Thursday, May 20, 2010

wed-locked 30

Previously on W E D - L O C K E D


me " la2 a7mad i'm not like that...see thiss, thiss is exactly y im shwaya mt'9ayga"
a7mad "ahaa! so u are mt'9ayga see i knew it!"

I just looked at him and glared bdoon ma agool shay

a7mad " hehe sorry sorry, inzain elmohem, what do you means this? this what?"
me " mm how can I say this,,, a7mad we hardly know each other... I mean What's your favorite color, what are your hobbies? what are things you get disgusted from, or t5af menhum . Or kelshay......I hardly know anything about u"


It took him a minute to rush back in as he blurted

a7mad " Blue..."
me "ha....?"
a7mad " my favorite color... its blue..."
me "oh"
a7mad "and I like skiing, skate boarding, biking, swimming, reading, hanging out anywhere basically, going to the beach... w mmm what else...oh and I get disgusted from any fruit with hairy qualities.....and mmmm I'm not particularly scared from anything I just dislike cats"
me "mmm"
a7mad " no look , these things don't matter we find out these things about each other in time as we live more together ..."
me "i know but..."
a7mad " but sho ro'9a? I said I love you w I'm not going to take it back, because ana glt sho da5li w i meant it....because those small things may59hom.....I wont love you because your favorite color is green or because you hate cats too, I fell in love with you because of the way you smile to me when we first wake in the morning, because of how you took care of me when I got sick, because of how you put up with my load of crap wya my family and make me feel better at the end of every day, THOSE are the things that matter... those the reasons I fell in love with you ro'9a....not your hobbies or your favorite movie...


a7mad " a7bch....I really doo ro'9a....w a3arf this is not just simple attraction to you, its not just e3jab because your pretty and all... because marrait thro that in my teenage years...but this time its different..."


"fatooma Calling "

shalait el telephone as fast as I could!

me shouting " ALOOO"
fatooma " ro'9aa heey..."

atooma " elsalfa 6weela I need to see you face to face! we really need to talk...about everything"
me " enzain whats it about at leaaaast??? "
fatooma " don't u dare change how ur acting around him....but it's about a7mad."
me " what? shoy5e9a?"
fatooma " when can I see u?"
me " madri ay wagtt"
fatooma " tomorrow breakfasT?"
me " ok...."
fatooma " and ro'9a.."
me "hmm?"
fatooma " I love u ..."
me " love you too...."
fatooma "byeeee"

tooooot toooooooot....................



I stared at my phone after closing it...
3an a7mad? mmm what could it possibly be that she stopped talking to me for so long.....
I came back into the room staring at my phone held in my hand, while i was in deep thought, wondering...what could it be...mshkela I can't just ask a7mad she told me not to act differently towards him ba3ad...mmm did she see him cheating on me? wla is he like actually married or many different scenarios rushed through my mind until his voice snapped me out of all of it...

a7mad " who was it?"

I lifted my head and looked at him with blank eyes ..

me " haa?"
a7mad " who was it on the phone"

he said with a soft smile on his face, not in an intruding voice bs che asking out of interest....I couldn't feel angry or anything towards him because maknt a3arf shol salfa yet ....

me "oh fatooma my best friend.."
a7mad "oh..mmmm have I seen her?"
me "mmmm ma'9n i haven't seen her or spoken to her since"
a7mad " ha... laish?"
me "mmm madri... bs bachr baseer breakfast wyaha 3adi?"
a7mad "ya sure..."
me "oh shit nsait as2alha wain bntrayag 9a7! "

I took my phone and sms-ed her

To : FatooMa

HEY ! magelteeeeli where we're meeeetin and what time! <3
cnt wait...!


I threw my phone on the side table w turned my head, looked at him and sighed
he had a kind of scary look on his face as he approached me 'crawling' on the bed.. i have no idea sho ho yals y7wel ysawee bt i just stared at him with one eyebrow raised. he came closer and closer lain ma yab rasa 3nd raseee exactly and he had a smirk on his face...oh he wants to kiss me? Is that what he's doing?

me "mmmmm...a7maddd ...what r u doin"

he let out a low 'heh' then brought his head closer and warmly kissed my neck, then rajja3 his head back and looked at me smiling

a7mad "this.."

