Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wed-locked 36

Previously on Wed-locked
went out, yes just me and him, felt like a honeymoon today, i ignored the cramps in my stomach to not ruin this blissful nice day,

which leaves me wondering how did I get so lucky? I do love him to bits


can’t I just travel with her and runaway?

if only




woke up the next day with a7mad not next to me, uf he went to work already? I flipped over to grab my phone and saw that its 11 am already. And surprisingly a message, fta7ta and squinted my eyes to see sho maktoob

From : fa6ooma


woah! sho salfat’ha let me call her!

*dialing fa6ooma*


me “ ALOOO”
fa6ooma “aloo”

she replied tiredly with a sleepy voice

me “ oh shit ragdaa?”
fa6ooma “ro’9a?”
me “YAA”
fa6ooma “shhh lat9ar5een”
me “ ok bs what’s with ur message? 5air? when do u want to meet up?”
fa6ooma “ummm tgdreen tmreen 3alay?”
me “ya sure! when?”

she yawned and i could hear her stretching

fa6ooma “mmm give me an hour 3ashan atjahaz ok?”
me “ok love, ana ba3ad 5alny agoom hehe”
fa6ooma “byeee”


uff 9a7 car, hmmm

*dialing a7mad *

a7mad “ halla hallaa....hahah sho hal 7amas mn el9b7 “
me “hehhe sorry! r u busy?”
a7mad “ la2 whats up love?”
me “mmm a7madyyyyy 7beebyyyy “
a7mad “ laah laah lah sho hal dala3 kella? what do u want? “
me “shooooo y3ne magdar adal3k unless i want something!”
a7mad “well u never did so ...ya hahhaa”
me “ ok fineeee aba a6la3 to see my friend i wanted to ask you if there’s a car i can borrow”

he was silent for a bit..then cleared his throat

a7mad “ where do you want to go?”
me “ummm m3rf yet, bs bamr 3alaiha, maybe 7ata bs fl car 3nd bait’hom i just need to talk to her”
a7mad “ fa6ma ur friend?”
me “haaaih”
a7mad “umm enzain can i drop u 3ndha?”
me “y3ne mafe sayaraaa?”
a7mad “laa bs.....umm.......last time...umm”
me “ a7maad that time it was different!”

oh i forgot about that......9a7 last time he gave me a car it was bad.........uff

a7mad “bss....m3rf ro’9a bawa9lch w ba5thch anywhere you want please?”
me “I can drive myself enzaaaain! u wont let me drive lel2abad y3ne?”
a7mad “laaa bs its too soon i don’t know ro’9aa’
me “ nevermind, bye”
a7mad “if you want just let me know ok ana 7a’9er”
me “ maba bye!”
a7mad “ummm bye”


uffffffffffff sho hal 7ala i wish i had my own car!

*dialing fa6ooma*
fa6ooma “ AHHH noooo don’t tell me ur on ur waay”
me “ummm laa ma3ndy sayaraa”

i said with a toned down voice

fa6ooma “oh No problem ana bamr 3alaich then! bs lazm etdaleeni “
me “okaaaay tell me when tkooneen 9oub spynnis jumeira ok?”
fa6ooma “ok raawdyy ! yalla lebsy i’m almost done”
me “okkkk ok bye!”


I got up bser3a washed my face and all, put on my foundation, little bit of bronzer, eye liner and most importantly my know the usual haha
Put on any jeans and top i found and wore a closed 3abaya and grabbed my mulberry bag and sat on the bed waiting

30 minutes later

me “ hahah a5eeran w9altyy”
fa6ooma “ eskty enzain enti ely ‘9aya3teeni! “
me “heeheeeeeee okkkkkk wain bnrooo7”
fa6ooma “the closest place, spynnis? shakespear the village? starbucks palm strip?”
me “not shakespear”

