard u.."
a7mad " ra'9yaa 3annii ya3neeee!"
he said with a wide smile. I looked at him for a second then looked down..

me "mmm.. a7mad r we gonna talk bout ams?"
a7mad " ha? mmm wat bout it?"

I lifted my head up, w he had this proud smile on his face, I couldn't help not smiling back a bit.

me " ma3aarf y3neee..."

he leaned closer to me
a7mad " bout doing it again y3ne?"

then he kissed me softly right beside my lips then rja3 rasa wara and looked at me with a smirk.

me " ayyy yal '3abee what if 7ad ye6la3 from the meelAS!!"
a7mad " hahah I don't care"

and he did it again..
then he lifted his head to say something but the door flew open and his dad was there..

a7mad's face turned pale as he was looking up at his dad, w he got up bser3a, ana i was just looking at him entertained, haha he just said I don't care, ya right he doesn't ! hehe. I got up slowly w stood there.
bs I wasn't entertained anymore when I saw the look on a7mad's dad's face.
He looked at me mn 6araf 3aina, w then spoke under his breathe, with the most angry voice I've heard in my life.

a7mad's dad " a7mad. seer da5el a7sanlek .."

a7mad looked at him and hesitated, bs 6ala3 obo with an angry look w de5al inside.
His dad gave me a look w went inside.
What did his dad mean by that , I don't get it.
I got up, took a breathe and walked in the meelas again
i noticed sara was looking at me, with an 'omg-shit' expression. I slightly smiled to her w sat back 3nd my mom.
I took a look at a7mad, I knew he was mad, although he was trying to hide it, bs I could see it in his eyes. he looked at me for a sec then looked the other side, to my brothers, my dad and his dad talking, bs he was silent, pretending to listen.

A couple of hours later, after lunch. It was time for goum mama to go. My dad got up
and excused himself w shekar and everything, w it was time enna ysalmoon 3ala b3a'9. My mom salemat 3ala om a7mad, then his sisters, then it was my turn. I looked at her frowning. honestly knt shwaya w b9ee7, I just wanted to runaway home, uf ma7eb complications, and a7mad w salfat his dad, uuh i dnoo.
before I could sallem on my mom, a7mad barged in jdamee sallam 3alaiha and left the meelas.
My eyes followed him until he was out, then back to my mom, I went closer to her and hugged her w bst ras'ha, with a sad face.

mom " mamaa, bshoofech jreeb latz3leen"
me " 9dgg??"
mom " haih 9dg!"

she kissed my forehead and walked followed my dad 3nd the door. I went w salamt 3ala my dad and brothers, then they were all out.

a7mad's family dispersed through the house kel wa7d ra7 a different direction. I went and sat on the sofa staring into space thinking.

Me and sara were the only ones left fl meelas.
I was looking at the floor when sara came and yelsat 3dalee...

sara " what happened?? "

i looked up w she had this worried look on her face, She got my mind off my family.

me " ummm.. what do u mean ? oh ur dad and a7mad? what's the deal with ur dad btw?"
sara "mmm ma3arf.... laish sho estwa a9lan?"
me " mmm a7mad did something stupid, i got mad walked out, then a7mad came to ra'9ee mee, then ur dad came out wa 7araj 3alaih w told him to go bak in. w that's it i guess"
sara " eeeh..oh akeed baba 7arraj cz its rude to go out when fe '9yoof? Madri he always blabs about things like that. Oh or the fact that he 'tagged' along behind his wife, sa3at baba thinks thats unmanly of a7mad looked pissed off..wain ra7 btw?"
me " dno akeed ra7 el'3rfa , I better go c how he's doin"
sara "yah..hmmm c u later"

I got up, sighed, and walked to our room. Fta7t bab our 9ala, it was so quiet w all the lights were off. Kamalt 6reeji to the room, opened the door and closed it behind me.
I saw a7mad sitting on the bed with his head bent down w his hand clenched into a fist. I walked to him w yalst 3dala w decided to stay quiet until he felt like he wanted to talk or something.

about 3 minutes later

a7mad " u probably think i'm a coward nw.."
me " ha...but why would I?"
a7mad " because..I just listened to my dad without saying a word, although ho kinda thalany..."
me " hmmmm.."
a7mad " I REALLy wanted to say something ! bs at the same time I really did not want to make a scene, y3ne come on ana mb yahel anymore he treats me that way. Ana rayyal metzawej! w hay mb 7ala y3amelni che jdam zoojty ba3ad.."

I had no idea what to say to him, I just took my hands and put it on his, trying to comfort him. 7beebi he was so tensed w angry.

He looked at me with his face a bit more relaxed, bs still kinda m3a99eb.

me " mmm a7mad, I don't think ur a coward ... ur just the 3jeebest man i know!"

I said grinning, trying to make him smile.
He took my hand that was on top of his into his own, and held it tight, i could feel his warmth. he leaned closer to me.. and whispered

a7mad "ro'9a..a7ibbich.."