The thing is moody e5trab after I talked to fatooma, especially towards a7mad, i mean i suck at pretending nothing had happened! even though I do not really know what happened....It can't be that bad of a thing can it? uff i hate thisss...!
I looked at him trying to put a 'please -no' look on my face so that he wouldn't go on with this kissing since ana 9dg mb fl mood
but...i think he took it the wrong way... he came closer w kamal sh'3la while i sat there bs 7a6ait my hand on his shoulder since i couldn't just sit there. w mb 3akaify agoola move away akeed byshek, plus i have no reason to tell him off, yet.
He stopped at a moment and looked at me with a confused face

a7mad " balach?"
me "haa? nothing.."
a7mad "mmm"

He got up and sat 3adel 3dali...

a7mad "mmm why r u being so...bardaa..."
me "barda? mmm madri t3bana shway"
a7mad "t3bana? c'mon its only 9 pm!"

I shrugged my shoulders not knowing what to say to maybe he'd take a hint and leave this 'making out' for another day or something.

a7mad "hmm is it about fatma ur friend? "
me "laa just tired i didn't sleep well ams"
a7mad "la bs 3gb makalamteeha ur face t'3ayar...shaklch..che... uncomfortable"

uf why is he such a good face reader! w laish ana che fashla in hiding my feelings this is annoying

me " la a7maad im fine 9dgg..."

I said while smiling..i hate lying to him, ana mt3awda doum im honest wya this is weird...

a7mad "mmm if u say so.."

he got up the bed and walked to his side of the bed then sat 3alaih with a totally different expression than earlier...kan annoyed and m7arj...yes i can read his face just as good as he can read mine ...
I felt so guilty...what if what fatooma has to say is nothing bad w ana che i'm being mean for no reason faj2a..w tawwa he was so romantic with me such an emotional wreck!

me " a7maad.."
a7mad " na3am?"

he said with a low voice, while turning his head looking at me with a semi- frowned face

me " ana asfaa...if u want....mmm 3ady 3ndiii.....che...u knw"

i was blurting out random non sense..m3rf etha feham sho 89dyy bs enna he's my husband magdar amna3a if he wants to do something, i don't want to get ethem....

a7mad " la 3adi...a9lan i don't feel like it anymore..."

he said coldly w laf rasa grabbed the remote w turned the tv on with low volume...
uho ma7b ashoofa che z3lan menniiii laish che sawait a7een a7s aba abooosaa to make him smile to me agaaaain..... he's such a baby...ok ok it's my fault too bs still laish che ysawee 7arakat yahaaaaal ..... MEN! uf
to make up with him or not to? mshkela when u see his face u can't resist el cuteness especially when ykoon za3lannnnn! uf bs this fatooma thing is really annoying me!
uhoo this is just so not me ill just tell him!

me " fine! "

a7mad turned his face to me with a confused look

a7mad " sho fine?"
me " it is about fatooma....."
a7mad "eh...i knew it......"

i had a troubled look on my face i couldn't keep it in, i had to face him with it, maybe he has something to say before I actually talk to fatooma....
I scooted next to him and folded my legs, took a breath, then looked at him with serious eyes...

me "mmm look is there something ur like hiding from me w u want to tell me or shay che?"

he got up w ylas 3adel looking confused...

a7mad "ha...what do u mean?"
me " like anthingg.....u'd want to t5aberni..."
a7mad "what kind of thing mathalan??"
me "ma3rf anyything..."
a7mad " can u be more specific 3shan a3arf ajawb el su2al please! "
me "magdar i really don't know....sho 8a9dik specific how many things are u hiding from me??"
a7mad "la i'm not hiding shay mennich ro'9a bs y3ne sho hal su2al what did ur friend tell u?"
me "she told me nothing a7mad... bs look she told me not to tell u anything w i trust her she was my friend since we were like 6 or something so mabt2allef ashya2... she only said that she needs to talk to me...about u tomorrow....."

He had a confused look ..

a7mad " about mee? sho 8a9dha?"
me "mmmm ma3rf i'll find out glt bas2alk maybe u would tell me urself....wla maybe it's something you don't know of? madri...."
a7mad "hmm...."

he had a serious look on his face while he was blankly looking down...
I just sighed.....still looking at him...he looked up with a serious face....

a7mad "look ana ma3rf what ur friend is refering you should know that I didn't hide anything from you since we got married, y3ne u know kelshay estwa since we got married until now, I mean i'm always with u a9lan..... but if she is referring to my past then I have done a lot of mistakes w mashft enna la da3i I mention any of them unless you really want to know wla it actually affects u.......w 9ara7a a7s whatever happened in my past has no relevance to my life now...."
me "mmm what do u mean?"
a7mad "mm like ayshay y3ne...u know.... like you're not the first girl i talk to fe 7ayatee w che....."
me "mmm i know.."

i said while rolling my eyes ... him saying that let out an annoying feeling in my stomach...

a7mad "see ro'9a if 3ndch as2la s2leeni w i'd tell u because I have nothing to hide..."
me "mb enna 3ndi su2al bss hmmmmm ma3rf...."

should i let out my questions? I have like a zillion but maybe I can ask one or two...uf i hate my curiousityy.....

me "mmm u have feelings for ay7ad from ur past?"
a7mad "seriously?"