I made a disgusted face referring to the last incident that happened when we were there

fa6ooma “haha ok palm strip?”
me “yeaa suure yallaaaaaaaa SO U TeLL ME shol salfa!”
fa6ooma “haha wait till we’re there ok!”
me “fiiine”
fa6ooma “so sha5barchhh howz a7mad treating you”
me “ummm ok......uf tawa knt aba sayara i called him and gal la”
fa6ooma “really why?”
me “well he didn’t say bs a3arf cz last time 5atht elsayara sawait 7adeth, bs that was my only 7adeth fe 7ayatyyyy ufff 8harnyyy...”
fa6ooma “ohh enzain talk to him b3dain”
me “ i will, he was like bawa9lch ay mkan call me blaa blaa, bs i told him maba and bye”
fa6ooma “hahah wayd tetdal3ain 3alaih haa...u always give him a hard time”
me “ AYYY why r u being on his side you’re MY Friend”

I pouted

fa6ooma “laa bs ur always daloo3a wyaaa haha i’m just saying ok!”
me “i know i am, bss i can’t help it uff a8har haha”

I heard my ring tone , 6ala3t my phone

*calling a7mad*

me “ehhhh its him”

fa6ooma shot me a glare, ena don’t be a daloo3a

fa6ooma “shelli !”
me “fiiiiiine”

me “alo”
a7mad “heey ha tbainy amr 3alaich wla 5ala9?”
me “la 5ala9”
a7mad “wain ray7a?”
me “ ummm palm strip”
a7mad “oh ok, fa6ma marrat 3alaich?”
me “haih.”
a7mad “ have funn 7beebtyy”
me “ok. bye”
a7mad “mmm bye”

I closed and looked at fa6ooma , haha i knew btehzbny because i was cold to him

fa6ooma “ you’re a lost cause aren’t you?”
me “whaaaaaat yestahal ok”
fa6ooma “ahaaa”
me “chub okaay hahah”

*message tone*

i looked down at my phone hmmm

fa6ooma “is it him?”
me “uuuh yaaa”
fa6ooma “what does it say haha?”

me “ mmmmmm ro’9a please latz3leen menni i’m only doing this because a5af 3alaich, Love you”

fa6ooma “ COME ONNNNN”

me “shoooooo”

i said with guilt

fa6ooma “ you have the sweetest guy fl 3alam as your husband but u don’t want to admit it hahaha”
me “ i won’t reply now enzain!”
fa6ooma “whyy y3ne?”
me “bs che! so he feels bad for shway”
fa6ooma “meaaniee”
me “haha eskti ok don’t make today about me yalla w9aaalnaa at last its ur turn to talk! muheheh”
fa6ooma “hahah okaay okaaay”

6la3na mn elsayara w we went and sat in starbucks, a7la shay in the morning, it’s all empty and shwayat englaiz

we found a perfect corner with sofas! yay ! ordered some drinks and breakfast and i folded my hands and stared at her enna staart talking

fa6ooma “err how do i start?”
me “ JUST TELL ME EVERYTHING uhhhhh sho salfatch ma7b when u do this”
fa6ooma “ m3rrrrf my life’s been foug ta7at w ma7a9alt wagt to tell u properly like thisss!! ma3ana ive been wanting to tell u mn esbooo3! bs che i dnoo”
me “ waaht! enzain bs gooli a7een”
fa6ooma “enzain look 3 weeks ago this woman called my mom w ennaaaaaa......ummmm 5e6boooni”

she said quietly fl a5eer
fa6ooma “SHH Shhhh lat9aar5eeeeeen”

I put my hands on my mouth shit, that was loud
me “sorryy ahhhhh what whooooo when mnoo sholsalfa?”
fa6ooma “first of all CALM down ok! haha second ena nas n3rfhom mn b3eed his mom saw me in a wedding or something and she liked mee and my mom so she suggested me for her son, he’s way older ena he’s 27 noww”
me “enzaaain thats not so bad! “
fa6ooma “i knoww i know, elmohem 3gb ena che 9alait est5ara w kelshay and a week after that he came to sit wya goum baba w e5wany, lana may3rfoon elrayaal”

she stopped to take a breath, bs my curiousity was killing meeee

fa6ooma “hahah ok chill, enzain elmohem ana ylast foug bs che atrayaahum 3ala a39aabi 7ata i barely took a peek of him mn foug w all i saw was a kandoora w 3gala...w b3dain at 10:30 he left w goum baba kellhom yaw foug w started saying good things about him, ena he’s so determined about his future, w he has a plan, he’s not ensan sa67y, w he has his masters now w yba ykammel his doctors and he’s leaving to boston in august to complete which is 3 months from now w he’s staying 5 years there to finish.....and so on”

me “ooooo coool”
fa6ooma “ummm yea....anyways ana mn el bdaya a9lan kel youm yalsa a9alee est5aara mn elzyaa’3 , w when dad w my brothers md7oo estwalee ena aww ok cool he’s not bad.....soo a couple of days after that mom invited HIM AND his mom over, so we can see eachother”
me “hahah him? WHATS HIS NAME?”
fa6ooma “ oh fahad..”
me “ooooow “

I winked, haha i always liked that name i generally associate it with hotties, for no reason
she ignored me then continued...

fa6ooma “so when he came che he was so quiet, w kan awal marra ashoofa fe 7ayatee tara he’s from Sharjah not Dubai....w his mom came and i dressed up w 7ala , anyways he didn’t talk much bs che shwaaya mostly his mom and for some reason i wasn’t shy”
me “awwwwwwwwwww fa6ooooomaaaa”
fa6ooma “haha don’t get too excited bs like after that i talked to him over the phone ena to see how he is before i say yes or no, and well.....he’s kind of boring...he was talking about his books and studies........and che bard when yetkallam he doesn’t joke around uuuh m3rf”
me “maybe he was nervous?”
fa6ooma “thats what i thought bs i told him ena i was overwhelmed at first, w is this how he always is? and he kept telling me ena la bs you didn’t say yes yet, cz ho metdayyen y3ne ma3nda swalf … i dnt think that's the reason a7s ho chee bs like he’s so nice uuuurgh i don’t know”
me “w lain a7een maradaity 3alaihom??”
fa6ooma “m3rf ro’9a every time i talk to him i end up crying at night to my mom, and she says its ok he’s a good guy give him time,,,bs mn kalam dad ena it is YES, bs ana mb mrta7aa i can’t imagine myself with him for the rest of my lifeee “
she frowned and i could see her eyes getting watery now...
I stood up and went and sat on her sofa right next to her

me “heyyy why? ho gal chee?”
fa6ooma “haih ams ya 3ndi w he’s convinced im being daloo3a w i like someone else or something w may5e9a! he’s like why r u crying! w what r u saying doesn’t make sense he’s a great guy w in time u’ll love him mb lazm 89a9 7ub w ‘3aram from now”
me “hmmmm enzain why r u crying bs? if u know he’s nice?”
fa6ooma “cz i can’t see myself with him! i dnooo he’s nice shwaya too nice? uf i don’t know its just a feeling! maybe dad is right, bs either way mb 3ala kaify imagine yesterday mom called his mom enna yes w kelshay w he called me bs i didn’t pick up so he sent a message enna “thank you , you made my day, i understand if you don’t want to talk to me now ;)” WITH A WINK uuuurgh”
me “fa6ooomaaaaa”
fa6ooma “whaT?”
me “mat7seen ur being mean? AND YOOU always tell me im mean wya a7mad? His message is actually cute!”
fa6ooma “don't compare him to a7mad, hathak i know u love him so m3rf why ur mean to him enti weird! bs hatha mat3arfeen kaif he’s different, che on messages he’s cool bs on the phone he’s shwaya of an awkward person”
me “ya7laaailaa”
fa6ooma “DONT BE ON HIS SIDEEEEEEEE roo’9aa not u tooooo”

when i saw the tears in her eyes i stopped

me “mb 8a9dee chee im totally on ur side ok! when was i not? bs is there anything u can do to stop it?”
fa6ooma “ i don’t think so...’
me “enzain ….listen do u have his picture?”
fa6ooma “nooo bs he’s very tall and skinny ..che abya’9 yelbs na’9ara”
me “ from 1 to 10 how much?”
fa6ooma “y3ne he’s not good looking thats not why i don’t like him i’d give him a 6 y3ne he’s very 3ady”
me “hmmmmmm goum emno? maybe a7mad knows him i can ask”
fa6ooma “ yaa i guess...he’s goumg alX”
me “oh noway ygrab 7ag meera?”
fa6ooma “from school? la ma7s ,there’s many goum alX”
me “ oh yaa ….hmm bas2al a7mad elyoum w bgoolch”