I looked at him with my big eyes..owaih maybe I shouldn't have asked that....but like seriously I should know right?...uf its that feeling deep down in my stomach again...I don't feel good...
I didn't say anything back waiting for his answer...

a7mad "I can't believe you actually think that...listen ro'9a ana mabayls a5re6 3ala MURTY w agoolha a7bch w stuff like that unless i mean it y3ne why would I lie sho ba7a9l mn wara this lie?! "
me "mmm that's not what i asked...."
a7mad "I know bs agoolch y3ne I only have feelings for you....w I've told u once before enna when et3araft 3alaich estaw3abt enna el 5arabee6 that I had before were nothing compared to this..the real my answer is definitely not...."

he looked at me m7arrej

a7mad " i can't believe a9lan enna ur asking me this! "
me " what enzaaaain u never know.....asfaa...u can ask me whatever u want b3ad"
a7mad "no i don't have questions for u because anaaa unlike some people....i trust u..."
me "shoy5e9a...i didn't say i don't trust u.."
a7mad "mmm that's what ur question lamma7..."
me "sorry enzaaaain i just needed to feel reassured..."
a7mad " how many times do i have to tell u enny a7bbich for u to believe me?"

He was actually talking very seriously ana I just blushed and smiled because i duno .... i just did! a9lan if I didn't trust him maknt bafta7 hal salfa weya mn el bdaya...I wonder what fatooma has to say tho....
after that shway heda el jaw... he sighed and couldnt help not smile back at me getting shy awana...
he sat back etsanad 3ala his pillow and sighed... his face was still mmm...not fully restored y3ne...ashkera et'9ayag enna s2alta bout that... i didn't know what to do sO i just tucked in into the la7af right next to him and 7a6ait raseee 3ala chatfa...he didn't move a muscle...he usually takes my hand and holds it in his wla shay che...i don't like this feeling......

too tooot.....

i jumped up at the sound of my message w grabbed my phone w fta7t el sms.....

from: Fatooma

oh 9a7 ! lool mmm shakespeare the village ? lets meet there at 10 am? if u can?

I replied as fast as I could...ok maybe the things she wants to tell me aren't good or i miss her so muchhhh!

To: Fatooma

YAaaaaaay ok :D
can't wait to see u <3


I put my phone back on the side table and turned towards a7mad... he was looking at me with a serious face...

a7mad "was that her?"
me " yeaa..."
a7mad " and?"
me "bntrayag fe shakespeare at 10"

I said smiling widely

a7mad "oh so ur still meeting with her y3ne?"
me "mmm yaa i haven't seen her in ages! i miss her so much"

gltella while pouting 3shan ykoon 3adi 3nda..!

a7mad "hmm...ok"

he said nodding then turned back to watch one tv, kano 7a6een harry potter....and yes a7mad is a harry potter geek.. not that I have anything against that <3
re7t ylast jreeb menna bs this time ma7a6ait my head on his shoulder, just sat up right next to him
we did not talk that night...i sat there w next thing i know I woke up to an empty room at the sound of my phone ringing

me " alooo..."
fatooma "WAINCHH??"

I jumped out of bed faj2aaaa

fatooma "mmm it's 10 w ana hnee i thought u'd be here earlyyyyy"
me " SHIt shit shit shit im soooo SORRY ufff i can't believe i didn't wake uppppp! give me 10 minutes w ba6la3 please please pleaseee"
fatooma "hahah calm down ana batraya 3adi bs zain wa3aitich!"
me "sorryyy"
fatooma " hahha 3adi yalla yalla goomi c u in a bit "
me "bye C U!"

SHIT! out of all the mornings in the world TODAY i don't hear my alarm!! wait did I put an alarm? oops i ran to my closet put on any leggings and top... took one of my new 3abayas that a7mad's mom put in my closet and wore it with marc jacobs flats w grabbed a black shan6a shoved my wallet and bb into it then paused when I saw a7mads range rover's keys on the table with a note

"I left the car for u, a7mad"

I took the keys in excitement w got in the car w drove to fatooma
I slowly parked the car into the parking carefully w got down w rushed to shakespeare w saw her ...she stood up when she saw me w we did all our hugging
then sat back down....I kinda got carried away I caught some people next to us staring at is weirdly....

me "how r uuuuuuu"
fatooma "mmmm ok"
me " i miss u zaggaa!"
fatooma "ayyy laish tsbeeni! i miss u too!"
me "hehee testahlain u just ignored me cz i got married "

i said frowning

fatooma " ayy don't say that it's not like that..."

she said while her eyes becoming watery...

fatooma "shoofi a9lan magdart at7ammal so i called u..."

I just smiled to her......

me "a7s mn sneeen i didn't talk to u...its like a7mad'z my new best friend now"

she frowned then sighed..

fatooma "listen....bout a7mad ......i didn't want to hurt u awal matzawajti u know...u were already forced into it so b'3ait u enjoy it a bit maknt aba agoolch elshay fa i saw that it was better etha i stayed i couldn't take it it's something you should know about your husband a7s..."

me "fatooma enough with the shoysamoona...introductions.....jst tell mee sholsalfa! "

fatooma " ok ok sorry.....bgoollich what happened mn el bdaya....
che 2 days after your wedding raysa al X called me w 3ezmatni 3ala a party they were having for her sisters birthday in their house...w 3zmo a lot of i went w bs knt a3arf hayail goum 7amda w raysa .. the others i havn't seen them in my life... so ana che just standing there mstansa eyooli bntain w they're like excuuse me enti fatma al X rbee3at ro'9a al x??? ana che mmm yes i am....hum che omg ur friend is such a bitch what the hell is wrong with her stealing people's belongings! then one of them in specific esemha hanan al X was like he was mine! she stole him from mee ! we were gonna get married ....then she went on telling me to tell u she's gonna get him back and return what's rightfully hers w 5arabee6 like that...ana hnee i just looked at her like she's crazy and i walked away.....agoolch she was so scary! "

me "what? they were going to get married??"

fatooma "that's what she said... fl bdaya ana chee enna oh akeed she's just i ignored b3dain a lot of people came up to me w started saying things like kaif ur friend tetjarra2 tsawee chee wla man7eed ro'9a kanat like that...a7een wayd 6la3 3anha kalam....w ma3rf what else she's spreading around bs like everyone knows that they were going to get married then you came w 5athtee menha...or atleast that's what she's telling people"

me "what the hell shoy5e9a!!"

fatooma " I know!!! w ana ma3arf what to tell them OR YOU....i didn't want to overwhelm u with more bad news w enti roo7ch t3aneen knt aba atm away but now a7s u should know..."

i felt my eyes getting watery

me "he was going to get married?? but .....what the hell..."

she put her hands on my knees...making me calm down...i had nothing to say...why didn't he tell me ams? I mean i asked him right in his face!
a tear escaped my eyes w at that moment my phone rang

riing .............ring

I looked down at it...w it read his name........"a7mady" fatooma peeked in to see the caller's name then she sighed the second time it rang

fatooma " mabtsheleen?"
me ".. ma'9n i'm ready to talk to him yet..."

I felt an ache deep down in my its twisting...painfully....the fact that he lied aches...what else could he be hiding.....
while i was lost in my miserable thoughts a girl came 3enna

girl " excuse me"

i turned my head towards her with a blank look

girl " entii ro'9a al x?"

I looked at her then thought if i should tell the truth or not bs just went with my gut and nodded...

girl "fyi ana hanan al X...a7mad al X's girl....yes i'm her...i can't believe lech wayh t6l3een jedam el 5alg after what u did..."

i was so pissed at her! so i stood up and answered back!

me " what the hell do u mean?"
girl "latsaween 3umrch baree2a....i know ur family lured his family into getting u two married just for the money...the money that's rightfully MINE!"
me "enti mn wain t2alfeen 8e9a9??stop judging people's life law sma7ty.."
girl "ma 2a2alef ur a BitCH and u know it."
me " what did u call me?"
girl "bitch."

I opened my mouth in anger and doubt then closed it. what the hell is wrong with her and how dare she...uf if i stay here one more minute i'll probably do to her something i'd regret later. I grabbed my bag bser3a and looked at fatooma who had a scared look on her face

me " fatooma ana baroo7 gabel ma i do to this Thing something i would regret! i need to go back home . BYE"

I marched out to the parking lot as her screaming accusations became lower and lower as i walked further away from her
I got into the car took a deep breath and got out of the parking....
My tears which I was trying to keep inside kept streaming on my vision started becoming unclear...

so did my mind...

everything was suddenly blurry....

I couldn't hear anything anymore.....

I couldn't feel my surroundings.....

everything suddenly turned pitch black.........


what's that sound....why do I feel so eyelids were so heavy to lift open....I fought through the pain and struggeled to open my eyes....blink by blink until I could almost see what was infront of me...which looked like a philipino lady wearing white..

lady " maaam.....maam can u hear me??"

to be continued..........