I hugged her tight, couldn’t help not to, i could hear her voice breaking at the end......I hope all goes well...i hate it when i can’t do anything about things to help her
me “uf is there anything i can do?”
fa6ooma “noo i’ll be ok”

she looked down at her phone it was 12 already

fa6ooma “shit i have to head home, mom wants to take me dress shopping for 56ooba”

she frowned at that sentence

me “alaa u get a dress, i got nothing ok be grateful hahahahha...AND WHENN IS all this? and i hope ur inviting me otherwise i’ll kill u”
fa6ooma “haha of course if they let me! m3rf sho salfat’hom i think its next weekend mb hatha”
fa6ooma “uuuh yess”

trrng.........-fa6ooma’s phone-
she looked down and her face cringed when she opened the message

me “is it him?”

she looked at me with an annoyed face and nodded

me “sho kateb?”
fa6ooma “uugh goood morning fa6ma, i hope ur doing well when can i talk to u? …....3ady agoolla NEVER?”
me “hahah duude!”
fa6ooma “fine bagoola fl laail mb mtfayjetella now to ajamla....why’s he so nice again? by the way a7s he likes me, likee like me”
me “really whyy?”
fa6ooma “he keeps trying to convince me enna he’s good for me, and he’s going to do his best to change for me...and m3rf shoo.......che ye8har”

i looked at her with a blank face, and rolled my eyes ...y3ne m3rf sho agoolha! bs teksr 5a6ry fe nafs el wagt

fa6ooma “yaaay sent....”
me “shoo ktaaaaabtiii!”
fa6ooma “hey, maybe later tonight ok ….”
me “BSS?”
fa6ooma “haaih b3d shoo! bassaaa hahaha”

it was her phone again...she raised one eye brow while reading it
me “ sho feech?”

she looked up at me with a confused face

fa6ooma “he’s asking if that's my car outside starbucks”

As she was saying that 3 guys in kandooras and one in a suit walked into the coffee shop and one of a clear crisp white kandoora and a perfectly folded 3gal really skinny and tall with pale skin and tiny glasses glanced towards us and i could see his eyes piercing fa6ooma as he smiled, i turned my face to fa6ooma and saw her blank face as she shoved it down staring back at her phone

fa6ooma “lets go”

she whispered

me “whyyyyyy i want to see him 3adel!”
fa6ooma “please ro’9aa maba”
me “uuuuh ok ok yalla “

her face e3tfas awal ma yaa she hurried out before ma ana al7agha, and out of curiosity I turned my head to take a last look and i saw him looking towards the door with a discomforted look
he wasn’t that bad , his nose was shwaya big w his eyebrows r thick with normal sized eyes...he looked geeky cute , he seems nice though

We walked to the parking without a single word, as fa6ooma ignored the sound of a message from her phone........then another one as we reached the car.

she sat in and took a deep breath

fa6ooma “ WHY IS HE IN DUBAAI”
me “ r u ok?”
fa6ooma “now it’ll be all weird bcz i ran out! bs magdart at7ammal aylssssss IN THERE”
me “sho 6arashlch?”
fa6ooma “oh m3rf”

she grabbed her phone and opened the first message and read it out loud

fa6ooma “ hey what’s wrong? did I scare you? haha :p”

then opened the second message

fa6ooma “ Did something happen? you looked ...i don’t know worried........”
me “hmmmmm”
fa6oooooma “ufffff why doesn’t he just leave me alone”
me “haha maybe because to him only yesterday you said YES to marrying him...if u think about it”

she looked up at me and stayed quiet

fa6ooma “shit yaa.....a7s kel el 7arra fe obooy yalsa a76a feeeh......what should i reply enzaain?”
me “just tell him he surprised you w you were going to leave anyways its not about him,, w 7e6i SMILEY or tongue thing! so he dsnt get over concerned or whatever”
fa6ooma “uuuh ok......sent”

I looked down at my phone as it started ringing
fa6ooma looked towards me

fa6ooma “a7mad?”
me “yaaaaaa owaih nsait 3anaaaaaa! i was supposed to send him a message back or something ufff”
fa6ooma “hahah shelliii”

me “ufffff”

*picks up*

me “alo...”

To be Continued